Moms Should Choose Appropriate Women Lingerie

Recently, for the question of whether or not to wear a women lingerie during the breastfeeding period, people are eager to stir up their enthusiasm and hold their own opinions. Some think that they must wear women’s intimates, but there are also many people who say that wearing a women sleepwear is very uncomfortable and inconvenient, and they never wear it. So, do you want to bring a sleepwear for women during breastfeeding? 

For this problem, a mother with two children told her personal experience. Women are best to wear women’s intimates because I am a negative textbook. When my son was born, I chose to wear a bra. However, I heard my mom say that they didn’t wear women lingerie during breastfeeding, and it was in the summer. It was really uncomfortable after wearing it. I simply didn’t wear it. After that, a habit was formed. At present, my son is a week and a half, and has been weaned for four or five months. Recently, he feels that the sagging of the chest is getting more and more serious, and even the nipple is not standing upright.

In fact, not only her, there are many women in life who do not like to wear sleepwear for women during breastfeeding, and some women do not wear them even during pregnancy. Wearing a women sleepwear when feeding your baby does have some inconveniences, and as long as the baby is hungry, he has to be fed in time. Some moms have gradually formed a habit of not wearing a bra for the convenience of the figure. 

Therefore, the first time a woman who is a mother insists on wearing a women lingerie during breastfeeding, it is best to buy a bra for breastfeeding. These women’s intimates are cleverly designed to facilitate breastfeeding and support the breasts, effectively avoiding sagging breasts.

It is inevitable that the breasts will shrink, sag, and have different sizes after breastfeeding, and it is known from the above that bad habits are the cause of sagging breasts. If attention can be gained during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, then these problems are not too serious, so prevention is the key.

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