The radiation-proof clothes of expectant mothers must not be washed at will

With the rapid development of Electronics and home appliances, radiation is everywhere. Although human beings can get out certain radiation, there is no clear research data show that the use of electronic products for the body’s tissues and organs such as frequency and distance. However, radiation for genetic abnormalities such as abnormal variation is associated. In order to give the baby a better growth environment, many pregnant mothers will put the anti-radiation maternity clothes during pregnancy.

Wearing radiation clothes for a long time will be dirty as ordinary clothes, but it can be washed like other clothes? In fact, radiation protective clothing can be washed with water, but there are still a few things to pay attention to in the process of cleaning.

Firstly, focus on material types.

Different materials of radiation protective clothing have different treatment methods. If your radiation protective clothing is made of stainless steel wire fiber and silver fiber combination, this material can contact water. But it cannot be cleaned for many times. That will affect the effectiveness of radiation protective clothing and requires more attention of pregnant mothers.

Secondly, the catharsis explanation of radiation proof garment.

Washing instructions are detailed through store or formal channels of radiation protection. It also belongs to the special applications. Businessmen are considering the use of it and points for attention. In general, anti-radiation garments can be washed with water directly, but it is not recommended to machine wash. Radiation protection clothing had better not wring because it will affect the anti-radiation garments contained material easily. Also, do not use bleaching products when cleaning.

Thirdly, cleaning time of the radiation protection clothing should not be too long.

Because radiation proof garment is made with special material and cut off the action of radiation. In order to be able to have better effect, the time of daily cleanness should not be too long.

Summary: although the radiation protective clothing can be washed, the frequency of cleaning is not too much or easy to affect the performance of cheap mom-to-be clothes itself. As long as it is not very dirty, it is best to clean once every three months. If it is intimate radiation protective vest, it is best to buy two sets to wear.

Dress for different stages of pregnancy

When bepregnant, as the change of abdomen, our dress also can change. What kind of maternity clothes chooseto suit pregnant woman? How should pregnant women dress?

1. Within three months.

The first three months of pregnancy also can’t see from the stomach, so at this time as long as it is ok to wear clothes, the requirement for wearing is not too big and it is good to protect a fetus. Fetal growth speed is very fast at this moment and cell division is very quick, so mom should be ready to radiation protection.

Although there is no unified standard for this problem, it is very common in the market of radiation protective clothing. So the mother can choose a radiation protective clothing to wear, the mother can go online to choose the independent production and sales of the manufacturer’s brand, or they can choose the quality of the brand to choose.

Although it is ok to wear normal clothes in these three months, but also they should prepare for the future when the belly can wear maternity clothes. It is necessary to usually have time to go in and choose maternity clothes to prepare for the future and do not fight unprepared war.

2. From three to six months.

In this period, our belly has been very obvious and pregnancy taste finally showed, so the pregnant women’s clothes prepared in advance to put it out.

Underwear mustbe aware in this period and the breast will increase a lot during this period. Themother should choose a bra as far as possible comfortable without a support, whichcan make a breast to obtain the very good growth to prevent the production ofless milk, no milk or mammary gland hyperplasia after the emergence of symptoms.Underwear also should not be low-rise or to wear something to protect the bellyof tall waist briefs so that it won’t affect your baby’s growth anddevelopment.

At the same time, mom also should pay attention to hygiene and change underwear frequently. Working mothers need to pay more attention to the dress and they can wear some professional maternity clothes, which isnot only beautiful, but also very loose and good for the baby and mother’s body.

3. From six to nine months.

To this stage, the baby grows fast and the mother’s belly that is very spectacular, so it is good to wear loose clothes. In summer, they should wear some loose cotton dress, if you are in the period of spring and autumn or winter, you maybe wear pants and choose a professional pant which will bring great benefits to the growth of the baby.

All above are dressrequirements of the three stages. After knowing these, I believe that themother has been quite prepared for their own cheap mom-to-beclothes. Each stage to be paid attention to what will do and I hopethat the mother is still in pregnancy style.


