Children’s underwear

Baby bottoms are the thing that baby’s delicate skin contacts directly, from be born to grow up every day, and the consideration that the baby feels from it over there, and far more than mom’s hands. The underwear of baby must quality is good, such ability won’t hurt the skin of darling, buy the dress on the net especially, the dress quality of brand just can have assure. The China clothing web site suggests looking carefully at product signs, including tags and durable labels on clothing. The tag shall bear the trademark, Chinese name, address, product name, product execution standard number, product quality grade, safety technology category, baby products and other signs. Durable label should be size specifications, fiber content, washing methods and other signs. Therefore, grasp the following key points to choose underwear:

Texture is fine.

The tactility that quality of a material decided underwear directly, it is the factor that should consider above all when the choice. Pure cotton underwear with its good sweat absorption permeability, comfortable feeling become the only choice of quality of a material baby underwear. Generally speaking, the cotton fabric used to make baby underwear has the following four types: knitted rib fabric: this is a kind of elastic knitted fabric, thin texture, characterized by scalability, strong air permeability, good hand feeling, but slightly poor heat preservation, so it is not suitable for winter, summer is the best choice.

Knitted interlock cloth: slightly thicker than rib, it is a double-layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, heat preservation, air permeability and better feel, suitable for underwear in autumn and winter.

Cotton gauze: it is a kind of plain weave fabrics, because thin and fibrous clearance is big, permeability is very good, but retractility, heat preservation sex and feel are general, after washing easy shrink, basically use at summer underwear.

Terry cloth: namely wool cotton cloth, because quality of a material is thicker, have very strong warm preservation sex and good retraction and feel, but permeability is slightly poor, use at underwear of qiu dong season commonly.

Fine workmanship.

Different from adult clothing, baby underwear is not exquisite workmanship for beauty, but for safety and comfort. The underwear with fine craftsmanship pays more attention to the baby’s posture characteristics in the tailoring design generally, for example: the baby’s neck is always rotating, the jaw and neck are easy to sweat, so the collar socket cannot be too deep; Sleeve seam design affects the baby’s arm movement, it is best to use the three-dimensional cutting of the level of the sleeve and shoulder; Baby’s belly is more delicate, so the overlapping design of the abdomen can ensure that the baby won’t catch cold. Additional, because darling underwear needs regular catharsis, the clothing with fine charge for the making of STH can assure button, belt falls off not easily, avoid the happening of accident such as the baby eats by accident by accident thereby.

Function refinement.

Although the baby underwear is small, there are many kinds, long, short, robe-like, frog-shaped, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, and the choice should take into account the different effects of each. For example, the characteristics of robe underwear are loose hem, suitable for the baby before learning to crawl, this period, his diaper is very frequent, as long as lift the hem can be changed; 2-3 months of baby legs and feet activities increase, suitable for the selection of the bottom half of the underwear; The frog style is more convenient for kicking the legs and can avoid dislocating the femoral joint. Pyjamas are more heat-retaining than everyday underwear. Additional, the choice of underwear function still has time sex, want to grow according to darling commonly stage, wear from facilitate mom take off or change diaper to facilitate darling gradually “groping” the respect changes.

Attention to detail.

The attention of detail is the important staff that measures mom attentive, also be the place that makes mistake most easily when choosing darling underwear.

Color: baby underwear should choose this white, so that it is possible to bring a variety of colored dyes to the baby’s harm to the minimum, and is conducive to the discovery of some abnormal conditions, such as abnormal color of feces or the baby’s own skin scratch left by the blood. However, some too white underwear may contain fluorescein, should be carefully selected.

Seam edge: coarse seam edge stimulates baby skin especially the place such as armpit, wrist, might as well when the choice is put in oneself cheek side feels. Some brands have made it safer to turn all the seams inside out.

Buttons and fastening: it is best to use fastening type for baby underwear, which is safe and can “closely match” baby’s body shape. Have the underwear of button, had better choose to use cloth to wrap buckle kind, want soft and comfortable than metal, plastic, woodiness won’t have the dangerous hidden trouble such as burrs. Whether it’s buttons or knots, check for firmness when selecting them, or staple them again when you buy them.


Toddler bottoms style should be cheap to wear, do not affect the child’s breathing, will not limit or hinder the movement and activities. Clothes should be wide, simple, comfortable and suitable for the rapid growth of baby characteristics.

Baby underwear should be exquisite

As your baby grows up, your mom should start thinking about choosing toddler bottoms. However, for toddler bottoms, many mothers do not understand, today we will talk about those things about toddler bottoms.

Not only is it good for your baby’s private parts, it also helps prevent germs and more.

When do you start wearing baby underwear? How do I do? This can have exquisite!

One, when to start to wear underwear for the baby? Wearing underpants for preschoolers.

Many mothers are wondering when to wear baby underwear? Generally speaking, it is about 2-3 years old to go to kindergarten children, mommy should pay attention to give them to wear small pants, even when the baby does not wear diapers should wear small pants. Because the baby’s body resistance to bacterial viruses is still relatively weak, putting on children’s underwear, can help the opportunity of infection, and will be some of the impurities in the environment outside, and protect the baby’s privacy.

Some people think that male baby should not wear small underwear too early, in fact, some cotton quality is more comfortable, and the baby’s genitals do not have too big impact. Mommies should get their babies into the habit of wearing small underwear from an early age. It can prevent baby oneself to touch genital to produce bacterium with the hand and will outer pants is harder, putting on small underwear is able to prevent attrition and have protective effect.

