Not paying attention to small details can cause big problems for your baby

The recent news that a three-year-old girl nearly lost a toe because of a yarn in her stocking caught the attention of many parents. Sometimes a lot of big problems happen in small ways that you don’t pay attention to. How to choose cute baby clothes

What’s all this about? In winter, the cold weather prevented the mother from washing her baby’s feet, so put on her feet a pair of cotton socks for two whole days.

The result does not know what reason suddenly, the child always can cry from time to time two. The family thought they were hungry, thirsty or looking for someone to play with, but when they took off their socks, the mother found a yarn in the socks that she didn’t know when it was tightly wrapped around the root of the child’s little toe. The toe has become red and swollen due to prolonged ischemia, and the skin on the heel of the toe has been cut by the yarn.

When seeing the child’s condition, the mother rushed to take the child to a nearby hospital. After disinfection, warmth and so on, the next day the child’s toes began to slowly detumesce.

In clinical practice, in fact, such a similar case encounters. Sometimes the mother accidentally cuts her child’s skin with a zipper or metal button. Sometimes when the mothers are nursing, the metal ring on the bra accidentally cut the child’s face. There are also children in the mother holding the child, while knitting a sweater accidentally cut the child’s eyes.

When bringing up children, mothers should try not to wear clothes with metal buttons or sharp shaped buttons, preferably cloth buttons.

When nursing, besides wanting to choose loose bra, mom should avoid to have the brassiere of steel rim even, lest have steel rim to come out carelessly to lacerate the child’s skin. When holding a child, the mother’s audience also does not carry out some sewing, operating class action, to prevent accidental injury to the child.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, the mother must pay attention to the safety of the child in the details when taking care of the child. For example, after buying shoes andnewborn baby clothes for your child, be sure to check the inside of the shoes or newborn clothes before putting them on. If found, be sure to clean up in time, wait until the shoes and socks become smooth after the children put on.

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