Key points of baby underwear selection and washing-Part 2

Two, how to choose baby underwear?

1Steps for baby underwear selection. 

1) Touch: whether the cloth is soft, especially under the armpit, wrist, etc., and the tightness of cuff and waistband is comfortable.

2) See: especially white, even white newborn bottoms often contain fluorescein (a bleaching effect of chemical substances), although it seems that the clothes whiter, but harmful to the baby’s skin, therefore, mom cannot blindly think “white” is good.

3) Smell: if it smells unpleasant, it is likely to have residual formaldehyde or other chemical additives.

4) Think: baby underwear is small, but with a lot of species, long, short, robe-like, frog-shaped, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, so the choice should take into account the different effects of each.

2. Pay attention to small underwear accessories safety.

1) Seam edge: coarse seam edge is easy to stimulate baby skin, and the place such as armpit and wrist might as well when the choice is put beside his cheek feel. Some brands have made it safer to turn all the seams inside out.

2) Buttons and fastening: it is better to use fastening type for baby underwear, which is both safe and can “closely match” the baby’s body shape. Please check the firmness when you choose it, or re-nail it after you buy it.

There is also to see whether the safety, wear off convenient, and do not hinder action so as not to damage the baby’s skin or be taken by mistake. The sleeve of the dress, pant leg should wide, make limb has enough mobile leeway, and facilitate wearing, or otherwise it will affect the movement of the chest or cause chest deformity.

3. Experts give fashion mothers warnings.:

1) Baby should not wear bright color underwear, and high lead content,

Parents always want their children to be well dressed and lively, but only if they are healthy and comfortable. Experts pointed out that brightly colored clothes often contain a high amount of lead, because a lot of dyeing materials are added. Infants and young children wear colorful underwear for a long time, and can be absorbed through the skin, which is easy to cause lead poisoning in children. Lead poisoning can affect a baby’s gastrointestinal and dental development, cause abdominal pain, and even affect a child’s intellectual development. Also, watch out for formaldehyde in your clothing! Formaldehyde mainly comes from all kinds of textile printing and dyeing AIDS. After children absorb formaldehyde, they will not only affect the liver, but also suffer from anorexia and other symptoms, resulting in stunted development.

Experts remind: when choosing child underwear, parents must not covet dress color is bright-colored, the light color dress of white of choose and buy or color of skin of the press close to is optimal.

2) Clothes also have a PH.

The expert expresses: the clothes has pH value, especially the clothes of chemical fiber fabrics should pay special attention to its pH value because the human epidermis has a certain degree of weak acid, which can protect the skin and prevent bacterial invasion. o underwear also had better choose PH value and PH of human body skin to compare close, if PH value is on the high side, it will cause child skin SAO easily urticant. Generally speaking, the pH value of knitted underwear tends to be on the high side.

4. Small tips.

1) Thick thermal underwear must be soft. If rib cloth is a bit thick knitting interlock wool cloth, it is double layer has the knitting fabrics of flexibility, and the characteristic is to have admirable retractility, heat preservation, permeability and better feel.

2) The baby’s small stomach is vulnerable to wind chill, and underwear with overlapping abdomen design can ensure that the baby won’t catch cold.

3) Pay attention to the hem when choosing warm clothes. Coarse seam edge is easy to stimulate baby skin, especially the place such as armpit, wrist, might as well when the choice is put beside oneself cheek feel. Some brands are safer with all the seams turned out.

 4) Baby thermal underwear had better use knot type, which can “cooperate closely” the figure of the baby again, when choosing, moms want to check firm degree, in order to make sure button, belt falls off not easily and avoid the happening of accident such as the baby eats by accident by accident thereby.

5) The sleeves and pant legs of bottoms for newborn should be wide, so that the limbs have enough room for movement, and easy to wear and change. Baby’s chest and abdomen do not restrain too tight, otherwise it will affect the movement of the chest or cause chest deformity.

