Some Suggestions for Choosing baby underwear

At about the age of two, the baby begins to say goodbye to diapers and change into baby and toddler bottoms. Baby’s skin is very delicate, especially private protection to prevent bacterial infection. In the choice of baby bottoms, hot mother must pay attention to the color of children’s underwear material and size and other issues.

When is a good time to wear underwear?

When does the baby say bye to diapers?

Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is two or three years old, the hot mother can change their underwear. Even earlier, diapers should be worn immediately after the baby gets rid of them. Because the ability that the baby resists bacterium virus still is weaker, putting on small inside can help the opportunity of infection, block the impurity in a few environments outside, and protect the illicit close place of the baby.

Some hot mother think male baby should not wear underwear too early, in fact, some cotton underwear is more comfortable, and the baby’s genitals do not have too big impact. And hot moms should start dressing their babies in underwear from an early age to get them into the habit. This will prevent the baby’s habit of touching his genitals with his hands and prevent bacterial infections. Second, the outer pants are hard, so wearing underwear can prevent friction, playing a protective role.

Although the order of development of body and mind of every darling is mostly same, but everybody has his development speed however, which cannot curt ground cookie-cutter and should decide when to wear underwear in the specific circumstance.

Underwear is much better

When not wearing diapers, many hot mothers will put open-crotch pants on baby to facilitate defecation and keep baby’s private parts cool and ventilated. But as they get older, hot moms should be trained to dress their babies in underwear and let them adapt as naturally as they do in clothes.

The reason that the baby of 2-3 years old will start to wear underwear is that it can let the baby to develop the habit of wearing underwear as soon as possible, to develop this habit!

Protect your abdomen from the cold. Wearing underwear to the baby can prevent the baby abdomen often catching cold. Abdominal temperature sensitivity is very high, and slightly do not pay attention to the abdominal cold, because baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. In cold weather, the role of insulation underwear is particularly prominent.

Facilitate potty training. Baby wearing underwear, baby independence and help the development of mental development. More important is to benefit the baby to accept toilet training, from a young age to form regular toilet because the growth and development of the baby is very important.

These above are the suggestions for you to buying baby boy bottoms. Hope these can help you a lot.

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