What Are the Methods of Washing the Blot on Baby Clothes

For our young moms, it takes a lot of time to do housework, especially cleaning the clothes stained by baby. It’s really a waste of time, especially when the baby’s clothes are replaced more frequently. Popreal will teach the you several methods here, and may you quickly solve these stains.Unicorn Pattern Stripe Round Neck Dress

Milk stain

The milk stain should be the most common stain on the baby’s clothing. This stain smells like a milky smell, very good smell, but the milk stain is not easy to be cleaned, and it will make the baby’s clothes be stained and nourish bacteria, affecting your baby’s skin and respiratory system.

Cleaning method: enzyme-containing detergent.

The main substance in the milk stain is protein, and the enzyme is a substance that can decompose the protein into amino acids. It belongs to the “professional counterpart” and can effectively clean the milk stains. When using this detergent, you must pay attention to the laundry. The temperature of the water should be kept at 45-60 degrees.Ruffle Trim Flower Applique Tulle Dress

Juice stain

Nowadays, the babies are all intensively raised. Mothers start to feed the baby when the baby starts to eat complementary food. The baby will easily make the clothes dirty when drinking juice.

Cleaning method: wash with salt

For the juice stains that have just been contaminated, you can choose to spread the salt to the stains, then take a little water to dissolve it, and gently rub it, and finally rub it with soapy water.

Mildew stain

Cleaning tips: lemonade or alcohol

  1. Lemonade. The lemon slices should be placed in a pan and boiled, then soaked in lemonade for 15 minutes, then gently rinsed the clothes.
  2. Alcohol. The mildew on the clothes is mainly mold, which is always a kind of microorganism, and alcohol can kill most of the microorganisms, so you can clean the clothes after 5-10 minutes of applying alcohol.

Handwriting stains

Cleaning tips: milk

Boil the milk that has not been drunk at home, then use a cotton swab to wipe the stains on the clothes. After infiltration, you can clean it normally.

Yellow stain

Cleaning tips: water of washing rice or boiled orange water

You can use the rice water or the boiled orange water to soak the yellow stains. Generally, the clothes can be restored to the original condition after soaking for 10-20 minutes.

If you use these methods of washing newborn baby clothes , It will be like new one.Girl Puff Sleeve Lace Dress


How to choose clothes according to the color?

The choice of the color of the clothes is not determined by the individual’s preferences, but also with other factors, such as environment, clothing style, face, hair style, etc. So how to choose the color of the clothes? Popreal will tell you all the techniques in choosing color.Giraffe Print Bowknot Decorated Dress

Red-it can stimulate the brain and pulse to increase the excitement function, especially to promote appetite (the restaurant will use red to decorate the facade, and set the interior). At the same time, it set off a warm atmosphere, so girls can wear more red, showing the great vitality of youth. But it is not suitable for dark-skinned or depressed people.

Yellow-it promotes momentum and produces peace and tranquility. According to psychologists, yellow can make children happy, and girls who work in early childhood education wear yellow clothes, which can arouse the child’s goodwill. In addition, girls with fairer skin are also suitable for yellow, which can show their innocence and beauty. However, girls with dark skin should not wear yellow clothes.

Green-it is a natural color that reduces pain, eliminates fatigue and reduces irritation. It represents youth, peace, and freedom. It is suitable for any skin color.Giraffe Print Bowknot Decorated Dress

Blue – it sums up a smooth, quiet, relaxed and happy mind, but the pure blue is too quiet, only suitable for women after middle age, showing a solemn and noble style. If a girl likes blue, she needs to use other colors to adjust. It is generally used in white or other vivid colors to show that the girl is quiet and generous. Beijing custom tooling

Gray – this color suppresses innocent emotions. In the color of clothing, it is a simple and simple representative. Grey is very popular lately, but it is almost a female or older female basket. If the girl wears it, it is particularly mature. Therefore, girls do not choose this color to make clothes, but the light gray windbreaker, the girl is still suitable for wearing, just don’t forget to line a red, orange or pink scarf.

Brown – it is suitable for women over 25 years old. But pure brown looks more monotonous, if a girl wants to wear brown clothes, it is best to match a yellow, beige or orange embellishment.

White – it stands for purity, giving a flat and calm feeling. Wearing it will produce a sense of refinement, which is elegant, quiet and beautiful. It is suitable for women of any age, especially for girls. At the same time, white can be matched with any color.

