Baby underwear purchase and washing tips

Bottoms for newborn that delicate skin is contacted directly, no matter be to go up from choose and buy or catharsis, say especially important. Want to take good care of the baby is about to start from the details, mom, you know what kind of baby underwear? Know how to choose newborn baby bottoms? Do you know the principle of washing baby’s underwear? Let small make up below to answer for you.

Before one, choose and buy: what classification does darling underwear have?

  1. Classification basis: function

Although baby underwear is small, kind is not little however, long, short, robe, frog, daily wear, sleep to wear, Lin total also has seven or eight kinds of much, should consider the different effect of each kind when the

1) Robe underwear: the hem is loose, suitable for infants who change diapers frequently before crawling. Just lift the hem.

2) Frog underpants: easier to kick your legs and prevent hip dislocation.

3) Partial buckle underwear: effective care of the baby’s delicate belly, very practical.

  1. Classification basis: texture.

Quality of a material decided the tactile sensation of underwear directly, and it is the factor that should consider above all when choosing. Pure cotton underwear with its good moisture absorption and air permeability, comfortable feel become the only choice of the quality of underwear for infants. Generally speaking, there are four kinds of pure cotton fabrics used to make baby underwear:

1) Knitted rib fabric: this is a kind of elastic knitted fabric with thin texture. It is characterized by flexibility, strong air permeability and good hand feeling. However, it is slightly poor in heat preservation, so it is not suitable for winter and is the best choice for summer.

2) Knitted cotton and wool cloth: slightly thicker than rib cloth, it is a double layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, heat preservation, air permeability and good feel, suitable for underwear in autumn and winter.

3) Cotton gauze: it is a kind of plain woven fabric, because of its thin and large fiber gap and excellent air permeability, but its scalability, heat preservation and hand feel are general and easy to shrink after washing. It is mainly used for underwear in summer.

4) Terry cloth: namely terry pure cotton cloth, because of its thick texture, has strong heat preservation and good scalability and feel, but slightly poor air permeability, generally used for autumn and winter underwear.

Two, choose and buy in: how to choose baby underwear?

  1. 1.Baby underwear purchase steps

1) Touch: whether the cloth is soft, especially under the armpits, wrists and other places, when you choose, you might as well put it on your cheek to feel it; Whether the tightness of cuff and waistband is comfortable.

2) See: special white, even white so blue underwear, often contain fluorescent agent (a bleaching chemical substances), although the clothes look white, quite not easy to wrinkle, but harmful to the baby’s skin, therefore, cannot blindly think “white” is good.

3) Smell: if it smells unpleasant, it may contain formaldehyde or other chemical additives.

4) Think: baby underwear is small, but many kinds, long, short, robe, frog, daily wear, sleep wear, Lin also has seven or eight kinds of many, when the choice to consider the different effects of each.

  1. 2.Pay attention to the safety of underwear accessories.

Stitching: rough stitching can easily irritate the baby’s skin, especially in the armpits, wrists and other places. You might as well put it on your cheek when you choose. Some brands of newborn bottoms are safer by turning all the seams inside out.

Baby girls must wear underpants

Summer is arrived so many parents like to let their children bare bottom, feeling so cool. But if it’s a girl, don’t do it.

Yesterday, the mother-in-law said, got “small intestine fire”, dad listen to grandma’s advice to pick wild vegetables when folk prescription!

Rural said “small bowel fire” is a urinary system infection, a very dangerous disease, but also very painful, fever, fatigue, irritability, urine pain, adults cannot stand! The disease is mostly caused by coli, which comes from your own feces, or from sitting around with your newborn bottoms — like a park chair, the floor, or even some adult arms.

Family should rush the baby to the hospital to be treated with antibiotics, penicillin is good. I’ve always emphasized using fewer antibiotics, but this time it’s special. No need! Because apparent is the disease that bacterium infects, be about to suit medicine to the disease, and the disease must stop with the fastest speed, otherwise likely up line infects renal pelvis, consequence is very serious, also turn possibly chronic, that will painful lifelong! Sometimes it comes back decades after the first illness, and there are many, many examples.