Careful collocation make pregnant hot mom

After gettingpregnant, mothers-to-be have no way to wear many beautiful maternity clothes again,which will be a little depressed. In fact, as long as reasonable collocationand choice, mothers-to-be can also be beautiful! How do you become a hotfashion mom?

1. General principle: loose, comfortable and easy clothes.

The top should be soft, simple and loose enough to allow the mother to move around. The jacket can neither bind to the chest nor press down on the stomach. Since these clothes will not be worn after production, they need not be too expensive, just make sure they are washed and sunburnt before wearing.

As the increase of gestation week, the breast of expectant mother can be plump gradually and the dimension of brassiere is about to increase gradually.

Long skirt and trousers are in spring and summer more appropriate, because they do not need to fasten belt. Suspender pants also get the love of mothers-to-be very much and underwear should be cotton fabrics.

2. Attention should be paid during pregnancy.

Due to uterinecompression during pregnancy, venous pressure of lower limbs will besignificantly increased, and pregnant women are prone to lower limb edema. Therefore,whether long stocks or short socks, they must not be too tight.

By the middle and late stages, the center of the body is moving forward more and more. But if you choose flat shoes, the center of gravity will fall on the heel and it will hurt. So choosing the low heel shoe of 2 to 3 centimeters is able to suit and sole should have deeper slippery prevention grain.

3. Other things.

Hat and parasol should be unforgettable in spring and summer when going out. Keep a raincoat handy for possible weather changes. Keep thin coats in the office, too.

While many mothers-to-be may have a seasonal wardrobe ready at an early age, they find it impossible to wear it. At this time, they o do not have to be sad and follow the small method above only so that hot mom belongs to you as well!

There are manyfashion and cheap mom-to-beclothes on popreal. Hope you can come here and get some for yourself.


Dressing probably makes pregnancy comfortable and stylish

After being pregnant, besides the skin becomes sensitive, our figure also change. Bosom getsbigger, and also with abdomen and arms and legs. Clothes become tight, so howshould pregnant women wear comfortable maternity clothes?

Before bepregnant, the mother’s body is very hot and they like clothes and trouserswhich make the figure look sexy. For example, some people are in love with leatherleather-pants, which have poor permeability. As a result of pregnancy, the skinbecomes sensitive and easy to dry and itchy, so after pregnancy, it is nolonger fit and should wear some clothes whose permeability is good.

There are some office workers whose clothes are relatively narrow and are no longer suitable for pregnant mothers to wear. In order to save money, the mother can take out the sweater to wear, which is elastic and will not tighten the stomach. So in pregnancy, the mother’s clothes should be comfortable and loose as well as having good air permeability.

After pregnancy,because the belly grew up, the mother always feel pants and skirt wear veryhard, and waist will be very card stomach. So how the mother can wear for thelower body?


If mom is an office worker, it’s not appropriate to dress too casually, and the shirt you normally wear is not appropriate to wear either. You can wear a full-body casual dress, with boots on your feet.

Boots have a lot of benefits such as more likely to take the clothes. To choose big one yard boots will help advanced leg edema. Although it will be a big yard in postpartum, you can wear it with cushion insole or plug a jeans or tights. It won’t be wasted if mom notes that foot with edema will be arduous. Mother can ask the family for help.

Pants inside and pantyhose.

For the lower part, in fact, it is best to wear pants and pantyhose. These two kinds of pants with good flexibility and loose stockings are essential, no matter how big the belly can be. Because the general waist pants are adjustable, they will not be too loose or too tight and are able to wear to the production. At the same time have very good warmth.

Maternity accessories.

Mother-to-be’s choice is not just a style of dress. It is recommended that you can buy a long version of the clothes to wear as a skirt, the lower body can go with more style collocation or be used as the inside of the clothes!


Scarf can be very good to attract the attention of others. If you do not want others to put their eyes on the mother’s stomach, you can put a scarf around the neck to divert the attention of others. Cover your stomach with a scarf.


