How to choose the right shoes for your baby?

It is very important to choose the right shoes for the baby. Whether baby shoes are suitable is closely related to the development of the baby’s feet and walk, because the mother must pay attention to the size, comfort, texture and other factors of the shoes when shopping. Now let’s take a look at how to buy children shoes for your baby.

When the baby just began to wear shoes, do not choose leather shoes because the baby just began to wear leather shoes not only will be more difficult, but also the baby will feel uncomfortable. When the baby learns to walk, moms want to choose the shoe with soft bottom as far as possible, which can let the baby’s foot be more comfortable so. Shoes made of felt, for example, are a good choice because they have a soft bottom and laces that don’t fall off easily.

In addition, when choosing shoes for your baby, try to choose shoes with round and wide front ends, such as canvas shoes, shoes with buttons and felt shoes made of soft leather, which can allow your baby to move his toes and help him walk. But these shoes also have some disadvantages:

1. Canvas shoes.

It is not easy for mothers to buy canvas shoes that are suitable for the size of baby’s feet. If they are small, they will squeeze the feet, while if they are a little larger, they will easily fall off. Therefore, mothers should measure the size of baby’s feet before purchasing them. In addition, the growth of the baby changes quickly, if the baby’s shoes are small, parents should give the baby to buy new shoes, so as not to affect the baby’s foot growth.

2. Soft leather shoes.

Such shoes are not easy to buy suitable, sometimes may appear in the mall to buy right shoes, the baby may try on one foot is not suitable, so parents may wish to take the baby to try on this kind of shoes and choose shoes suitable for the baby.

3. Felt shoes.

Although this kind of shoes is very good, but the price is not low, and buying a pair of baby will not wear for a long time, so parents can learn to walk when the baby to buy two pairs of baby, such as baby walking decent after the baby to wear canvas shoes can be.

Shoes that feel fine when babies are tall and tend to walk late tend to be smaller, so a pair of shoes with a thin sole, such as canvas, or shoes with soft leather that adjusts the feel of the buckle.

In fact, the baby in the early walk, you can also do not wear shoes, socks instead of a month or two, such as the baby walking more stable, or going out to play more opportunities to put on canvas shoes for the baby.

If your baby is already in kindergarten, it can be fun to put on his raincoat and rain boots on a rainy day, so parents can prepare cute rain shoes for their baby after the age of one and a half.

Now there are some specially designed for baby sound, flashing cute baby shoes, which can increase the fun of baby walking and help baby practice walking.

How to choose the first pair of shoes and correct the walking posture?

Babies don’t need newborn baby shoes before they start walking, but when they start standing and taking their first steps, they can start thinking about buying their first pair of children shoes.

How to choose suitable shoes for baby?

The shoe must be soft, comfortable and loose, which can protect sufficient ministry to do not suffer outside harm. Toddlers can choose slightly taller shoes in case they fall off. Mom can choose sole with slightly non-slip effect.

You don’t need any support pads on the bottom of the foot, and you don’t want to restrict the movement of the ankle, because the bones and muscles of the child are still developing and need enough space to develop normally. The more natural children’s foot development, the greater his sense of balance and strength. There is a research to point out that the time of barefoot childhood is longer, the appearance after adult hind foot and function are better, so actually the best shoe is his foot.

The child walks a strange posture, whether to need to correct?

Children’s feet are still developing, so the appearance will look different from the feet of adults, especially the common children’s elastic flat feet. The vast majority of the growth with age will gradually close to the shape of adults. This is a normal child physiological phenomenon, not a disease. Parents do not have to worry too much and do not have to be eager to correct.

Are corrective shoes helpful for children?

Shoes “correction” is actually wrong because these shoes are not really correct the skeletal development of children. In fact, children’s foot shape improvement comes from the growth of children themselves rather than the effect of these shoes, so parents don’t have to in order to secure and buy too expensive baby shoes.


How to choose shoes for baby in winter?

Winter is coming and mothers should also remember to timely put on warm baby shoes for the baby. While it’s important for mothers to keep their babies warm, it’s also important to keep their feet warm. In traditional Chinese medicine, feet are connected with various organs and nerves of the body and cold feet can lead to cold and serious diseases. So choosing the right pair of warm shoes for your baby is the key to good health.

