Mothers Should Choose the Suitable Newborn Clothes

Clothes, especially newborn baby clothes, should be considered carefully when choosing. This is especially true for babies. If you want to choose good newborn clothes, you need to practice more, but there are too many good cute baby clothes, and most children’s clothes are not so unbearable. It is better to choose the newborn baby boy clothes that the baby should not wear for parents to refer to. 

Open newborn clothes have been worn by children since ancient times. Who can wear them? Only the children. However, the opening pants are said to be convenient for peeing, saving the adult to wash clothes, but not so good in terms of hygiene. Because children wearing open pants, it is not easy to break or scratch the skin. Bacteria and parasite eggs on the ground are likely to invade the child’s anus, urethra and wounds, causing the child to suffer from hookworm and tsutsugamushi, which endangers the child’s health. If a girl wears open pants, it is also very likely to cause direct bacterial infection, resulting in vaginitis, trichomoniasis and so on.

The bell-bottoms are very tight at the buttocks. The skin is too thin to affect blood circulation. The newborn baby clothes are long and fat, which can affect walking, running or jumping. Moreover, the pants that are stretched too tight which often rubs the genital organs of the child, which may affect the growth and development of the external genitalia, or the infection may cause inflammation.

All of the above are unsuitable for children to wear, and it is also a misunderstanding that parents often make mistakes. Of course, parents usually do not wear them in the unsuitable newborn baby boy clothes. Here is a brief explanation, such as tights, shoes, High-heeled shoes, etc., which affect the child’s skeletal development and physical development. I think that the baby’s body has not yet been finalized. It is not appropriate to wear these.

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