Black – it gives a faint, negative meaning, but it also contains a solemn atmosphere. Therefore, it is more suitable for women of ages. Although some girls use black clothes to set off her white skin, they especially like to wear black dresses. But in short, this color is not suitable for girls to wear, it will only cover up all the innocence and vitality of the girl.

Purple – it seems to have some mystery, but in religion, it represents sadness and honor. Because it is a mixture of red and blue, so it is not limited to the age of wearing, not to mention the shades of color give people a different look, but the girl with a dark skin should not wear purple newborn clothes. Hollowed Ribbed Crown Pleated Dress

Do Babies Like Newborn Clothes

Pregnancy is the way for human reproduction. Everyone wants their children to be beautiful and smart. So, is the baby’s intelligence and health related to the season? Will the baby who were born on certain month be smarter? Popreal will tell you the truth. Long Sleeve Letter Pattern Pleated Dress

According to the doctor’s analysis, it is not suitable for pregnancy in the summer or when it is very hot. Too high temperature can cause a decline in the quality of both food and sleep, resulting in poor physical strength and energy, which will have a certain impact on the reproductive cells.

However, others argue that children born in the cold months will have higher IQ than those born in other months. When the outdoor temperature is 20 °C, the children born at this time are physically strong and disease-free. According to the results of the data, many famous scientists are all born in cold days.

Moreover, according to research conducted by Japanese scholars, it has been shown that the lifetime of people has relationship with the birth season. Danish scholars believe that people born in summer are more susceptible to pathogens, while those born in autumn are longer and live longer.

Babies born between January and March are prone to schizophrenia and depression. The reason is that there was not enough sunshine in January and March, which caused the newborn baby to not be able to supplement the sun and calcium.Beads Long Sleeve Polka Dot Lace Tulle Dress

According to the clinical experience of famous universities in the United States, children born in between April and June will easily suffer from learning disabilities and gastrointestinal illnesses. Because the temperature rises in this season, the bacteria in the food are produced in large quantities, which will increase the gastrointestinal burden of the newborn.

Newborns from July to October are prone to fractures. Pregnancy in winter can cause the baby to have less calcium and the baby can’t get it. Babies born in November and December are prone to skin diseases. In November and December, the weather is dry, and the air is dry. The baby’s skin is very tender, and it is easy to suffer from skin diseases when exposed to the air. But the child who is born in winter is the smartest.

Don’t deliberately pursue the most beautiful and cute baby born in a certain months. It is not that the baby born in winter is very smart, it is only a probability, the child’s beauty and intelligence also depend on the parents’ genes. If the parents are beautiful, the children will certainly be beautiful, but there are also situations where the parents are not beautiful and the children are beautiful.

So if the conditions of the parents are good, the baby born will definitely be beautiful and smart and needs cute baby clothes. The child’s intelligence can also be nurtured if parents strengthen the brain exercise of the child, and enhance the child’s brain knowledge capacity and cell division speed. Such children are also smart. So don’t get too entangled in the child’s appearance and IQ, everything can change.Polka Dot Round Neck Long Sleeve Dress Without Socks

What Are the Characteristics of Newborn Baby

The birth of the baby represents the continuation of the life of parents. In the face of newborns, parents will be very exciting and joyful, and the they can’t wait to take care of this little baby who just arrived the world. At the same time, they will carefully observe this cute little baby. So what kind of physical condition shows the health of a newborn baby? Today, let Popreal share these. In fact, after the baby is born, it meets these characteristics, indicating that the baby is healthy and smart. How long does your baby grow?Fly Sleeve Applique Flower Embroidered Back Button Dress

First, the weight

The weight of a newborn baby is one of the most direct signs of the baby’s health. It is generally considered that the baby is within 2.5 kg to 4 kg. If the newborn baby weighs less than 2.5 kilograms, it means that the baby is not developing well. Some of the baby’s physiological structure is not yet fully developed, and special maintenance methods may be needed to ensure the baby’s health. But if the newborn baby weighs more than four kilograms, it will increase the risk of maternal delivery, and it will increase the probability of obesity after the baby reaches adulthood.