How to choose children shoes for your baby in winter? Here’s our expert advice:

1. Choose shoes according to the foot type.

Parents buy shoes for the baby, please be sure to carefully observe the baby’s feet. Some baby feet are narrow, slender; Some babies’ feet are fat; Some babies feet are thick; Some babies have shallow arches…and so on. Parents should choose suitable shoes according to the baby’s foot type, not the softer the better. The baby’s shoes should be soft and hard, because the baby is in the growth process, and too soft shoes cannot be fixed foot and be supported, which is easy to cause ligament and joint damage. 

2. The choice of shoe texture.

Because the baby is active, shoes should be comfortable. The inner lining of the shoes should be made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric. Because cotton is soft enough, good water absorption, which can ensure that baby feet dry and comfortable. On fabrics choice, it had better be natural ox sheep leather shoes, because natural leather has good hygroscopicity and permeability. Sole had better choose ox tendon bottom because ox tendon bottom is slippery, wear-resisting, and flexibility is good, and shock absorption sex is tall, which suit in winter especially.

3. The choice of shoe size.

The babies’ foot grows faster, so the parent buys a shoe when the shoe must not buy too big or slant small shoe. Slant small shoe can affect the child’s bone growth, which is easy to produce deformity; Too large shoes will make baby walk instability, which is easy to fall. When buying, it is best to let the baby try on the shoes by himself. Let the baby stand on the ground and mother gently press the toe, feeling the baby’s foot and toe with a finger.

Old people often say what harm also can’t harm the child’s feet, which is enough to prove the importance of cute baby shoes. Choose a pair of suitable shoes for the child, and it is the premise that assures the child safety and health. If it is the first time for parents to buy shoes, they can take their children to a professional children’s shoes shop, consulting with experienced shop assistants and listening to the introduction of the shop assistants to know which newborn baby shoes are more suitable for their children. Keep in mind that buying for your child is more practical than aesthetic.

Choose the right shoes for your baby

Wearing wrong baby shoes causes the undesirable consequence. These consequences are mainly related to the following four factors: foot development, internal risk factors, tight shoes, and inappropriate shoes. Baby feet are by no means miniature versions of adult feet because they are functionally and structurally very different from adult feet. Accordingly, according to different age, the choice of different children shoes appears particularly important. A child’s feet are full of dangers during development for their feet are still tender and developing. Unlike adult feet, baby feet are primarily supported by cartilage. This vulnerability makes the safety of newborn baby shoes is very important, otherwise it is easy to cause foot deformity.

Baby in the growth process, all parts of the body need enough space to grow, and the development of small feet is very important, so parents need to pay attention to the selection of a pair of shoes suitable for baby small feet.

To introduce the experience of choosing small shoes to mothers:

The first is to see the material. First of all, the shoe material cannot be too hard, also cannot be too soft. Good material on baby ankle will have friction which will cause damage and the material is too soft will not be able to support the baby’s feet, the baby put on such shoes when walking easily fall!

The second is to the odor of material. The material that sees shoe has had strong excitant odor, if the material that has excitant odor is unqualified for certain product, there can be harmful material inside super-ticket for certain, and wearing such shoe is be able to produce an effect to the baby’s health at ordinary times!

The third is the shoes materials must have good air permeability, because the baby’s feet and is easy to generate heat, and the baby’s normal physiological load of exercise is very big, and again will produce a lot of sweat in the feet and if the shoes without good gas permeability of materials, which is detrimental to the health of the baby and easy to cover their sweaty feet!

The fourth is the most important and is to use the length of the flexible rule measured baby foot, recorded, and then use the same measurement tools when the choose and buy shoes take shoes in long, which also is the flexible rule into his shoes for accurate measurement. This method is the most accurate, and directly to your baby through pressure from the outside and feel whether accurate, and we have the illusion of feeling is after my previous experience, which is through the outside pressure to determine the baby’s feet is appropriate!

So it is not a simple thing to choose cute baby shoes that are both suitable and comfortable for the baby, which all need our parents to experience and observe attentively at ordinary times!

Pay attention to the sole thickness

The sole ply of baby shoes is the main index that measures a shoe to pass up whether be helpful for health. According to the doctor’s advice, the sole thickness of children shoesshould be from half a centimeter to one centimeter. The interval of heel is in raise half centimeter left and right sides. This is most beneficial to the development of the baby’s feet. Some parents may not have noticed these things before.

The shoe needs to bend ceaselessly as the motion of crural ministry, and sole is thicker, its bend is more strenuous, especially to the baby that loves to run love to jump. Thick sole shoe causes crural ministry fatigue more easily, affecting the health of knee joint and waist then.