The so-called use of wild vegetables that is the former rural is really short of medicine, as a last resort, the effect is very poor. So don’t be superstitious.

Of course, with bitter herbs, green bean soup as adjuvant treatment is still desirable, this time the patient to drink a lot of water, accelerate metabolism, more rest, less activity, at the same time oral or intravenous drip antibiotics, if the treatment method is appropriate, soon can heal.

In fact, such a small child, the probability of urinary tract infection is very small, but not to prevent.

Green lawn is very beautiful, looks very clean, but a lot of organic fertilizer, or even direct manure as fertilizer, which is easy to cause infection of bacteria, so please do not let the child directly sit on the lawn, do not pull grass to eat.

Still have a few fungus additionally, can let a girl affect disease of gynaecology even, if have beriberi in the home patient should pay attention to more, the fungus that adult leaves on bedspread, sofa, crawl mat, if the child climbs again sit, also have infection possibility. So all utensils of the baby should scrub at any time while, still want to give her a simple protective layer — wear underwear, do not share washing machine and wash clothes basin with the child additionally — especially the foot basin of adult, absolutely cannot use to the child !I won’t go into the tub.

In order to prevent red buttocks, summer does not give the girl to use the diaper is right, but must, must put on does not open the crotch the small underwear, when the urine downwards to fade on the line. What if the urine is wet? Change often.

Here are a few highlights for girls’ moms:

One, underwear for children.

Two, don’t let your child sit around, especially outdoors.

Three, after the child poop wants to wash clean, had better use the running water from front to back to wash (my house is always like this), the adult must wash hands frequently.

Four, wipe the towel of the bottom to use a time eliminate poison.

Five, don’t share washing machines and basins with your children.

Six, the area of children’s activities, adults had better not walk around barefoot.

Seven, come back from outside play, adults and children should wash their hands, or at any time with disinfectant wipes.

Eight, give children more water, ensure adequate sleep, and strengthen immunity.

Nine, once have urinary infection, seek medical advice immediately, cannot listen to folk prescription delay treatment, but can use green bean soup auxiliary treatment.

Mothers, perhaps you have been very attention in this respect, but I hope after the reminder of more attention, the child is our baby, do not regret for a small negligence!

Hope this helpes you a lot for choosing newborn baby bottoms .

Tips on how to dress your baby in winter

Tips to dress your baby in winter:

Outdoor wear – cotton-padded jacket and light hat are indispensable.

One: put on underwear for baby.

Some mothers think that as long as you put on thick clothes outside, you can keep warm and don’t pay attention to your newborn baby bottoms. In fact, soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also allow air to remain around the skin, blocking the loss of internal temperature, so that the baby is not easy to catch cold and get sick. And the baby that does not wear newborn bottoms is body surface quantity of heat loses much, the body feels always cold and cool, very easy to catch a cold.

Two: wool clothes and trousers want safety.

Baby go out in winter, must wear warm function of wool. Baby skin soft, small irritation can also cause skin allergies, and wool texture is the most important factor to consider when buying. At present, there is wool specially produced for babies in the market, which is very small, soft, warm and suitable for babies to wear. Parents should pay special attention not to choose wool which is easy to drop, so as to avoid inhalation into baby’s trachea and lungs.

Three: cotton clothing to light and thin.

Many parents think that only thick down jacket is the most warm, in fact, it is not, in small cotton clothing expanded cotton can absorb a lot of air to form a protective layer, not easy to let cold air invasion, has a good role in keeping warm. Thick down jackets don’t have much room to absorb warm air. Wind protection is ok. Keeping warm against cold is much worse than small cotton suits.

Four: dry and breathable small socks.

