Parents should pay attention when buying children’s clothes

As the baby’s age grows, so does its size and many of the small cute baby clothes it used to wear no longer fit. At this time, parents should start to think about what to choose for the baby to wear in order to let the baby feel comfortable. Children’s experts believe that when choosing newborn clothes, you should consider the baby’s physical characteristics, such as breathability, softness, safety, comfort and health.

The following 6 points should also be paid attention to when choosing children’s clothes:

One, whether or not there is trademark and Chinese name and address on the product.

Two, whether or not there is product certification, product implementation standard number, product quality grade and other signs.

Three, whether or not there is component identification on the product, mainly refers to the clothing fabric, lining material component identification, and the percentage of fiber content should be clear and correct. Clothing with filler shall also indicate the composition and content of the filler.

Four, whether or not there is clothing size logo on the product. The size sign is the clothing specification code, and the size and type are separated by diagonal lines. For example, the coat 145/68 indicates that it is suitable for children with a height of l45cm and a chest circumference of 68cm.

Five, whether or not there are graphic symbols and instructions of washing marks on the products. And understand the washing and maintenance method requirements.

Six, the product is marked with formaldehyde content, and 0 to 2 years old baby category clothing should be < 20mg/kg, two years old and above the baby wearing clothing contact skin category 75mg /kg, non-contact skin category 300mg/kg.

In addition, it is important for parents to note that permanent marks on children’s clothing may cause skin damage if they come into direct contact with the baby’s skin. Therefore, when choosing newborn baby clothes, we should pay attention to the permanent signs. They should be made of soft materials and sewn in a suitable position, so as to ensure the health of the baby.

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