For a newborn baby, it seems to be usual with high body temperature. After the baby is born, the body temperature will gradually decrease, which is 1-2 degrees lower than that of mother. Therefore, the newborn baby must keep warm. After the baby is born for eight hours, the body temperature generally keep at 36.8C-37.2C, at this time, even if the outdoor is very high, the baby will not sweat, because the endocrine glands are not developed well enough, the eyes can not see things, the ears can also hear. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to the baby’s body temperature, because too high or too low temperature is both very dangerous. Sweet Girls Lace Back Bowknot Decorated Dress

Your baby will have a bowel movement within 24 hours of birth. For the first stool and urination of your baby’s life, you must pay special attention to. Parents see that the brick red precipitate on the baby’s diaper is the crystallization of urate. It is normal for such a phenomenon, parents do not have to worry too much. The baby’s first stool is usually a dark green or black sticky piece, which is commonly known as the fetus. This is a very normal phenomenon, novice parents do not panic, the baby will be arranged several times in order to exhaust the body of the fetus!

Most babies are not too beautiful when they are born, especially on the face, a little puffy, and the eyelids are swollen, there will be eyelids, the most important thing is that the bridge of the nose is very, and the skin is very wrinkled and looks very ugly. For newborn babies, this is a very normal phenomenon. When the baby grows up, the collapsed nose will naturally increase with age, and parents should not be disappointed at baby.

All in all, more beautiful newborn baby girl clothes are waiting for you on popreal. Don’t miss the big sale.Rose Decorated Bowknot Tulle Princess Dress

Will You Let Your Baby Wear Used Clothes?

I believe that many people will give old clothes that they can’t wear to others. Some moms will do the same, but sometimes it will cause misunderstanding. So would you let your baby wear old clothes? Come and discuss with Popreal!Bunny Applique Long Sleeve Sweater

Newborn babies always grow up much quickly, so great changes will happen every day. The clothes they wear are always being too small to wear. We also know that nowadays the quality of our clothes is much better, aswell as the clothes of the baby. It takes just a few months to change the clothes. The previous clothes can’t be worn anymore. It’s too wasteful to lose the clothes, and it’s too much. Space, then the old clothes of the babies, how will parents deal with them?

Some of clever mothers will choose to do this, change the baby’s clothes and then make full use of them. Or they will change them into aprons, rags, etc., which can maximize the value of these discarded clothes.Cartoon Little Bear Pattern Sweater

There are also some other moms who choose to take some small decorations on the buttons on the clothes and collect them, or use them on other items as decorations. The rest of the cloth is also used to wipe the table. There are some more meticulous and thoughtful mother will also choose to donate the old clothes to some remote mountainous areas or poorer rural areas, so that they can use old things as well, moreover it can help those in need.

Popreal think it is a great idea to denote old newborn clothes to remote areas in order to help children in need. And you can also give your baby’s old clothes to your relatives. You’d better not give old clothes to people who you don’t know well, for it will cause misunderstandings.

What do you think ? Small Bowknot Decorated Tulle Dress

How to Choose Baby Clothes for Few-month-old Newborn

How to buy cute baby clothes a few months old may be the most troublesome problem for many young mothers. Because if baby clothes are not properly chosen, it will affect the baby’s growth. So let Popreal, a professional baby clothes manufacturer, tell you how to choose baby clothes properly.Flower Prints Tank

The material: pure cotton, knitting (hair and hemp will easily stimulate the baby’s soft skin). When choosing clothes for the baby, it is best to choose pure cotton, because the pure cotton clothing is safe and the fabric is soft and is most suitable for baby wear. Because baby’s skin is delicate, and summer is a very special season, mothers must pay special attention to the choice of fabric. If the baby’s clothes are in direct contact with the skin, cotton is the most suitable.

The size: Infant babies grow faster, and some babies are larger than the same month of the same age. So do not rely solely on the size of the label when you buy clothes. The outerwear can also be bought more appropriately, but the underwear should be fitted. Cartoon Car Pattern T-Shirt

The sewing work: Pay attention to whether the main parts of the children’s clothing surface are markedly woven, whether there are color differences in the main seams and “slippage” of the fabrics, or “disposal” of the fabrics, etc.

The texture of the materials and decorations, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the buttons are firm, and whether the snap closures are suitable for elasticity, etc., If there are surface parts of the adhesive liner, such as collar, flipper, flap cover, and decals,check them being foaming or not.

The style: It is conducive to choose the style of newborn clothes that are good to children’s growth and development. When choosing children’s clothing, the nature of children should be taken into account. The child is in the development stage and the clothes should be mainly loose and casual clothing. The appearance of clothing should be exquisite, free and easy. Loose casual clothes are suitable when doing games, sports, etc.. They are both conducive to the development of the body, but also gives a gentle, cute, comfortable, casual feel. Cartoon Frog Pattern T-Shirt