Shoes that endanger expectant mothers’ feet

Being pregnant 3 months or so, moms have toe dropsy. In the middle of pregnancy, it is more obvious. On the way to pregnancy, if there is no tendency to reduce, there must be a problem. Pregnant women should wear special pregnant women’s shoes in the second pregnancy stage. Even if they do not wear special pregnant women’s shoes, some baby shoes cannot be worn, because these shoes could be the cause of foot health problems.

Leather shoes.

Leather shoe has poorer ventilate sex. The sweat gas that sends out cannot disappear in time after walking, which causes growth and breeding environment to anaerobic bacterium and mould, especially for person who has sweat foot, because it is easy to get beriberi disease. And pregnant woman become to leather sensitivity increases as a result of the foot swollen. Leather shoes make pregnant woman’s feet feel hard. The sequela that can appear postpartum waist leg aches more.


Slipper has poor function of preventing slippery, because pregnant woman will put on weight commonly 15 kilograms, which lead to the pressure to leg and foot when walking and gravity center also change. It is very easy to lead to twisting feet, falling down even premature birth and abortion. There is still having the sweat gland of pregnant woman secrete exuberant and the sweat of crus is too much, which form sweat foot easily. Wearing rubber or plastic slipper may cause dermatitis from time to time, particularly the pregnant woman of allergic constitution.


Avoid synthetic shoes or shoes made of nylon leather, because the design of common recreational shoe cannot suit pregnant woman foot model, which they feel extremely uncomfortable when wearing. The sneaker that material is not good make is airtight, which also can aggravate the edema of the foot. And pregnant woman wears flat shoes for a long time. It is common that heel touchdown first and the ground after the center of the foot. Wearing flat shoe cannot maintain sufficient arch absorption concussion, causing the fatigue of muscle and ligament easily and against the growth of child. And in postpartum, the sequela that can appear postpartum waist leg aches.

So, it is exquisite for pregnant woman to choose little girl shoes. Besides the shoe material that just talked about, it still needs to be comfortable and the function that keep warm for certain. At the same time do not wear shoes that may lead to flat feet, which cannot absorb the body shock when walking and may hurt the baby. Elastic loose shoes are the best choice for pregnant women.

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