6) Babies under 1 year old can choose the belly protection robe. The design of the arc width of the shoulders can increase the warmth, and the adjustable belly circumference can be adjusted as the baby grows. Adjustable height, double – layer design, double warmth.

Key points of baby underwear selection and washing-Part 1

Baby underwear is in direct contact with their delicate skin, so whether from the purchase or washing are particularly important. If you want to take good care of your baby, you should start from the details. Do you know the classification of newborn bottoms? Do you know how to choose children’s underwear? Do you know the principle of washing newborn bottoms?

A, before the purchase: which classification?

1. Classification basis: functions.

Although the baby underwear is small, the kind is many, long, short, robe shape, frog type, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, the choice should consider the different effect of each.

1) Robe underwear: the hem is loose, suitable for the baby who changes frequently before crawling. Just lift the hem.

2) Frog underwear: it is more convenient for kicking legs and can avoid dislocation of hip joint.

3) Partial button underwear: it is very practical to effectively care for the little baby’s delicate stomach.

B. Classification basis: texture.

The tactility that quality of a material decided underwear directly, it is the factor that should consider above all when the choice. Pure cotton underwear becomes the only choice of baby underwear quality of a material with its good sweat-absorbing breathability and comfortable feel. Generally speaking, there are four types of cotton fabrics used to make baby underwear:

1) Knitted rib fabric: this is a kind of elastic knitted fabric with thin texture. It is characterized by elasticity, strong air permeability and good hand feeling, but slightly poor heat preservation, so it is not suitable for winter and is the best choice for summer.

2) Knitted interlock fabric: slightly thicker than rib fabric, it is a double-layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, heat preservation, air permeability and better feel, suitable for underwear in autumn and winter.

3) Cotton gauze: it is a kind of flat woven fabric, because of its thin and large fiber gap, excellent air permeability, but the scalability, heat preservation and general feel, easy to shrink after washing, mainly used in summer underwear.

4) Terry cloth: that is, pure cotton wool loop, because the texture is thicker, has a strong warmth and good scalability and feel, but slightly poor air permeability, generally used for underwear in autumn and winter.

Many different kinds of newborn baby bottoms are awaiting for you on

Choice of infant underwear

One, before going to school to put newborn bottoms on the baby.

Many mothers wonder when it is appropriate to wear newborn bottoms. Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is about 2-3 years old, mothers should pay attention to wearing baby underwear, even when the baby does not need to wear diapers, because the ability that the baby body resists bacterium virus still is weaker.

Some people think that male baby should not wear small underwear too early, in fact, some cotton quality small underwear wear more comfortable and the baby’s genitals do not have too big impact. Mommies should get their babies into the habit of wearing small underwear from an early age. It can prevent baby oneself to touch genital to produce bacterium with the hand so, and if outer pants is harder, puting on small underwear is able to prevent attrition, and have protective effect.

Pro treasure clew: although the order of development of body and mind of every darling are mostly same, but everybody has his development speed however, and curt ground cookie-cutter is treated, moms should decide when to wear small underwear according to the specific circumstance of darling.

Two, baby should wear underwear, and it has many benefits.

AAt the beginning, I only wore pants with open crotch for the baby, so it was more convenient for the baby to defecate. Later, when I grew up, my friend reminded me that it was time to wear small underwear for the baby, and also said a lot of disadvantages of not wearing small underwear. And then I put it on the baby, and he’s comfortable with it now, as natural as putting it on.

The reason why I think mommy will start to wear small underwear when the baby is 2-3 years old is because it can let the baby to develop the habit of wearing small underwear as soon as possible, to develop this habit!

Protect your abdomen from the cold. Wearing small underwear to the baby, can prevent the baby abdomen often catch cold. Abdominal temperature sensitivity is very high, slightly does not pay attention to the abdominal cold, baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. When the weather is cold, the heat preservation effect of small underwear is particularly outstanding.