Additional, thick bottom shoe shows curvy, often increasing the height of the heel, and this meeting makes whole crural ministry dash forward. The force that destroys a foot is balanced, affects the joint structure of darling crural ministry, bringing about vertebral physiology curve to be out of shape even.

In addition, as children’s bones, joints and ligaments are in the development stage, and their balance and stability ability is not strong. If the back of the shoes is too soft, the feet cannot get the corresponding support in the shoes, which will make the feet sway from side to side, easily causing ankle joint and ligament damage, and may also developing poor walking posture.

You need to pay attention to if the sole is too soft, it cannot play the role of supporting the ball of the foot. The foot will be on the outside of the heart of the ground, causing the little toe to the outside out, affecting the growth of the lateral longitudinal arch of the foot; At the same time soft sole is thin, heat insulation effect is poor and do not have shock absorption effect. Heel bone is big, and the child’s ankle is easy to be harmed.

Each baby has a different thickness and width of the instep, and different lengths of the toes. So it’s a bit of a struggle for parents to choose cute baby shoes, but if you choose a round head or a wide head, it won’t tie your baby’s feet but can protect the growth of baby foot development very well. What choice do mothers make?

It is dangerous for children to wear crocs too often

Although crocs are convenient and lovely, they are not good for children to wear for a long time, because there are many safety risks of crocs. Today we will learn about children shoes together.

First, the foot is easy to get stuck.

The sole of the crocs is very soft, if part of the crocs gets stuck in the gap, it is difficult to pull out the shoes, and children are very active jumping, if accidentally stuck in the elevator and other positions, the consequences are very dangerous, and friction will instantly increase the deformation of the whole shoe.

Second, chemicals increase the risk of disease.

Many plastic crocs contain carcinogenic substances, such as polyvinyl chloride, which is easy to decompose under high temperature and hydrogen chloride will strongly stimulate the human eye and respiratory mucosa caused by headache and other discomfort. About 200 types of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are known, and poor quality crocs can contain these carcinogenic compounds.

Third, easy to cause skin diseases.

Many crocs are not strictly factory testing, for its quality is not guaranteed, because the foot has been friction with the material of the shoe, which is likely to cause skin redness, etc. In addition, crocs are a good place to hide dirt, sweat, rain or mud is not easy to discharge, easy to cause eczema.

The fourth, it causes fingernail pathological change.

Because the design of crocs is toe all the time carrying a shoe, the toe of the child can feel tribulous ache, and the toe nail gets the pressure big go down to cause fingernail pathological change easily for a long time, the baby should wear the crocs less, and choose those breathable good, more comfortable sandal as far as possible.

Don’t wear crocs when it’s raining because the design of crocs is easy to accumulate water and the water in the puddle is dirty after raining and is easy to cause bacterial infection, so don’t let the babies wear crocs in rainy days.

The body of the crocs is loose and the toe is big, and the body movements of the younger children are not very flexible, and their mastering ability is not very good, so it is easy to fall down if they wear these shoes, and the children under five years old are in the flourishing period of bone development, so it will be very hard to wear baby shoes that are too loose.

Conclusion: crocs make baby’s feet unable to get the corresponding support, which hinders the development of baby’s limbs, and develop bad walking posture, which will have great interference to the overall external image of children.

How to choose the right shoes for your beloved baby?

It is every mother’s pleasure to see her baby grow up healthily and happily. The baby’s words and deeds and all affect the mother’s heart. From the time a baby is a toddler, a mother is concerned about choosing the right baby shoes for her baby.

The baby puts on proper shoe not only walk comfortable, but still have benefit at the baby’s body development, so how to choose the shoe that suits a baby to wear? Experts remind in the selection of children’s shoes, you can refer to the following Suggestions:

  1. Choose the right size for your shoes.

Too big shoes are easy to fall off, and too small to squeeze the foot, so moderate is appropriate.

Mother should pay attention to: choose children’s shoes avoid shoes too small. Too small will squeeze the bone, affect growth and development, some wear out the skin can also cause infection. Of course, shoes should not be too large, causing foot fatigue, but also easy to fall. At the same time, it should be considered that the baby is in the growth and development period. The feet grow fast, and it is recommended to choose shoes about 1/2 inch larger than the feet, after putting on the shoes, they are not too tight, but not too loose and have a little bit of spare time, and the baby will not feel that the feet are bound, which is conducive to standing, walking smoothly and comfortably.