Once the baby’s feet are cold, the body is also prone to chills. Keeping your baby warm in winter is the key to keeping your baby’s feet warm. Many parents also mistakenly think that the baby socks the thick warm the better the results, in fact, if the thick socks but not absorb sweat, it is easy to damp, a large number of moisture can discount socks fibers in the air, due to the excellent insulating body, less air socks can make the baby’s feet when it’s wet hair is cool, reflex sexual ground to cause decreased respiratory resistance and colds. Therefore, choose cotton socks with good air permeability for your baby.

Five: soft shoes that fit.

If the shoes are too big, the baby start road does not follow the feet, the heat on the feet easily lost quickly; On the other hand, shoes that are too small are pressed against socks, which affects the storage of still air inside the shoes and does not keep them warm. The best choice is to wear shoes that are slightly looser in size and are made of cotton that breathes and absorbs sweat. Baby wear the right size, comfortable soft, shoes can store the right air, so that the baby’s small feet more warm. In the freezing north, choose shoes for your baby, but also pay attention to the anti-skid, anti-freeze sole.

Six: a hat to keep your body warm.

Baby 25% of the heat is from the head, go out in winter must be a baby to wear a hat. The thickness of the cap varies with the temperature. It is better to wear a hat made of soft cloth that is comfortable and breathable for the baby, and do not choose a hat with rough edges for the baby, or it will easily irritate the baby’s skin.

Seven: judge the situation again add clothes.

Many parents are afraid of the baby frozen, so go out to wear a lot of baby, baby once the activity will sweat, clothes soaked by sweat, but this cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to the outside temperature change and disease resistance. If the baby is out for exercise, can be appropriate to reduce some clothes, but if the outside environment is particularly cold, resulting in the baby’s body heat production capacity is insufficient, or should pay attention to more clothing. Judge how much the baby is dressed is appropriate, but often touch his small hands and feet, as long as it is not cold that their bodies are warm, clothing is appropriate.

Eight: don’t protect your mouth and nose.

Mom and dad are used to putting a mask on the baby or cover his mouth and nose with a scarf, thinking that the baby’s small face will not be frozen. And, because scarf is mostly fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, the fiber will be inhaled into the body of the baby, which may induce asthma in the baby with allergic constitution, sometimes because the scarf is thick, blocking the baby’s mouth and nose and affect the baby’s normal lung ventilation.

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How to keep your baby warm in winter

Make sure newborn baby bottoms are cotton.

Some baby product experts give some Suggestions:

Above all, close – fitting underwear must be 100% cotton. When choosing newborn bottoms, it should be permeability-good, because the fabric of a few jackets uses nylon or high density raw material which has poor permeability.

If there is heating or air conditioning in the room, the room temperature can be maintained at about 25℃, as long as the baby wears a thin cotton clothes, and wearing a thin and soft cotton shirt do not need to add a sweater; If you are in the south, there is no heating equipment at home and the room temperature is relatively low, you can add a cotton vest or wool vest to your baby which can protect the front and back of your baby from the cold wind, and facilitate baby’s activities.

Don’t overdress for outdoor activities.

Go out and choose clothes that are easy to take off.

Outdoors, babies who wear too much can get in the way of exercise and are bloated. Choose clothes to help the baby’s growth and development, not too small too tight, not too long too wide, so it is not conducive to the baby’s flexible movement. When going out, you should choose clothes that are easy for your baby to take off. Because many public places now have heating, if you go in and out of these places do not strip and dress, the baby is easy to catch a cold. In not very cold weather, do not wear too thick, otherwise the baby will be restricted movement, resulting in irritability.

Wear pants for your baby should first pay attention to the top and pants separate, do not choose bottoms for newborn. Don’t wrap the baby’s waist too tightly.

After snow can be put on the baby shoes non-slip, wearing boots will make the baby feel uncomfortable baseboard, which can choose winter sports shoes, with a little heel, because the shock absorption at the same time can protect the brain. Choose shoes that are slightly looser, and wear a pair of cotton socks before you put them on. Make sure your scarf is of good wool quality, or it will irritate your skin and cause allergies. Do not choose easy to depilate wool yarn, which is easy to let the baby put the hairs into the trachea and lungs, causing respiratory diseases.

