Some Guide for Buying Baby Clothes

Almost every mother will be keen to buying cute clothes for their baby. However, do you know the principles to buy clothes for baby? May the follow suggestions from Popreal help you!Cartoon Lion Pattern T-Shirt

What do you should pay attention when buying baby clothes?

1, The label of clothes

Baby clothing produced by regular manufacturers, will specify some basic information of the clothing: such as fabric composition and content, product implementation standards, care label, product safety category and manufacturer information. Through the label, we can have a preliminary judgment on the baby’s clothing.

2, The fabric

Through the label, we can know what the fabric of the baby’s clothing. Cotton fabric is the main choice of baby clothing. The baby’s skin is tender and susceptible to allergies. Therefore, when choosing baby clothes materials, it is best to choose pure cotton. The amount of cotton containing more than 95% is even pure cotton, of which the breathability is good, and it is easy to absorb sweat. The fabric is also soft, and it is not easy to stimulate the delicate baby skin.

Do not choose chemical fiber products, such as polyester, acrylic, etc., poor air permeability, which are easy to stimulate the baby’s skin, causing allergies. In addition, some functional fabrics, such as waterproof, sunscreen, ironing-free, etc., may add toxic and harmful substances such as antimony in the production of fabrics, and should also be carefully selected according to needs.

3, The color

It is best to choose baby clothes with light color and less print. Because darker, brighter children’s clothing will use more dyes and auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing process. When worn personally, it may cause baby’s skin allergies and discomfort; in addition, dark-colored clothing is easy to fade, and babies like to bite clothing. It is easy to eat dyes into the stomach, which is not good for health.Cartoon Pattern Color Block T-Shirt

4, The details

To see if there are threads on the clothes, and whether the edge is smooth. Generally, the label and sewing surface on the baby’s clothing are on the outside of the clothing, and the inside is relatively smooth.

5, The smell

When buying baby clothes, be sure to smell it. Smell your clothes for irritating smells such as musty, petrol, kerosene, and fishy flavors. If you do, you may be adding chemicals to your clothing. Substance residues cause formaldehyde and excessive pH values.

When buying cute baby clothes , be sure to buy different sizes according to your baby’s shape. In addition, it is best to wash new clothes before wearing, then dry it in the sun and then give the baby to wear, to ensure clean and safe.

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