Also because the baby’s feet grow faster, pay attention to the replacement of shoes. Mother should give the baby in time to change the appropriate new shoes, to ensure that the baby wear comfortable, convenient activities.

2. Pay attention to the impact of the sole on the foot.

A lot of children shoes add a raised soft cushion in the sole when design, and it seems that can help darling prevent flat foot so, but relevant expert points out: the sufficient ministry development that such design does not have help to darling, still can have reaction.

Because it reduces the development space of the foot arch extension, if a long time to wear, easy to form flat feet. At the same time the expert suggests the sole of children’s shoe wants to have proper soft hardness and ply, ply is about 5 ~ 8 millimeter advisable.

3. Pay attention to the soft hardness of the upper, not too hard.

Some mothers mistakenly believe that the softer the better, experts said: this idea is wrong. The softness of the shoe must moderate, rise otherwise do not have the effect of fixed foot model. The foot cannot get support in the shoe, which can easily cause ankle joint and ligament damage. At the same time, the baby’s bones, joints, ligaments and muscles are in the growth and development period, the upper should not be too hard.

Reminding the mother in the choice of shoes can let the baby try on the shoes on the ground to try to walk, and observe, and ask the baby whether feel comfortable, standing and walking is smooth, easy to move, this pair of shoes is appropriate.

4. Pay attention to the material of shoes.

Expert expresses: in natural leather, soft sheepskin, cowhide has good permeability and hygroscopicity, and it is the best choice that children shoe pledges. So the attention when the mother chooses sole should choose to prevent slippery, and flexibility are good. The material with damping high sex is like ox tendon bottom, and it can absorb the ground to face the concussion of the heel and brain better. Choose soft, comfortable cotton for the lining. Finally, pay attention to the selection of shoes slightly better, slightly fine, let the children wear healthy and comfortable and beautiful and durable.

Summary: the baby growth process always affects the mother’s heart, for the baby to choose the right cute baby shoes is also a very worthy of attention. The baby puts on the suitable children shoes, then can be down to earth the walk and the activity, is advantageous the foot ministry development, causing the body healthy growth.

How to choose healthy shoes for children

Many young parents don’t pay enough attention to what kind of baby shoestheir children wear, and they just want to make their babies look beautiful. Buying hard bottom to the child hard top or plastic bottom children shoes is inappropriate and harmful to health. Additional, the cloth shoe of hard bottom tall upper also go against the motion of child sufficient ministry and development. Cute baby shoes should keep his or her feet warm without affecting development. What shoes should we choose for our children?

Parents choose shoes for their children, in order to avoid damage to the feet. Experts offer a few tips. Check your feet before you buy shoes: standing barefoot on flat ground, if three fingers fit into the arch, your feet are normal. If the finger cannot be put in or put after the space is too large. It is recommended to go to the hospital, and listen to the doctor’s advice and guidance.

In the afternoon because the feet are swollen, try it on and don’t be barefoot, and both feet to wear good shoes and be sure to pull the zipper or lace up good. You cannot careless, then stand up and walk around, feeling the foot when walking comfort, but you can’t walk two or three steps are finished, and had better take enough 50 steps. If not suitable at this time, you already feel very obvious. If it doesn’t fit, no matter how beautiful it is, there is nothing to miss.

To save money and trouble, many parents like to buy bigger shoes for their children, which is also undesirable. The child wears the shoe that does not fit a foot for a long time, and walking can very inconvenient, form undesirable walking habit. And the upper of inferior shoe was worn not to be able to be out of shape a few days, but the double foot of the child steps in the shoe not steady, so walking can shake left right, and the growth that can affect the child to walk and the foot develops. Still some parents often are not changed to the child in time already crowded the shoe of the foot, this is bound to cause chronic to the foot oppression, making toenail is immersed in, producing sub-armor hematoma, even paronychia. Besides, wearing for a long time inappropriate shoe, still can produce before half sufficient flat foot, corn to wait a moment.

Although there are many problems with wearing shoes, many citizens do not realize the seriousness of this problem and choose their shoes at will. “The quality that has 30 % shoe at least on market does not pass, it is unqualified”, the expert expresses, unqualified basically have appearance. If a lot of shoes do not accord with human body biology, the head is too pointed, and bottom is too equal but still has those who chose inferior material to pledge. After wearing, produce athlete’s foot easily. In addition, the rubber bottom flexibility that sole chooses is poor, causing ankle injury easily, even these unwell still can outspread body other place.

