Prenatal shopping——what baby items should pregnant mother prepare?

Baby products must be ready before birth so that after the birth of the baby will not be in a hurry. But what baby products should a pregnant mother prepare? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Newborn baby clothes .

Babies between the ages of 0 and 3 grow so fast that clothes don’t fit well for long. Although the price of baby clothes is not low now, relatives and friends will buy gifts. The small baby clothes is very lovely, mothers always cannot help but buy. Therefore, in the purchase of baby clothes to choose a larger size as far as possible. Second-hand baby clothes in the home of relatives and friends without the harmful substances of new clothes are also a good choice.

It should be noted that the baby’s skin is very sensitive, whether new clothes or second-hand should be cleaned before the baby to wear.

2. Cleaning and care products.

Moms should not use bath product before baby get half a year old because the skin of baby is tender. Expectant mother also should choose baby clothes with small excitant, not having full-bodied fragrance. But if moms buy a lot of baby stuff, the baby cannot use up and it will expire. So they can try to choose a small package of single products to buy, which can avoid waste and can also observe whether the baby is allergic to cleaning and care products.

3. Crib.

Before the baby coming out, parents are convinced to buy a crib which will have a great benefit. But after the baby was born, the mother often put the baby in their side and the crib is sometimes left out because of feeding, diapers and other things.

The price of crib is higher and the baby from birth to the age of 6 years old may use it. So they should try to choose safe and durable, cost-effective crib. The crib of a few detachable outfit models can transform into sofa. Some still can join together with big bed and it is very practical.

4. Bedding set.

There is the bedding set that makes technically for baby now, not only the design is lovely, but also a lot of convenient composition suit. More important is the price is cheaper.

However, there is a mistake in buying a suit is that there may be some items that the baby does not use. After buying the suit, it not only takes up space, but also spends twice money to buy a useful item. Accordingly, when choosing bedding suit, mom should choose the basic suit that baby needs.

5. Baby carriages.

Strollers are essential for travel before the age of three, but people may confuse strollers with baby umbrellas carriage when buying them. Baby strollers are more suitable for infants. They have a larger space and can be used either lying down or sitting down, but they are not light enough.

And the baby umbrella car is more suitable for the older baby. Although it cannot lie flat, the umbrella car is light and easy to carry around. Whether it’s a baby stroller or an umbrella car, mom should be sure to choose one with better safety features.

6. Baby wipes.

Baby wipes are indispensable, mainly used to wipe the baby’s body. Many mothers-to-be may take advantage of the supermarket activities to store some of them, but if it is left for a long time, it is easy to become dry wipes. In addition, the baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. The baby will be allergic to some wet towel, so mom should not prepare too many and buy a bag or two. If the baby does not appear allergic situation, then it is not too late to buy.

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