Notice on Buying Baby Clothes

Nowadays, there are many styles of cute baby clothes on the market, and the styles are different. Some children’s clothing with buttons, rivets and other accessories will fall off if they are pulled with a little force. Children’s curiosity is very heavy. If the buttons, rivets, labels and other decorative parts on the clothes do not meet the required tensile strength, they are easily torn and bitten by children. Once it is detached, it is easy to cause suffocation, so the tensile strength is also an important criterion for measuring the quality of newborn baby clothes.Letter And Dinosaur Pattern T-Shirt

Therefore, parents are advised to keep the following points in mind when buying baby clothes for their children.

First, when buying clothes for children, first look at whether the label of the clothes is produced by a large manufacturer. Does the label indicate whether the various technical indicators are up to standard? Such as clothing formaldehyde content, PH value, color fastness, with or without odor.

Second, do not choose cheap kids clothes with buttons and foods of similar shape or color, and do not choose products with sequins, diamonds or beaded decorations, so as to avoid infants eating and swallowing.

Third, the exposed drawstrings and drawstrings on baby clothes should not be too long, and should not exceed 14 cm. The ends of the belt, rope and belt should not be fixed in knotted form to prevent children from being entangled.Cartoon Giraffe Pattern Knit Sweater

Fourth, when purchasing children’s clothing, check the button’s tension, zipper and other metal accessories to ensure that there are no sharp edges and cutting-edge materials to avoid scratching the child.

Fifth, do not choose children’s clothing containing decomposable aromatic amine dyes to avoid allergies.

Summary: When buying newborn baby clothes, be sure to pay attention to the child’s age and self-protection awareness. Therefore, when parents buy clothes for their children, don’t just pay attention to the style and fabric of the clothes, and more importantly, pay attention to the safety of the clothes. Therefore, when buying clothes for children, don’t blindly follow the trend. Try to buy some clothes with good fabrics and simple styles.

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