Experts said that children should not wear boots, and boots high will let the child’s ankle movement affected, and the child love to move, which is easy to fall or joint sprain. Above all, if you want to choose the shoe with more round toe for the child, let the space that the toe of the child has sufficient motion. If the toe is too pointed, it may cause the deformity of pointed foot and hallux valgus. Next, you should wear the shoe with harder sole, wearing such shoes, and the sufficient bottom muscle of the child just is not easy fatigue. “Children wear shoes with heels that are not too high.” Experts said, if the heel more than 3.5 cm will make the body’s center of gravity obvious forward, lumbar lordosis increased, which is easy to cause lumbosacral joint strain and lumbar pain. The child grows fast, 3 months should change a pair of new shoes to the child.

The stand or fall of the child shoe concerns the child whether healthy growth, parents cannot be careless. Choosing the right size for your child and wearing comfortable newborn baby shoes is the most important thing. The child wearing a pair of ordinary shoes comfortable to better activities, more conducive to his exploration of the outside world, on the contrary, the baby may not be willing to move, long-term physical development will cause obstacles and psychological damage.


Choose the Right Pair of Cute Baby Shoes

The baby’s feet grow very fast. After learning to walk, they need to wear children shoes. Therefore, to buy newborn baby shoes for your baby, you must choose the right size and comfortable to wear. When many parents choose baby shoes for their babies, they are more confused about how much to buy for the baby, what kind of shoes to wear. Listening to your parents will listen to the experience of the elderly or by personal preference and intuition. In fact, uncomfortable little girl shoes can bring health risks to the feet.

The baby grows fast, to which sometimes the parents don’t pay attention, and the newborn baby shoes are not suitable for the baby to wear. Wearing these children shoes, they will not only affect the growth and development of the soles of the feet, but also bring health risks to the toenails. 

Some experts pointed out that: the cute baby shoes are small, need to be replaced in time, which clinically often encounter baby due to wearing small shoes caused by paronychia, toenail redness and pain, suppuration. Father and mother can only take the baby to seek medical care. The baby’s toes are inherently young, and the baby’s nature is lively and active. Too small children shoes can cause repeated rubbing of the toenails and nearby soft tissues, causing invisible damage to the nails. Once the baby’s immunity is low, it will produce paronychia. In addition to wearing small shoes, the baby’s nails are cut too short, or pull the thorns, it will also cause damage to the nail groove, bacteria along the wound into the nail bed, it will also cause paronychia.

Parents understand that uncomfortable cute baby shoes can cause discomfort such as paronychia, but also sloppy to buy shoes for the baby? Therefore, parents should pay attention to the replacement of baby shoes for the baby, find the right size, so that the baby can grow up in a healthy environment.

Some Mothers Should Choose Cute Baby Clothes

Buying comfortable cute baby clothes for newborns is a problem that every new mother has to face. Newborns should change their newborn baby boy clothes frequently during the day, so prepare enough newborn clothes for the newborn. But buying newborn baby clothes for newborns is also very particular. Let’s take a look at some common sense of buying clothes for newborns.

If there is a size indication on the clothing, make sure that the child can use it for at least 2 months. Young children don’t care about a little more newborn clothes, but actually a little bigger newborn baby clothes are more suitable, because young children will grow up in a short time. Only washable, non-marking cute baby clothes can be purchased.

It is guaranteed that the baby’s clothes purchased by the new mother will not affect the use of the diaper, and it is not necessary to take off many cute baby clothes when changing the diaper. Buy a loose towel and jumpsuit, you need to buy a metal buckle at the crotch or at the front. It is best to wear a nightgown for a period of time after the child is born, so that it is only necessary to pick up the baby’s clothes when changing the baby’s clothes.

It is best to use the cute baby clothes of a baby with a wide opening in front or the newborn clothes of a baby with an open collar, because young children do not like to have something to cover the face. The baby’s clothes that are open at the front are easy to put on and off, and there is no need to turn over the children. The material of the newborn baby boy clothes should be soft, comfortable, and the seams should not be hard. Check the size and waistline of the neckline before purchasing. When buying a towel for a child, it is best to buy cotton or wool. If you buy cloth, you must ensure that the texture is soft and comfortable.