Safety details worth noticing when dressing up your baby

  1. Do not choose newborn clothes with cord.

It is best for your children not choosing newborn clothes with cord around the neck or cap in case it will strangle them. If you have already bought such clothes, please remove the cord or wrap a knot and do not let it hang down.

  1. Do choose newborn clothes with elastic cuff and loose sock.Christmas Double Deer Pattern Polka Dot Trousers Sets

Clothes with elastic cuff are warmer, but be careful that the elastic should not be too tight, or it will restrain the baby’s wrist and affect blood circulation. Some parents like to choose sleeves for their children and they should also pay attention to the elastic.

Also, be careful to choose tight sock. Overtight socks can strangle the baby’s ankle, preventing blood from reaching the feet smoothly and reducing the heat in the feet, which can lead to frostbite instead.

  1. Do not choose clothes with zipper.

It is best not to choose newborn baby boy pants with zipper because it might clip his private part. Many coats in winter come with zippers. When choosing this kind of clothing for the child, it is best to choose one that does not pull the zipper all the way to the top of the garment, which can be easily clipped to the child’s chin.

  1. Do choose clothes with fewer accessories.

The decorations such as sequins, rhinestones and buttons on clothes may lead to a danger in the process of wearing clothes for babies, such as ingestion, scratch and suffocation. Santa Claus Pattern Tulle Stripe Sets

  1. Clothes and pants should fit for babies.

If the clothes are too long, the baby will not be able to move easily and trip over them. Do not cover their feet with pants, or babies will stumble and fall over.

  1. Make sure that the hat has the right size and does not bring string.

The size of the hat should be appropriate to the head circumference of babies. Generally, it should be measured by enlarging one centimeter (or the diameter of the head circumference 0.3 cm) according to the circumference of the head. The aim of the proper size is to prevent the cap from being too tight, which is bad for the development of their heads. Meanwhile, it should also be careful not to choose a hat with a rope or ribbon, for the same reason as clothes with cord.

  1. Avoid the scarf too long.

Babies’ scarf should not be too thin or too long. Such scarfs are like a thin rope, which is easy to strangle his neck. Besides, baby’s neck is relatively short. If the scarf is too long, the baby will feel uncomfortable.

  1. Make sure the shoes are the right size.

Do not choose the baby too small shoes. If shoes are too small or too narrow, it will tightly wrap his small feet and influence blood circulation, easily leading to catch a cold. At the same time, do not choose too big shoes for the baby, which causes the baby walk unsteadily and fall. Especially for the baby who just learns to walk will also affect his walking posture.

Hope these can help you a lot for choosing newborn baby clothes.Pocket Turn-Down Collar Horn Buckle Coat

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