Pregnant Women’s Radiation Maternity Clothes Should Be Worn Moderately

There are many pregnant mothers who continue to work in front of the computer and wear radiation protection maternity clothes for the long-term health of the fetus. Experts have given the answer. Pregnant women wearing radiation protection cute maternity clothes for a long time can easily keep the fetus in a closed state, which is not conducive to physical development.

This radiation is really terrible. Wearing radiation protection plus size mom-to-be clothes can prevent phlegm. Does the fetus really need 24 hours of “protection” from radiation protection? Wearing radiation protection suits for a long time is excessive protection. “I am always afraid that my baby will be radiated, so I will not take off my radiation cheap mom-to-be clothes even if I am hot again.” “Working in front of a computer every day, I am used to wearing two radiation suits.” In the interview, the reporter found that pregnant women who are over-protected and particularly nervous are not rare.

The reporter conducted a random interview with 20 pregnant women. Among them, 7 pregnant women said that they have worn radiation protection plus size mom-to-be clothes for more than 10 hours a day. Five pregnant women said that they wear two pieces of radiation protection cheap mom-to-be clothes every day due to their special working environment.

Experts say that pregnant women wear radiation protection suits for a long time, and wear two or three pieces, which is a bit “devil”. In fact, in addition to the special working environment, the baby’s growth environment should be as good as possible to return to nature. Even if you wear radiation protection maternity clothes, you should ensure that pregnant women have a certain amount of time to take off their radiation suits every day and go outside to enjoy the sun.


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