Children should be encouraged to exercise at ordinary times.

Your baby can take proper exercise on weekdays. In fact, as long as the baby does not have a fever, insist on walking is good. Because when going out for a walk can breathe fresh air, make the baby upper respiratory tract unblocked, more conducive to disease recovery. The best choice of winter walking after the sun coming out, please try to let the baby breathe with the nose, which can also wear a small mask with the mouth covered.

Three points for children to wear underwear

Appropriate for the baby to wear newborn baby bottoms is not only conducive to the protection of private parts, but also to avoid bacteria and so on. When is the best time to start wearing newborn bottoms? How do you want it?

One, preschool baby put on small underwear.

Many mothers wonder when it is appropriate to wear baby underwear. Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is about 2-3 years old, mothers should pay attention to wearing baby underwear, even when the baby does not need to wear diapers. Because the ability that the baby resists bacterium virus still is weaker, putting on small inside can help the opportunity of infection, block the impurity in a few environments outside and protect the illicit close place of the baby.

Tip: although every baby’s physical and mental development order is mostly the same, but everyone has their own speed of development, not rigid stereotyped treatment, according to the baby’s specific situation to determine when to wear small underwear oh.

Two, treasure mother experience sharing: wear small underwear much better.

At the beginning, I only wore pants with open crotch for the baby, so it was more convenient for the baby to defecate. Later, when I grew up, my friend reminded me that it was time to wear small underwear for the baby, and also said a lot of disadvantages of not wearing small underwear. And then I put it on the baby, and he’s comfortable with it now, as natural as putting it on.

The reason why I think mommy will start to wear small underwear when the baby is 2-3 years old, because it can let the baby to develop the habit of wearing small underwear as soon as possible, to develop this habit, the benefits of many!

Protect your abdomen from the cold. Wearing small underwear to the baby, can prevent the baby abdomen often catch cold. Abdominal temperature sensitivity is very high, slightly not pay attention to the abdominal cold, and baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. When the weather is cold, the heat preservation effect of small underwear is particularly outstanding.

Facilitate potty training. More important is to benefit the baby to accept toilet training, from a young age to form regular toilet this process, the growth and development of the baby is very important.

Protect privacy and prevent infection. The baby grew up, especially love to crawl on the ground, when wearing less, dirty things easily through the pants tube into the urethral opening and cause acute cystitis, even the development of pyelonephritis, also easy because of knock and injury. Additional, pants is harder, put on small pants to be able to reduce the attrition that pants follows illicit close place, protect the skin of darling.

Three, choose and buy small underwear.

Rookie mother: I want to wear small underwear for the baby, but now the variety of small underwear on the market more, more style, see me dazzling, do not know which is the best. Asked a friend, they say to choose cotton qualitative, the small inside design of cotton qualitative nevertheless is less, do not know how to should choose.

  1. Try to choose pure cotton.In fact, not only baby’s small underwear, even if it is adult underwear, it is best to choose pure cotton.Because pure cotton is soft, breathable good, absorb sweat, wear more comfortable, in the summer, also need not be afraid of stuffy.
  2. The size should be moderate.Some people are in the habit of buying clothes a size too big to wear well.However, the baby’s small underwear or to size is good, too small baby wear uncomfortable, too big start way is not convenient, so the baby does not like to wear small underwear.
  3. Choose a light color.The choice of the color of the underpants is particularly important for female babies, because by wearing light colored underpants for female babies, mothers can easily observe whether their babies have precocious puberty or suffer from gynecological diseases.If there are yellow scabs or dry patches on the baby’s underwear, it indicates that the baby is infected or has the possibility of premature development. Wearing newborn bottoms can help the mother find the health problems of the baby timely by observing the secretions on the underwear.

How to wear baby underwear in winter?

