Plus Size Mom-to-be Clothes for Radiation Protection Are Necessary

The most useful and direct method for radiation protection for pregnant women is to wear anti-radiation maternity clothes, which can basically block more than 70% of the radiation, but the radiation protection suit is often cleaned to reduce the anti-radiation effect, so pay attention to cleaning and maintenance methods of plus size mom-to-be clothes.

The temperature of the anti-radiation cute maternity clothes should not exceed 90 degrees. Do not bleach when washing, or use detergents containing bleaching ingredients, and do not wash cheap mom-to-be clothes with other chemicals. Pregnant women anti-radiation maternity clothes cannot be wrung out after cleaning, pick up directly from the water to dry.

Many brands of anti-radiation plus size mom-to-be clothes can be directly washed, when washing with ordinary neutral detergent or laundry detergent, washing methods and ordinary clothing cleaning. When ironing, use medium temperature, and the temperature cannot exceed 150 degrees. Anti-radiation cheap mom-to-be clothes in the washing process should be gently hand-washed, to avoid sputum, and the stain on the cute maternity clothes should be carefully brushed, which cannot be washed with a washing machine in that the drum of the washing machine is easy to damage the radiation-proof fiber in the radiation suit, reducing the anti-radiation effect.

It is also necessary to have a pregnant mother to wash the plus size mom-to-be clothes, but as long as you pay attention to the points above , it will not affect the effect of the radiation suit. I hope that pregnant mothers can remember these points when going to the maternity clothes sale.

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