Although the order of development of body and mind of every darling is mostly same, but everybody has his development speed however, and curt ground cookie-cutter is treated, moms should decide according to the specific circumstance of darling when to wear small underwear.

Two, preschool children wearsmall underwear.

The reason why I think mommy will start to wear small underwear when the baby is 2-3 years old is because it can let the baby to develop the habit of wearing small underwear as soon as possible, to develop this habit!

1. Protect your abdomen from the cold. Wearing small underwear to the baby, can prevent the baby abdomen often catch cold. Abdominal temperature sensitivity is very high, slightly does not pay attention to the abdominal cold, baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. When the weather is cold, the heat preservation effect of small underwear is particularly outstanding.

2. Facilitate potty training. Wearing small underwear for baby can help baby’s independence and mental development. More important is to benefit the baby to accept toilet training, from a young age to form regular toilet this process, because the growth and development of the baby is very important.

3. Protect privacy and prevent infection. The baby grew up, especially love to crawl on the ground, when wearing less, dirty things easily through the pants tube into the urethral opening and cause acute cystitis, even the development of pyelonephritis, and also easy because of knock and injury. Additionally, pants is harder, putting on small pants is able to reduce the attrition that pants follows illicit close place, protect the skin of baby.

Three, the notes of purchasing children’s underwear.

1. Try to choose pure cotton. In fact, not only baby’s small underwear, even if it is adult underwear, it is best to choose pure cotton. Because pure cotton is soft, breathable good, absorb sweat, more comfortable, in the summer, it also need not be afraid of stuffy.

2. The size should be moderate. Some people are in the habit of buying clothes a size too big to wear well. However, the baby’s small underwear or to size is good, too small baby wear uncomfortable, too big one is not convenient, so the baby does not like to wear small underwear.

3. Choose a light color. The choice of the color of toddler bottoms is particularly important for female babies, because by wearing light colored underpants for female babies, mothers can easily observe whether their babies have precocious puberty or suffer from gynecological diseases. If there are yellow scabs or dry patches on the baby’s underwear, it indicates that the baby is infected or has the possibility of premature development. Wearing the baby’s underwear can help the mother find the health problems of the baby timely by observing the secretions on baby bottoms.

In addition to the above considerations, you can also choose some small underwear with the baby’s favorite patterns, so that the baby is easier to accept wearing small underwear, will be more happy.

3 points for children’s underwear purchase

How old does a baby wear underwear?

Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, about 2-3 years old, the mother should pay attention to give them wear baby bottoms, even when the baby does not wear diapers should wear small underwear. Because the ability that the baby body resists bacterium virus still is weaker, so put on small inside, which can help the opportunity of infection, and block the impurity in a few environments outside, as well as protect the illicit close place of the baby.

Some people think that male baby should not wear small underwear too early, but in fact, some cotton quality is more comfortable. Mommies should get their babies into the habit of wearing small underwear from an early age. It can prevent baby oneself to touch genital to produce bacterium with the hand so, and outer pants is harder, putting on small underwear to be able to prevent attrition, and have protective effect.

Here’s how to find baby underwear.

Key points for children’s underwear:

For delicate baby skin, underwear material is very important, and the general requirement is pure cotton material, soft texture, and better air permeability.

Baby underwear must be decided according to the baby’s figure, the same height, fat and thin different baby may be different two yards.

Train your baby to wear toddler bottoms as early as possible. They can wear briefs and boxers in rotation. You can choose the underwear group your baby likes and make your baby fall in love with wearing baby bottoms.

When does the baby wear open-seat pants more appropriately?

After the baby is born, it is a truly convenient way to choose open-seat pants for the child. But as the child gradually grows up, there need another kind of toddler bottoms. When does the baby wear open-seat pants more appropriately? It actually does not have a definite time and can depend on the child’s own disposition. First of all, the child’s self-control should be taken as the standard. If the baby can learn more quickly and solve the problem of defecation and urination by himself, then the time of wearing full-crotch pants will be coming faster.Flower Ruffle Trim Cotton Leggings

Experts point out that after a period of time, the baby’s brain nerve is mature and has some relatively sound self-supporting ability, especially a kind of ability for personal physiological reaction. The baby starts to feel for the full bladder and rectum and can actively control excretion. With a little help from parents, they can solve their own problems later.

How to choose the style of baby bottoms? Originally, the option was to open open-seat pants. But now there are pants that can be “turned on and turn off” and are perfect for a baby. When the baby can basically handle excretion, parents should choose loose and easy-to-untie pants, which is easy for the baby to put on and take off.

Make the texture of baby boy bottoms as cotton as possible because they are more absorbent and easier to clean up. Parents should choose the right season to train their babies to start wearing full-crotch pants, and things will go more smoothly. Babies also need a little time to get used to it. Flower Lace Bowknot Decorated Cotton Leggings

For babies around two years old, it is inevitable to use diapers. At this time, parents must have more patience and try to let the baby be happy, so that he can learn to care for himself more quickly. In summer, parents can let the baby get used to wearing full-crotch pants first then they will slowly begin to wear pants.

When does the baby wear open-seat pants more appropriately? There is a variety of circumstances need to consider. Some children cannot accomplish self-care in time, so the time that wears full-crotch pants also should be later. Or the child will get wet and parent fails to deal with it in time, which will make the baby feel very uncomfortable. In normal time, parents should be more helpful in training children, so that they know how to quickly learn something of self-care.Cartoon Bunny Pattern Elasticated Waist Jeans