As the saying goes, newborn baby bottoms should be added gradually, not too early. As the temperature drops, the mother is afraid of the baby getting cold, which will give the baby to prepare a variety of warm clothes. Whether there is heating in the northern house or warm air conditioning in the south, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference will be particularly large, the baby in and out to pay attention to appropriate protection to keep warm.

Wear close-fitting cotton underwear:

Soft underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also let the air around the skin, prevent body heat, and play a better role in keeping warm. When your baby sleeps, it is best to put on his top pajamas, so that even if the baby kicked off the quilt, which also can keep the temperature, the stomach will not catch cold. Caution: do not wear chemical fiber clothes to your baby. Chemical fiber is prone to generate static electricity, which may irritate your baby’s skin and aggravate dryness and discomfort.

No close-fitting sweaters:

Baby’s skin is soft and tender, it is easy to cause skin allergy, so, sweater do not directly contact the baby’s skin, so as not to cause skin itching. It is also important to choose the texture of the wool. There is baby’s special wool on the market, which is smaller, softer and better in keeping warm than general wool. It is very suitable for baby. Also pay attention not to choose mohair, rabbit hair wool because they are easy to depilate, such as baby inhaled lung and trachea will cause disease.

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How to choose baby underwear in winter?

The clothes should be added for baby gradually, not too early. As the temperature drops, the mother is afraid of the baby getting cold, and will give the baby to prepare a variety of warm newborn baby bottoms, so putting on more and more clothes for the baby. Whether there is heating in the northern house or warm air conditioning in the south, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference will be particularly large, so the baby in and out should pay attention to appropriate protection.

  1. Wear close-fitting cotton underwear.

In winter, the underwear of baby must choose pure cotton goods. Soft underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also let the air around the skin, prevent body heat, and play a better role in keeping warm, warm baby care. When your baby sleeps, it is best to put on his top pajamas, so that even if the baby kicked off the quilt, and also can keep the temperature, so the stomach will not catch cold.

Caution: do not put chemical fiber clothes on your baby. Chemical fiber is prone to generate static electricity, which may irritate your baby’s skin and aggravate dryness and discomfort.

  1. No close-fitting sweaters.

Baby’s skin is soft and tender, it is easy to cause skin allergy, so sweater do not directly contact the baby’s skin, so as not to cause skin itching. It is also important to choose the texture of the wool. There is baby’s special wool on the market, which is smaller, softer and better in keeping warm than general wool. It is very suitable for baby. Also pay attention not to choose mohair, rabbit hair wool because they are easy to depilate, such as baby inhaled lung and trachea will cause disease.

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Choosing and buying baby underwear

Underwear is the thing that newborn baby bottoms contact directly, every day from being born to grow up, and the consideration that the baby feels from it. Therefore, it is necessary to master the following key points of choosing newborn bottoms.


Cotton Cartoon Pattern Elastic Waist Pants

1. To be fine texture: to choose a good sweat absorption and ventilation, comfortable feeling of cotton underwear can choose the four kinds of quality cotton cloth: knitting rib cloth, knitting cotton wool cloth, cotton gauze, terry cloth;

2. To work fine: baby collar nest cannot be too deep, no sleeve seam, sleeve and shoulder level three-dimensional tailoring. Baby’s belly is more delicate, the overlapping design of the abdomen can ensure that the baby will not catch cold. Additional, avoid the happening of accident such as the baby eats by accident by accident thereby;

3. To refine the function: although the baby underwear is small, but a lot of species, long, short, robe-like, frog-shaped, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, the choice should take into account the different effects of each.

4. To choose white: underwear should bring a variety of colored dyes to the baby’s injury to the lowest details, white is also conducive to the discovery of some unusual conditions, such as abnormal color of feces or the baby’s own skin to scratch the blood left behind.

