Precautions for wearing children’s underwear

  1. Material requirements.

Synthetic fiber has poor hydroscopicity, therefore cause allergies and eczema. In addition, synthetic fiber production process is mixed with monomers, ammonia, methanol and other micro-time chemical ingredients, and their skin irritation is larger, especially the newborn baby do not use chemical fabric to do the pants next to the skin, and moms should choose soft cotton kids bottoms as the material

Unfavorable wear coarse cloth and chemical fiber underwear: children’s skin again is tender, coarse with the cloth and very hard quality of a material. Chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate children’s skin, and the occurrence of allergic dermatitis, so that the infection. Children’s best wear white cotton knitwear children’s underwear or soft cotton children’s underwear.

  1. Little ones should pay attentionto those.

Baby should not be wearing open-backed pants because of children’s low level of estrogen in the body, and vulvar skin resistance is weak, vaginal epithelial thin, low acidity, not easy to keep clean in open-backed pants but easy to cause the perineum bacterial infections, such as vulvitis and vaginitis, local redness, swelling, vaginal impregnation and canker, adhesion.

Bacteria and parasitic worm eggs on the ground are likely to enter the body from the anus, urethra and the wound of the child, thus developing ascariasis, hookworm disease or pinworm disease, etc., which may harm the child’s health, especially female children ignorance, wearing open-crotch pants easy to insert foreign bodies into the vagina, causing bacterial infection, which can also develop into sepsis. So the girl to a year old or so should gradually change to wear full crotch pants.

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