Notes for underwear washing

Wearing women’s intimates that buy newly without washing is very bad to health.

Various chemical additives are often used in the production of women lingerie. Such as shrink, more use of formaldehyde resin treatment; Whitening, mostly using fluorescent whitening agent treatment; Crisp, general sizing treatment. These chemicals are generally irritating to the skin. In addition, to prevent moth and mildew, the underwear that buys newly need to wash.

  1. Change and wash underwear daily.

According to a study by microbiologists, a pair of dirty underwear contains an average of 0.1 gram of feces. A gram of feces contains 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasitic cysts and 100 insect eggs. Therefore, it is necessary to change underwear every day.

Underwear is the most intimate clothing, and washing them is to avoid infection. The time that cleans should be seasonable. In addition, hand washing is much cleaner than machine washing.

In the process of washing, you can choose neutral laundry detergent or special soap for underwear, and the washing utensils should also be special. It is suggested to add more rinsing than ordinary clothes, so as to better remove the residue of washing powder.

After washing the underwear, it must be through the sun drying, which can carry out ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization. If you really do not have the opportunity, it is suggested that you can use high temperature to deal with. For example, you can use iron and dryer or blowing with a hair dryer. Special note: underwear is not suitable for hanging in the bathroom.

  • Period underwear cleaning method.

The osmotic coating on period underwear prevents dirt from seeping into the fabric, so it’s easy to clean. When it comes to catharsis, you can use the clear water that has neutered or weak alkalescent and add knead slightly again and not leave a mark.

You need to pay attention to that in order to prevent the aging of impervious coating and polymer film and extend the service life of period underwear, air drying should also avoid direct sunlight, and the use of various types of bleach.

  • Underwear also has a shelf life.

1. Even if the correct cleaning and drying, women lingerie bacteria cannot be completely killed. Accordingly, normally, using the underwear with higher frequency, you had better about half a year to change. If underwear appears be out of shape, material pledges to become dry hard and besmirch is washed, you must change in time.

2. Period underwear because of internal anti-penetration coating, it will wear period underwear and washing times increase gradually. Generally speaking, the best wearing life of period underwear is for 6 ~ 10 months.

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