Problem should be attached importance when buying newborn clothes In the Mid-Autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn festival is coming and it is getting cold across the country. The south is no exception. So mothers need to keep their babies warm, especially areas where it just gets cold suddenly and babies who are vulnerable. Besides, it should also be noted that dressing and undressing your baby has a lot to say. One is when to put clothes on babies, and the other is how to dress babies.Turn-Down Collar Bowknot Thickened Coat

Newborn clothes cannot be chosen by babies’ feeling instead of their moms’ feeling. Firstly, it can be done by touching the baby’s little hands and feet. If the baby’s hands, neck and back are warm but do not sweat, it is the time to choose newborn baby clothes and no changes are needed. Secondly, mommy can tell whether to put clothes on babies by looking at their baby’s expressions. If the baby’s face is red, it means that the baby’s clothes have been enough and can be reduced appropriately. So, how to dress babies in Mid – Autumn festival?

What kind of newborn baby clothes need to wear is mainly divided over area north and area south. The north has been cold for a long time but the south just gets cold in Mid-Autumn festival. It is cold and windy in the north. Mommy can put a small, single-layer jacket, hoodie, tracksuit over a long-sleeved T-shirt, fall clothing, or jeans that prevent wind and keep warm. But please do not dress the baby too much, avoiding making the baby feel too hot and catch a cold. If in the south, it is not so cool. So a small vest or a long sleeve small coat is enough for the baby.Turn-Down Collar Plaid Zipper Back Sets

What should be noticed is that due to the different climate between the north and the south, even if it is similar after the Mid-Autumn festival, babies in different areas still need different caring on what to wear.

The autumn in the north is dry, easily windy. Giving babies clothes which contain a small cap is appreciated for getting around. By the way, the indoor in the north is warmer than in the south. That means there is no need a thick coat for the baby. It is preferred that when going out, wearing a warm jacket or sweater is enough. When they go back inside, what just should be done is to take off the coat.

In south China, the indoor is rather bleak after October, so it’s better to prepare with a cotton vest or baggy jacket for the baby in case of cute newborn baby clothes rainy day. At this time, it is still relatively wet. When changing clothes for the baby, mummy can use dryer or hair dryer to warm clothes first, and then make the baby feel comfortable.

After finishing what should be dressed for babies and how to dress up, parents should basically master it. Actually, there is not so much need to remember. Just be aware of one thing as follows. Because of winter clothing has the zip or button and so on, it requires to be very careful about the possibility of pinching your baby’s skin when dressing.Crewneck Plaid Letter Pattern Skirt Knit Dress

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