Newborns should not wear open-seat pants too soon

The dressing of the baby is very exquisite all the time, and especially when it comes to newborn baby bottoms like open-seat pants. Moms should not offer open-seat pants for her baby just for convenience, which will leave baby neonatal scleredema. When temperature is unsteady, open-seat pants are not the option.Cartoon Kitty Face Button Suspender Pants

The baby after just three months has been wearing open-seat pants.

Some time ago, the weather was pretty good. Mr. Wang, who lives in Kun Ming, dressed up his baby with open-seat pants. He thought it saved many troubles about relieving the baby himself.

However, what he did not think is that after a few days, the weather in Kun Ming changed a lot. It was also cold and rainy. Next day, when he changed diapers for the baby, there is a patch of skin which is red and swollen. So he went to hospital and thought it was a mass.

After examination, it was not a mass, but sort of neonatal scleredema. After checking out comprehensively, it turns out that the baby was premature and was born just after 27 weeks. But usually it should take about 40 weeks. So he has poor health, and is easy to suffer coldness. The father regretted about that and he said it was not appropriate to put open-seat pants on the child. And he did not think it will cause so many troubles for his baby.Boys Girls Lovely Little Fox Polka Dot Bottom

The proper temperature for newborn babies is generally between 22 to 26 degrees.

Experts suggest that neonatal scleroma is also known as neonatal cold injure syndrome, which is caused by hard subcutaneous fat due to coldness. At first, the child will be hypothermic but not cry. In severe cases, it is like an eraser and lead to renal damage, shock and so on.

The expert also suggests temperature center of bottoms for newborn rawly and very easily get neonatal sclerotome. Normally, room temperature had better keep in 22 to 26 degrees and parents should check out the baby all the time. What does not understand can search it on the Internet, or go to the relevant hospital to learn more.Cute Animal Printed Pants

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