For pregnant women, the probability of being afraid of heat is much higher than that of being afraid of cold. It is suggested that clothes can be worn in onion style, instead of wearing only a heavy dress, which can be adjusted with the temperature of the environment. The proposal is that they can choose knitwear shop cotton coat, and do not need button to go up necessarily only if her belly not be able to be cold. In later pregnant period abdomen belt will be used, which has basic heat-preservation effect.

Pregnant cute maternity clothes inaddition to be beautiful, the most important is to be comfortable. They cannotwear too tight, which is not conducive to the growth and development of thefetus. And too wide clothes are not appropriate, which is easy to cause a fallor be clipped by something.

When Shall you Begin Wearing Maternity Clothes?

Maternity clothes is the clothing that every woman wears after she is pregnant. Wearing a maternity dress is good for the fetus. However, the maternity dress could not be worn as soon as pregnancy. So when shall maternity wear mom-to-be clothes?Maternity Color Block Pocket Round Neck Pullover Dress

After the pregnant woman is pregnant for 3 months, the fetus in the abdomen grows faster. If you wear a maternity dress at this time, tightening will affect the development of the fetus. Maternity wear is mainly comfort. As long as it is comfortable to wear, it is not limited to tight or loose. For example, maternity clothes on the European market are also tight-fitting. Most of these clothing materials are made of elastic fabrics, and cotton and nylon are the materials of choice. In Korean, there are a wide variety of maternity clothes, trousers or tops, and there are many styles to choose from. The pants are mainly low waist. Side Slit Bowknot Asymmetrical Dress

Many women need to work before giving birth, so the clothing must also be payed great attention. Loose or not, of course, depends on people’s preferences. Therefore, pregnant women can also be more beautiful… Don’t let traditional bibs, big coats always represent the image of pregnant women! Come on. Experts believe that when pregnant women wear maternity clothes, it depends on themselves. Some mothers only start wearing them in 7 or 8 months. Some people start wearing them very early because of the large changes in the waist and abdomen, or other reasons.

Therefore, when you wear mom-to-be clothes, there is no hard and fast rule. It is determined to your own situation and your mood. When choosing maternity clothes, you should also pay attention to materials and comfort.Maternity Postpartum Nursing & Feeding Loungewear Sets

Maternity Clothes Can Also Be Charming

Presumably, many expectant mothers will encounter such confusion: when it is suitable to wear maternity clothes?Maternity Cute Baby Pattern T-Shirt

Usually, many expectant mothers will gradually get fat after four months of pregnancy. However, some mothers have obvious abdomen in less than three months due to more amniotic fluid and flatulence in the stomach. So when to wear maternity clothes, mothers still have to be based on their own situation.

If the expectant mothers wear the usual clothes and feel the abdomen or other parts of the body are tight, they need to change into loose clothes in time.

Except for maternity clothes, can’t expectant mothers wear other clothes during pregnancy?Maternity Chiffon Lace Hollow Out Short Dress

Some expectant mothers are not too concerned about their own dress after they become pregnant. They think that as long as there is a piece of cloth that can cover the stomach, it is enough. In addition, many mothers think that maternity clothes do not have any practical value, and they will not be worn after production. In addition, most maternity clothes are good-looking but expensive, or the cheap mom-to-be clothes is not good but economic. In view of the above reasons, many expectant mothers have not considered buying maternity clothes.

However, if you have to go to work during pregnancy, it is really not convenient to wear plus size mon-to-be clothes, you do not have to force yourself, but you must not wear too tight clothes. Some loose regular models are also very suitable for pregnancy, such as cute doll shirts, the hem is generally wide, and can continue to wear after production.

