Pay Attention to the Hygiene Requirements of Cute Baby Clothes

Some mothers always want to dress their children like a doll. This kind of aesthetic view is generally not opposed. It is true that cute baby clothes with children’s white skin and apple-like face will increase their cuteness. As for what looks good, then ask the children’s wear designer, here only talk about the hygiene requirements of the newborn baby clothes.

As the saying goes, “Look at the dishes, cut the clothes, and wash clothes.” The hygiene of the newborn clothes first requires the body suitable for the child, and should be designed according to the growth and development of the child. As mentioned earlier, the child usually develops first, and develops after the limbs. It is relatively short and small. Before the age of half, the flexor muscles are stronger, the limbs cannot be fully extended, and the neck is short. Cheap kids clothes should be tailored according to the above circumstances, such as clothing cannot collar, and “monk clothing” is best. After two months, the child’s limbs began to be strong and gradually began to develop. At this time, don’t always put the child in the shackles. He should be put on his clothes and let him freely move.

The sleeves and trousers of the newborn clothes should be wide, so that there is room for movement on the limbs, and it is easy to wear and wash. Don’t restrain the chest and abdomen too tightly, so as not to affect the movement and breathing of the chest. The bib is a good style. After the age of one, the newborn baby clothes are still wide, so that the sleeves and legs are easy to roll up. As for when to wear the open pants, moms should mainly see how the habitual training of bowel movements. If you have a good bowel habit, you should wear full pants early. The opening pants are not in compliance with the hygiene requirements. In the collection of rest, the young units are not conducive to the prevention and control of the circumvention.

In addition to cheap kids clothes, children who are just walking can wear soft-soled shoes, to be wider, for example folk popular tiger-head shoes are very good. After two or three years old, the shoes should be divided into two parts, in order to facilitate the development of the arch. In order to look good, no matter what season, wear a beautiful hat for the child. This is not necessary. In addition to winter outdoor activities, generally wear hats as little as possible. To enhance the ability to keep out the cold and reduce respiratory diseases.

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