Some Children Like Wearing Family Matching Clothes with Parents

I still remember when my college teacher holding her little girl appeared in the evening class classroom, a sound of surprise made the little girl a little bit afraid. She was looking out with a pair of crystal black eyes, being puzzled. At the same time she also confused my soft heart. Then I considered if I have an angel like her, I would protect and love her trying my best. Cute family matching outfits is a good choice.Cartoon Animals Pattern Family T-Shirt

God always favors the sincere and grateful people. A beautiful princess must be the gift from God that envied by people. So, I silently outline the princess’s growth plan. My daughter’s heart is naturally water-pink, and she most likes sticking to her mother’s back, turning as if flying with her tender wings, and I would like to do her invisible wings. Short-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of vivid wings on the back gives beautiful princess a dancing childhood. Threaded mouth pants are vibrant fashion, and the material of cotton is just as mother’s close and care.

My daughter has the potential of being gentle and brave like me. In a morning on weekends, we made an appointment with her best friend’s family in the park. Before leaving house, she whispers and asks: “Will my friend think I am beautiful?” “Of course! Look at this quiet and calm gray-blue long T-shirt. Light gray leopard leggings piercing the noble and elegant, with baby’s sweet smile, everyone will think you are beautiful!”

Baby has an ambitious ambition that one day he can wear navy uniforms embarked on the voyage of the warships in the vast ocean of motherland with parents. So in the bottom of his heart, matching family outfits in navy style could give him the feeling of accomplishment. Pulan stripe is both calm quiet, to reveal the vitality and creat passion. Chest style of the campus badge highlights the rich royal style.Flower Prints Letters Pattern Family T-Shirt

 I really like to wear cute matching family outfits with my mother in the garden, and my father said we are two naughty children. My mother said white and blue is the summer’s coolest colors. My favorite T-shirt is the white one on which little dolphin is jumping on the chest, behind this is a cute big hat. I used to think it is a house prepared for the small dolphin. The two big white patch pockets on pants are really nice and can hold a lot of candy.

What is “dignified”? I begin to understand something. It means that we need to do things as adults leisurely. One day, I went to the piano lessons with my mother. The moment I entered the piano school, a blond little boy invited to attend his birthday party. I told him with a smile, “Although I cannot go, I still wish him a happy birthday!” I know that day I was wearing family matching navy little dress skirt with my mother, with a cute little lapels and buds that made me look as elegant as the crown hair accessories. My mother said it was beautiful.

When the spring is approaching, the girl grew taller. And I knew the chance that I could wear cute matching family outfits with my daughter becomes fewer and fewer. When I recalled her lovely story about wearing family matching clothes, I would laugh to tears. Often at this time, she will gently hug me and said, “When I grow as high as my mother, when we wear the same clothes we must be more like sisters!”, Looking cotton print dress in the closet, matched with this V-neck knit cardigan knit, perhaps we can acheive the dream of growing up with children.Plaid Letters Pattern Family Outfits

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