5. You also want to notice the seam side of underwear: coarse seam side is easy to stimulate baby skin, especially the place such as underarm, wrist, the underwear of a few brands will all underwear seam side to turn over, which can yet be regarded as safe move more;

6. To use tied underwear: both safe and can be “closely with” the baby’s body shape.


1. Newborn bone delicate, not suitable for wearing pullovers. Best to let the baby wear cardigan, in order to facilitate wear off;

2. The length of the belted underwear belt should not be too long or too short, just right, and should be firmly sewn on the body, or not careful around the baby’s neck, fingers, toes and other places will cause damage to him;

3. Do not have button clothes, hard buttons will hurt the baby’s skin, there is a possibility that the baby sucked into the mouth caused suffocation;

4. The size of the underwear is not too big or too small, to the right, generally out of an inch and a half to two inches, too wide underwear discount will hurt the baby’s skin, too thin will affect blood circulation;

5. Underwear sewing joints do not more, the less the better for the criterion;

6. Bottoms for newborn do not directly to the baby, hot water after washing in the sun exposure after sterilization to wear.

Three keys to cleaning your baby’s underwear

The baby’s underwear clings to the body and must be handled properly.

Wash: some people think newborn bottoms are new production, and use plastic bags packed tightly, without washing directly for the baby to wear, which is often easy to cause allergies or other diseases. Because clothes will be contaminated with a lot of dust and bacteria in the production process, in textiles and clothing materials, in order to play the role of corrosion and convergence, also added a trace of formaldehyde, because the content is very small, generally will not cause any harm to the human body, but a few allergic constitution of people prone to allergic dermatitis.

Pay attention to the baby underwear bought back to wash in the water first, and then to wear baby. After catharsis, the residual quantity of a few chemical substance can reduce somewhat, at the same time, also can cotton batt, fine fiber and underwear are in the process such as making, carry, sell the partial bacterium that brings because of the hand that passes a lot of people and dirt remove, protect the skin health of darling.

Use special scour: underwear contacts darling delicate skin directly, and washing powder, soap to wait, alkalescence is bigger to darling, do not suit the underwear that USES catharsis darling, should choose the laundry fluid that designs for darling only to clean. These washing liquid on the baby’s body often appear milk, sweat, juice stains have special effects, strong stain removal, easy rinsing, and no irritation to the skin, no side effects; And generally no phosphorus, no aluminum, no fluorescein environmental protection products.

Scientific maintenance: although the baby grows very fast, newborn baby bottoms just bought soon cannot wear, but the mother also want to pay attention to maintain good baby underwear, regardless of whether there is still use later, at least now can let the baby wear more comfortable. The premise that maintains is catharsis way wants correct, want to go up according to the product mark wash hot method, and this ability is right darling the most intimate caress.

Pay attention to the choice of baby underwear

With the continuous reform and deepening of China’s modernization drive, a prosperous market economy has emerged in which a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend. However, there are too many mixed brands in the market. Some businessmen violate commercial rules to produce shoddy products for profiteering, which endangers people’s health. What is commendable is that there are many enterprises always adhere to the conscience of the industry, for people to produce and provide safe, high-quality products.

In the face of so many good and bad intermingled corporate brands, moms should not really buy things too “casually”. Especially each novice mother must take the choice of the newborn bottoms serious, and if they carelessly bought the unqualified infant child underwear to the baby is a kind of “invisible poison”, which will bring all sorts of inestimable consequences.

Unqualified underwear is easy to cause baby skin allergy symptoms, if the material is too hard, it will also make baby skin red. When a mother is shopping for clothes for her baby, she will fall into a mistake: she only asks for the style and color of clothes, but does not pay attention to the material and quality. A few small manufacturers produce baby underwear which is far below the production standard of baby, whose quality of charge for the making of work is poor and its formaldehyde content and the safety of craft cannot get safeguard. If formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, which cause respiratory tract inflammation and skin inflammation as well as cancer.

So for the sake of baby’s health, mothers must polish their eyes. The easiest way to do this without a professional level of scrutiny is that to see if the fabric used in your newborn baby bottoms passes the GOTS certification standard. The purpose of this certification standard is to ensure the standardization of organic textiles from harvest, raw materials, processing and final product packaging, so as to bring reliable products to the final consumers.