If you have to go through the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter during pregnancy, then you can buy more leggings for pregnancy. This is because no matter which season, leggings are the easiest one to match with clothes, and you can wear them for a few more years after giving birth. Maternity High Neck Asymmetric Hem Patch Pocket Printed Shift Dress

Cute Maternity Clothes Warm You UP in Cold Winter

What kind of clothes should pregnant women wear in winter? The winter is a crucial period for pregnant women! In winter mothers must pay attention to keep warm while paying attention to the comfort of wearing clothes! Don’t wear too heavy and too tight clothes! Patchwork Stripes Long Sleeve Tee

1.From the aspect of style, the mom-to-be clothes should be loose, which will not limit the chest and abdomen, and the activity is convenient, giving a relaxed and lively feeling; the style should be relaxed, comfortable and bright, and it should be convenient to wear and take off.

2.For the health of the baby and the pregnant woman: As far as the pants are concerned, the design of the abdomen has a very strong professional performance, so that the baby can grow up healthily and the discomfort of the pregnant woman can be reduced. And the pregnant woman can be dressed more beautifully. New plus size mon-to-be clothes must also be washed and then worn. If it is a faded dress, it must be washed several times before it can be worn. Stripe V-Neck Cami Dress

3.The fabric of maternity clothes should be made of natural materials, which should be healthy, comfortable, breathable, light and easy to wash; it needs to bring warmth when it encounters winter.

4.Functionally speaking: there are also warm clothing designed to facilitate breastfeeding for pregnant women. It is better to wear pure cotton and primary colors. After all, there will be some changes in the body after pregnancy, reducing the chance of accidents. The things that the human body will absorb on the chromosomes are not good for children and it is recommended to replace them immediately.

In addition, don’t want to wear my clothes like pajamas. In addition to choosing beautiful styles, the size must be well choosed. The shoulders, sleeves, and chest, as well as the hips and thighs should not be too loose. If the size of these places is loose, and it feels like pajamas. These parts do not change as much as they do during pregnancy, so just buy them a little bit loose. V-Neck Zipper Patchwork Plain Blouses

How to Choose Maternity Dress

  1. Choosing natural fabrics is the principle of purchasing maternity clothes.

For different seasons, the fabric of maternity clothes should be changed. Summer maternity dresses are mostly cotton and hemp fabrics; spring and autumn are mainly plain weave fabrics, wool fabrics, blended fabrics and knitwear; in winter, woolen or fluffy fillers are better. Although there are many chemical fiber fabrics in pregnant women’s fashion, the good pregnant women’s fashion brand will definitely ensure that the skin part, which touches the pregnant woman’s skin, must be cotton texture. Maternity Off Shoulder Flounced Short Dress

2. the style of maternity wear should be leisure.

Professional maternity wear is simple and fit, and is preferred by some expectant mothers who are required to wear formal suits when they go to work. Most of the professional maternity clothes are in the same color, and the overall dignity is matched with the professional environment. The basic styles are easy to match with a single top, shirt or trousers, as well as an indispensable vest dress, a variety of one-piece short dresses or long dresses, suits for work and leisure. size mon-to-be clothes are more suitable

For women who are pregnant after 5 months, choosing a maternity dress is a must. Most mothers don’t want to buy maternity clothes that they can only wear for a month, so try to choose the right size and prepare enough space for the future expansion. Professional brand maternity clothes, the size standards are counted through countless first-hand data research, you can easily find your own size according to height and the number of measurements.Maternity Sequin Decorated Top Tulle Detail Dress

4. choose maternity clothes that do not hinder fetal development

The choice of maternity dress should be based on the premise of not hindering the growth and development of the fetus. With the principles of wide comfort, good breathability, strong sweat absorption, heatstroke prevention and easy to wear and take off. You choose the color and style of the clothes according to personal preference.

  1. When to buy maternity clothes

The purchase of cute maternity clothes should take into account the needs of development, different types of clothing are required during different pregnancy periods, and the needs of the season should also be considered.

Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Contrast Maxi Dress

How to Choose and Protect Anti-radiation Maternity Clothes

According to a recent research, the choice of pregnancy health care has a great impact on key indicators such as dystocia and related risk factors such as fetus, maternal body mass, radiation, exercise, diet, psychological status and blood sugar level. Electromagnetic radiation is one of the four major pollution at present. Maternal women must pay great attention during pregnancy. Anti-radiation cheap mom-to-be clothes are much too necessary. Cowl Neck Tassels Pullover

What kind of anti-radiation maternity dress is good?

From all the research and test results, anti-radiation maternity dress is effective for maternal health care and radiation protection. So, which is better?

Experts say that as a functional clothing, radiation protection has always been the most important clothes for expectant mothers, and material is the key factor. At present, there are three kinds of materials for radiation protection suits: coated fiber, metal fiber, and silver fiber.

Experts say that from the shielding effect of radiation-proof maternity clothes, 100% silver fiber has the best shielding effect, followed by metal fiber, and the coating type is last. Therefore, consumers can give priority to silver fiber materials when purchasing anti-radiation maternity clothes . Casual Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Pullover

How to protect anti-radiation maternity clothes?

Although silver fiber anti-radiation maternity clothes can achieve the best radiation effect, silver fiber also has its own weaknesses. Silver fiber anti-radiation maternity clothes have high requirements for nursing. Pay attention to the following points during daily use.

1, anti-radiation maternity clothes should not be washed frequently, about once every three months. If you are worried that the anti-radiation maternity dress will get stains, you can wear the outer jacket of the anti-radiation maternity dress; if you are worried about sweat, you can wear a bottoming shirt in the radiation suit. In short, try to reduce cleanings.

2, anti-radiation maternity dress is made of special materials, so you can not use tap water when cleaning, but use pure water or cold water. Chloride ions in tap water can cause damage to silver fiber.

3, machine washing is prohibited, so you only hand washing. Professionals revealed that when cleaning plus size mon-to-be clothes, the water temperature should not be too high, keep it at about 40 degrees. When cleaning, try to reduce the friction between the anti-radiation maternity fabrics and prevent the metal mesh from breaking.Long Sleeve Casual Loose T-Shirt Dress

Maternity Clothes Boast Good Breathability

Many fashion designers are now working on designing fashionable and beautiful maternity clothes, so women don’t have to worry about being out of fashion after pregnancy. But no matter what kind of cute maternity clothes you like, you can’t just look at the style. The key is to see if it is comfortable to wear. Because pregnant women are prone to sweat during pregnancy, it is best to buy natural fiber clothing, like cotton with better permeability. Here are some tips for buying and matching plus size mom-to-be clothes.Stripe Multifunctional Nursing Cover

It is best to choose neutral colors such as black or khaki when buying maternity pants or maternity skirts during maternity clothes sale. The abdomen and waist of the garment must have good elasticity to hold and protect the child. It is best to use poplin for the fabric.

Most pregnant women prefer bibs, which are the main outfits in maternity clothes wardrobes. This is because the bib pants are soft, easy to wear for a long time. The bib pants basically have the characteristics of a maternity suit, such as a loose abdomen and good comfort. Reserve some plus size mom-to-be clothes that can be worn alone or in pairs.Patchwork Stripes Long Sleeve Tee

To ensure wearing for comfort, cute maternity clothes with buttons on the collar can be purchased during pregnancy. This type of maternity clothes sale is usually made of high-count cotton or oxford cloth. It is relatively loose and suitable for pregnant women. And the shirt is a good match, the bottom wearing a skirt, plus a jacket which can be used as a professional dress to work, or with a loose bib as a casual weekend.

Buy some soft and comfortable elastic knitwear, such as tunic jackets, knit pants and knit dresses, which can be worn with other styles of cheap mom-to-be clothes or worn alone. There is at least one maternity dress for the social occasion in the closet. For example, velvet dresses look more elegant and luxurious, or a delicately crafted satin shirt with a pair of slender black trousers. When you buy a garment, you don’t have to worry about some fashion styles that look sexy after you wear them. The dress style that is slightly revealing is more feminine.

Solid Grey Maternity Casual Sundress