Pay attention to the sole thickness

The sole ply of baby shoes is the main index that measures a shoe to pass up whether be helpful for health. According to the doctor’s advice, the sole thickness of children shoesshould be from half a centimeter to one centimeter. The interval of heel is in raise half centimeter left and right sides. This is most beneficial to the development of the baby’s feet. Some parents may not have noticed these things before.

The shoe needs to bend ceaselessly as the motion of crural ministry, and sole is thicker, its bend is more strenuous, especially to the baby that loves to run love to jump. Thick sole shoe causes crural ministry fatigue more easily, affecting the health of knee joint and waist then.

Additional, thick bottom shoe shows curvy, often increasing the height of the heel, and this meeting makes whole crural ministry dash forward. The force that destroys a foot is balanced, affects the joint structure of darling crural ministry, bringing about vertebral physiology curve to be out of shape even.

In addition, as children’s bones, joints and ligaments are in the development stage, and their balance and stability ability is not strong. If the back of the shoes is too soft, the feet cannot get the corresponding support in the shoes, which will make the feet sway from side to side, easily causing ankle joint and ligament damage, and may also developing poor walking posture.

You need to pay attention to if the sole is too soft, it cannot play the role of supporting the ball of the foot. The foot will be on the outside of the heart of the ground, causing the little toe to the outside out, affecting the growth of the lateral longitudinal arch of the foot; At the same time soft sole is thin, heat insulation effect is poor and do not have shock absorption effect. Heel bone is big, and the child’s ankle is easy to be harmed.

Each baby has a different thickness and width of the instep, and different lengths of the toes. So it’s a bit of a struggle for parents to choose cute baby shoes, but if you choose a round head or a wide head, it won’t tie your baby’s feet but can protect the growth of baby foot development very well. What choice do mothers make?

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