Summer pajama

In all sorts of clothes deserve to act the role of in woman chest, women sleepwear is very illicit close, its illicit close comes to reflect the individual character that gives host more, because do not have the aesthetic interference of outsider, women sleepwear also appear with the gender a lot of. To be comfortable, to like, these are the two principles of high-end sleepwear for women.

Summer pajama wants to follow one’s heart more.

1. Cotton pajamas are soft and skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, which is an indispensable choice for private space. Red two-piece summer pajamas combine beauty and comfort. The combination of cute cartoon rabbit head and classic horizontal stripes is full of girlish taste, which is very eye-pleasing and can instantly capture your mind.

2. Probably every girl has been infatuated with a few cartoon images, especially those lovely, beautiful image always can let the girl’s heart become more soft. Spongebob, Mickey, Doraemon. Among them, HelloKitty is especially popular among fans. If you like wearing HelloKitty, you can still feel her company in your sleep.

3 Recently, a “cute” word fire all over the country, “cute” became the girls chase favorite, once again proved that the cute wind has a huge market. The stripe pajama that the baby gets is very young change originally, adding a careless big head baby again, really lovely you do not have to discuss.

4. In a lot of adorable to burst the image must choose a “adorable Lord” out, it is the panda, as a national treasure, panda baby has been lovely and lovely to be known, the iconic black and white with, “never sleep enough” black eye, is it immediately touched your heart.

5. Skirt outfit has the convenience of skirt outfit, pants outfit has what trouser outfit is agile, you love to sleep skirt cool and refreshing and happy idea, I love knickers convenient freely, this is radish vegetable each has his love originally, pure cotton two type pajama suit summer very much, although put big word casually on the bed, also need not worry about embarrassed.

6. Speak of pajama, little not sexy wind. In the illicit close space of the bedroom, it is the excellent opportunity that shows female glamour one times, the mature woman that knows oneself glamour always knows how to choose a sexy pajama for oneself, the wonderful combination of bud silk and gauze, add cent for passion appropriately.

7. Silky, cool, this is the characteristic of mulberry silkworm silk, these characteristic also suit summer especially, in burning hot steamer, the silk with cool ice slides skin, of course be the best reward to busy one day. The nightgown made of mulberry silk can also accompany you to have a good night’s sleep in the middle of summer.

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