Put diapers or open-seat pants on the baby?

Newborn baby bottoms are tricky for parents. Chinese parents worry about training their children to use the toilet. In China, images of parents holding babies and letting them excrete in trash bins and in tree pits are ubiquitous. But as Chinese middle class expanded and foreign luxury brands flooding in, Chinese people began to feel “uncivilized” to put their children on pants, and they began to use diapers. For many people, being rich and able to give their children diapers symbolizes their identity. One consultancy believes that it shows that Chinese parents living in cities can afford a more convenient and modern lifestyle.Cute Bunny Suspender Pants

A young Chinese mother said that she often sees children urinating on the side of the road. Even if she is a mother, she still hates this kind of behavior. She says she and her husband use a way which is a mix of diapers and teaching their children to use a toilet.

Consultants say diaper companies are “aggressive” in indoctrinating consumers that quality diapers keep baby skin dry and healthy and help babies and their parents sleep better. And diaper companies go further and report that children who use the diapers can fall into sleep 30 percent faster than those who don’t use. Chinese parents were also told that comfortable sleep can improve their children’s cognitive abilities.Cartoon Character Decorated Polka Dots Suspender Pants

As a result, Chinese middle class has begun to splurge on diapers. Data shows that the sales of diapers reached 18.49 billion yuan ($3 billion) in 2010 in China. Chinese Heng’an paper industry said its sales of diapers reached 351 million yuan in 2011, and go up 11.3 percent from 2010. Pampers had $10 billion in global sales in 2011, and China is the second-largest market after the U.S.

Ironically, while Chinese parents are obsessed with diapers, foreign parents living in China are happy to teach their children “Chinese way of using toilet” — sending a signal to their children to relieve themselves in the toilet and keep newborn bottoms clean.

Swift, a Canadian who married to a Chinese, taught her nine-month-old baby “Chinese way of using toilet” .She says that by not using diapers, children will not get diaper rash and will be more environmental-friendly.Velvet Elastic Waist Flare Pants

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