Some socks for babies

The baby’s skin is soft and delicate, and the resistance is poor, so those who directly contact their fabric material are very fastidious, so a little careless will easily hurt their delicate skin. In spring, mother should do a good job for the baby to keep warm, especially the maintenance of feet, because the cold is easy to cause blood gas condensation, and blood circulation is not easy to catch a cold. So it’s important to choose the right baby socks for your child. 

The child’s sweat gland secretion is vigorous, so the mother should give the child to prepare several pairs of cotton socks more, because the cotton fabric clothing material is easy to absorb water, and heat preservation is also better, so more important is its texture is soft, and also not easy to static electricity. In early spring because of the air dry, wearing clothes is the generation of static electricity often let the child feel uncomfortable.

Non-slip socks.

Baby’s center of gravity is unsteady, and thrashed around love, on the floor of the smooth and easy to fall, they don’t love to wear slippers, and often running barefoot on the floor, not only refrigeration, sometimes slightly a note that your child will fall, causing unnecessary physical harm, which may not be very serious, but parents will still be very distressed, so to have several pairs of non-slip socks is also necessary. The skid proof socks of preschool children have lovely soft glue design commonly. To attract the attention of the baby, let the baby happy for his mother to put on his feet attention: non-slip socks is to wear socks, try not to wear in the shoes, wear soft overshoes inside should also wear ordinary socks. Flooring and assembled foam pads help prevent skidding.

Thin cotton socks.

Even in the summer, do not give the baby to wear nylon socks, because nylon socks seem thin, but in fact it is not good permeability, will let the baby’s foot sweat cannot be excreted normally.

The expert suggests to the child summer wears thin cotton socks, socks color with shallow light advisable. Because the cloth that brunet pigment dye becomes has certain stimulation to the skin, causing dermatitis easily. And baby sweat may discolor the color block. Simpler socks are safer for kids.

Note: it is strictly prohibited to use socks (including such shoes and insoles) with antiperspirant and odor remover for your baby, and wash them daily instead. Also do not use a variety of spray.

Wool socks/cashmere socks.

Darling winter socks, must if pure wool or cashmere quality of a material, because its quality of a material is soft, loose and comfortable, warm retention sex is strong still easy catharsis. Antisynthetic fiber and nylon without a statement are easy to produce electrostatic reaction.

Summary: baby’s feet will grow, so new mothers do not need to hoard too many newborn baby socks, just according to the season to take turns to put on the child can. The baby is good movement, so give them the choice of socks slightly larger better, in a word to let the baby wear comfortable, to ensure that their legs can move freely.

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