Pay attention to the choice of baby underwear

With the continuous reform and deepening of China’s modernization drive, a prosperous market economy has emerged in which a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend. However, there are too many mixed brands in the market. Some businessmen violate commercial rules to produce shoddy products for profiteering, which endangers people’s health. What is commendable is that there are many enterprises always adhere to the conscience of the industry, for people to produce and provide safe, high-quality products.

In the face of so many good and bad intermingled corporate brands, moms should not really buy things too “casually”. Especially each novice mother must take the choice of the newborn bottoms serious, and if they carelessly bought the unqualified infant child underwear to the baby is a kind of “invisible poison”, which will bring all sorts of inestimable consequences.

Unqualified underwear is easy to cause baby skin allergy symptoms, if the material is too hard, it will also make baby skin red. When a mother is shopping for clothes for her baby, she will fall into a mistake: she only asks for the style and color of clothes, but does not pay attention to the material and quality. A few small manufacturers produce baby underwear which is far below the production standard of baby, whose quality of charge for the making of work is poor and its formaldehyde content and the safety of craft cannot get safeguard. If formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, which cause respiratory tract inflammation and skin inflammation as well as cancer.

So for the sake of baby’s health, mothers must polish their eyes. The easiest way to do this without a professional level of scrutiny is that to see if the fabric used in your newborn baby bottoms passes the GOTS certification standard. The purpose of this certification standard is to ensure the standardization of organic textiles from harvest, raw materials, processing and final product packaging, so as to bring reliable products to the final consumers.

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