The Wrong Thing to Say When Educate Children

People always say we have to be thankful no matter what we do. In fact, the education of gratitude is the education of love. It’s very helpful to have a healthy personality, and it’s very important to build interpersonal relationship. But many parents always say something like this when they raise a baby.

“Are you hungry or thirsty baby?”

According to the common sense, the recipient should cherish when his parents always try their best to give every possible care of the baby. On the contrary, what is too easy to get is often not cherished. Therefore, parents should change, and they should not always worry too much to meet the baby.
They should give things only when the baby needs, then he can know how cherish.

“Mom and dad are working so hard for you. You have to fight”

Parents often say this to baby in order to strengthen how much they did for their children, so that make baby know how to cherish. But this often gives the child such a psychological: I give it to you, you have obedient, and repay. So even if the baby returns there will be a mentality of repayment .

“Mom and Dad bought you such a expensive thing, other parents won’t do this to their baby!”

Some parents think what they are paying is what the baby really needs. Just like you want an apple and I give you a car of pears, which only touch myself. Therefore, parents should ask baby about his own idea, and what he really needs. Only parents do this in the process of paying can baby understand the parents’ intentions.

Why parents did so much things to baby without being understood by baby?
Maybe it is time for you to reflect!