Styles of women’s intimates

Global style classification.

Briefs. Boxers.

Latest fashion.

G-string, c-string, bikini.

T-shaped usually is depending on the occasion, such as when you wearing more close-fitting tight pants, and it can avoid women’s intimates line destroyed the performance of hip shape, but easy to cause hip droop.

C briefs and V briefs can unite sexy model briefs, and this kind of briefs design is numerous, although do not protect the function of coxal model, the occasion that wearing also knows to should need to be done!

The design of bikini model is to avoid commonly have manacle feeling, but bring about coxal prolapse easily.

Functional underwear: pregnant type, sporty, fun type buttock bundle pants.

Women lingerie during pregnancy is according to different months belly type and convenient for expectant mothers according to the change of 6 ready to underwear, and has function of regulating and leisurewear design. The design of tall waist can wrap the entire abdomen and can strengthen the retainer of the fetus and the warm degrees, and the role of the small of the back to protect the pregnant woman.

Sports pants style triangle, with small briefs the basic modelling, and open position is not stuck in their thighs, but slightly to the crotch area increase. This design makes the person won’t thigh injury in sports, but it is between the waist and open mouth and kept a distance a little, and this will increase the tensile strength of the transverse and keep the pants “fixed” and won’t happen too big displacement, more suitable for sports. Sporty triangle pants mouth has different wide narrow rate to be able to offer a choice, the lady with thicker ham can choose pants mouth distance waist mouth is closer design.

Sexy underwear is general pattern exquisite, whose design is bold, and the character such as material of close, translucent, bud silk roll, condole sock elastic belt can improve sexual love fun between husband and wife greatly, which make marital relationship more and be together. Popular market “appeal underwear”, and make with real silk fabrics, design graceful appearance, whose color is flowery and rich, and charge for the making of STH.

Lacy underwear: material is given priority to with translucent, and it is romantic “immanent beauty” typical delegate, pubic hair is like if showing, it will have greatly to the vision tease and touch directly with the hand also be happy.

Open-crotch pants: this kind of underwear happens to be bare between two strands, and if you go out in a miniskirt, it’s scary enough. It’s a jaw-dropping, fiery design.

Crotch stockings: they have large openings between the legs that allow unimpeded touching of the underpants.

Garter elastic: imagine a woman with one leg on a chair.

Fluctuation covers model: with gules real silk fabrics is made and have spark very much, and skin is more delicate. The top is simple, with a small bow and a wide lace at the waist. The lower body is made into mini skirt style, light and agile.

Tuxedo type: generous style is its main characteristics. Contain short sleeve, the lacy on sleeve cuff becomes horn model, and skirt places have radian, and bosom is like to show not to show, as if be about to say also rests.

Condole belt model: shoulder ministry has fine belt, it is blue black, green black alternate with more, whose feeling is relaxed and loose. Black edge is longer, and can flash below indoor lamplight, and the bosom is opened, fasten gently with a fine belt, giving a person the state of charming shame.

Ruffle model: match with ivory real silk and pure white lace more, close waist, and lace decorates skirt edge with ruffle form, decorous and easy, dress the girl up like an angel.

Medium waist underwear: the height is below navel 8cm, commonly known as the middle waist, is generally the most common specification and style. 

High waist underwear: high in the navel or above, known as high waist. The design of tall waist is more comfortable and has warmth to keep warm concurrently more fruit and better also to the maintenance of buttock model.

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