Select the Comfortable Women Lingerie

The new mother is ready to deal with all aspects of pregnancy, and several small details of the breastfeeding women lingerie can be used to make the new mother start from the finest, and choose the women’s intimates that is suitable for breastfeeding due to physiological reasons.

During breastfeeding, the new mother’s breasts will increase gravity due to the natural secretion of breast milk, plus the frequent sucking by the baby, prone to sagging, not wearing a bra or wearing an inappropriate women lingerie, this situation will be more serious. If you can master the small details of the breastfeeding bra, you can effectively avoid sagging breasts and make the outline clear. The small details of choosing a breastfeeding bra are as follows:

Lactation is relatively long, breastfeeding your baby anytime and anywhere. In order to facilitate breastfeeding, you should choose a women lingerie with a lactation opening design. If the baby is hungry, you can hold the baby in one hand and untie the breast in the other hand. It is very convenient.

During the lactation period, due to physiological reasons, there will be galactorrhea from time to time, and the breast pad can absorb the overflowing milk to solve the sputum. Therefore, some special women’s intimates with bag mouths and auxiliary belts should be selected to facilitate the placement and fixation of the breast pads.

Breast augmentation of breast fullness and gravity increase, in order to avoid shoulder pain, you should choose a wider shoulder strap. In addition, you should also pay attention to the shoulder strap of the women sleepwear which should be vertical.

The above is the small details of the choice of breastfeeding sleepwear for women, to see the big and small details determine the success or failure, master these details, which can let your new mother away from the postpartum chest sagging. In addition, the appropriate women lingerie is important, but also with the appropriate bra wearing method, so that they can complement each other, resulting in fat shifting effect to play the role of plastic chest.


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