Six types of pants that is not fit for babies to wear

Baby does a lot of outdoor activities in spring. So moms need to guarantee that babies feel warm and at the same time safe and comfort. Putting on appropriate toddler bottoms for babies is a kind of grand learning. Right here, there are some suggestions for what baby bottoms cannot be chosen for the baby.   Cartoon Ear Hooded Solid Color Furry Coat

  1. Open-seat Pants Should Not Be Chosen

Children in open- seat pants are susceptible to scratch their skin. Bacteria and eggs from parasitic worm on the ground are likely to invade the child’s anus, urethra and wounds, causing roundworm, hookworm or pinworm disease, which do harm to his health. If girls wear open-seat pants, it is also easy to cause directly bacterial infection, such as vaginitis, trichomoniasis. So, when the child can say the request of defecation, it would be better not wear open- seat pants for them.

  1. Do Not Wear Flared Trousers

Bell bottoms are tight and too thin on the thigh, which can affect blood circulation. And bottom of trousers is long and fat, which can affect the activity such as walking, running or jumping. Besides, it often stimulates the child’s reproductive organs and affects the growth and development of external genitalia or causes inflammation and so on.Butterfly Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

  1. Do Not Wear Rough Cloth and Chemical Fiber Underwear

Children’s skin is soft and tender, and rough and hard fabric can chafe and cause infections. Chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate children’s skin and allergic dermatitis as well as infection. Children are best suited to wear white cotton knitwear or soft cotton underwear.

  1. Do Not Wear Tight Clothes

Leggings, such as jeans and chicken-leg pants, affect children’s growth and activity. What is more, it has serious effects on bones, muscles and reproductive systems of babies.

  1. Do Not Wear Leather Shoes

Children’s bone is soft, but it grows fast. If they wear leather shoes too early, it will affect the blood circulation of the feet and the growth of the toes and feet, very easy to cause foot deformation.

  1. Do Not Wear High Heels

Bones of children grow and develop very quickly. Wearing high heels can deform and thicken toe bones and metatarsal bones, hindering the flexibility of joints. It is also easy to cause deformities such as hallux valgus and flatfoot. In addition, when wearing high heels, the upper body leans forward and the hips stick out, and the weight of the body falls on the toes. Normal gravity transfer lines will shift, hindering the normal growth the body. If girls wear high heels, it can also cause the mouth of their pelvis to narrow, which can affect fertility in adulthood.

Summary: the requirements of baby boy bottoms are complicated. But wearing appropriate clothes for the baby is very helpful.Flower Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

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