Pure cotton children’s underwear

There are many kinds of children’s toddler bottoms on the market, such as: pure cotton material, cashmere material, modal material, space cotton type, and fiber material children’s baby bottoms. Clothes made of different materials give different skin feelings, so what kind of clothes is most suitable for children? Together with children underwear wholesale manufacturers small make up to analyze the various materials of clothing bar!

Cotton material.

Pure cotton is the basic thermal underwear material. It is light, breathable, comfortable and suitable for all seasons. Features: good moisture absorption, good heat resistance of pure cotton fabric, wearing pure cotton clothing makes people feel warm, contact with the skin without any stimulation, no side effects, long-term wear is beneficial to the human body, good health performance.

Cashmere material.

Underwear is high-end thermal underwear, cashmere thermal effect is very good, cold weather wear against the cold ability is very outstanding.Disadvantages: easy to shed hair, as time goes by, the effect of keeping warm will be greatly reduced.

Modell material.

At present, one of the most popular fabrics is light, comfortable, breathable and silky, which makes people feel almost no sense to wear. I also like this kind of thermal underwear very much.

Space cotton type.

Space cotton thermal underwear is made of cotton, wool, chemical fiber and other materials. The advantage is that it keeps you warm and protects you from radiation. Disadvantages: poor air permeability, wear when there is neigh sound.

Fibrous material.

Fiber thermal underwear is made of cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester and other fabrics. The interlayer is made of cotton, wool, camel wool and other wadding materials. Good air permeability and moisture conductivity.

Hope these can help you a lot when you choose baby and toddler bottoms .

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