Safe and beautiful maternity outfits

After pregnancy, with the increase of time, the baby is also growing up and the mother-to-be’s body shape will also change a lot. In this special period, for many mothers-to-be who love beauty, how should they dress up to be safe, comfortable and beautiful?

1. Size.

After pregnancy, mothers-to-be should be lenient in their choice of size because the speed of blood circulation will accelerate during pregnancy. Expectant mothers will often sweat easily and their legs and feet will be swollen.

Too tight clothes will not only affect the development of the mother’s mammary gland, but also lead to postpartum less milk or even no milk. It will also compress the abdomen to reduce the blood flow of the placenta and cause certain damage to the growth and development of the fetus. So it’s best to choose maternity clothes that are a size larger than your body.

2. Quality.

For expectant mothers, the natural texture is the best choice. And they must choose whole cotton or pure silk underwear, whose design is loose. And the skin becomes more sensitive after be pregnant, it had better for moms avoid to choose the cloth of chemical fiber.

Because the cloth of chemical fiber use chemical agent to undertake processing, if it contacts directly with the skin of expectant mother, it can raise the sensitivity of the skin of expectant mother even cause dermatitis, which also be adverse to fetal. So in the choice of quality of material, they still should choose gentle and washable, bibulous and breathable cute maternity clothes. Considering the change of the season at the same time, in winter, they should be careful not to let the abdomen and waist legs get cold.

3. Style.

In general, the style of mother-to-be should be as concise as possible, because too much adornment cannot facilitate mother-to-be’s action. The jacket should be able to move freely without binding the chest or squeezing the abdomen. The waistline of trousers should undertake adjusting ceaselessly according to the change of maternal bodily form. They also can buy the trousers that can adjust waistline directly.

A lot of mothers-to-be like suspenders because the belt of suspenders is wider which suit the change of abdomen of pregnancy very much and can cover bulky bodily form. If you need to attend formal occasions during pregnancy, you can choose plus size mon-to-be clothes.

Generally speaking, pregnant women can change into maternity clothes from the middle of pregnancy. The doctor also can suggest expectant mother buys 2 to 3 outfits to change at the same time in collocation a few more at ordinary time bulky jacket. So in pregnancy later period, mom needs to acquire again only 1 to 2 go out outfit, which can satisfy the collocation demand of pregnancy.

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