Facilitate potty training. Wearing small underwear for baby can help baby’s independence and mental development. More important is to benefit the baby to accept toilet training, from a young age to form regular toilet this process, because the growth and development of the baby is very important.

Protect privacy and prevent infection. The baby grew up, especially love to crawl on the ground, when wearing less, dirty things easily through the pants tube into the urethral opening and cause acute cystitis, even the development of pyelonephritis, and also easy because of knock and injury. Additionally, pants is harder, putting on small pants is able to reduce the attrition that pants follows illicit close place, protect the skin of baby.

Three, underwear have to be exquisite.

Some mothers will ask: I want to wear small underwear for the baby, but now the variety of small underwear on the market more, more style, seeing me dazzling, but do not know which is better. Asked a friend, they say to choose cotton qualitative, the small inside design of cotton qualitative nevertheless is less, and do not know how to should choose.

1. Try to choose pure cotton. In fact, not only baby’s small underwear, even if it is adult underwear, it is best to choose pure cotton. Because pure cotton is soft, breathable good, absorb sweat, more comfortable, in the summer, it also need not be afraid of stuffy.

2. The size should be moderate. Some people are in the habit of buying clothes a size too big to wear well. However, the baby’s small underwear or to size is good, too small baby wear uncomfortable, too big one is not convenient, so the baby does not like to wear small underwear.

3. Choose a light color. The choice of the color of newborn boy bottoms is particularly important for female babies, because by wearing light colored underpants for female babies, mothers can easily observe whether their babies have precocious puberty or suffer from gynecological diseases. If there are yellow scabs or dry patches on the baby’s underwear, it indicates that the baby is infected or has the possibility of premature development. Wearing the baby’s underwear can help the mother find the health problems of the baby timely by observing the secretions on newborn bottoms.

Baby’s first pair of underpants

Presumably mothers may encounter such a situation: on the kindergarten, baby shouted with his mother that he needs to wear newborn baby bottoms, because other children have to wear but he does not! How embarrassing!

It turns out that after the baby went to the kindergarten, on the toilet or every nap time, you will see many other children are wearing small underwear, whose design and color are their favorite Spongebob, Ultraman, Doraemon…Only the baby himself is still wearing pants, and has little to talk about with the children, but also was asked why not wear.

Many mothers wonder when it is appropriate to wear baby underwear. Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is about 2-3 years old, mothers should pay attention to wearing baby underwear, even when the baby does not need to wear diapers, because the ability that the baby body resists bacterium virus still is weaker.

The many reasons why babies wear underpants:

1. Cultivate children’s gender consciousness.

Male baby’s underwear and female baby’s underwear are completely different, and the mother can through different underwear to let the baby know he is a boy or a girl. After kindergarten, the babies have to go to the bathroom separately, unlike at home, they all go to the same bathroom. Wearing certain underwear and going to certain toilets can make your baby more gender-conscious.

2. Sanitation and prevention of germs.

No matter be male baby or female baby, the ability that resists bacterium is poorer still, which can prevent infection effectively. For example: the baby likes to sit on the ground to play, and wearing small underwear can also block some impurities outside and protect the baby’s private parts; There are also ways to prevent your baby from touching his or her genitals with his or her hands.

3. To prevent friction pants.

Some of the outer pants material is not soft enough or quality is not good enough easy to lose hair, especially now the pursuit of fashion in the market, a lot of children’s clothing style novel but material is not exquisite, such as jeans. Wearing underwear can play a very good role in protecting.

4. Avoid abdominal cold.

If the baby often has abdominal pain or a cold, and the mother can’t find the cause, it is likely that the baby has a cold in the abdomen. The sensitivity of the abdomen to temperature is very high, and the abdomen is easy to catch cold. Put on the baby small underwear, which can effectively prevent the baby abdomen cold, especially in the winter when the weather is cold and small underwear heat preservation effect will be more prominent.

5. To accept toilet training.

Wearing small underwear can be conducive to the baby toilet training. The mother can take the baby to buy his favorite underwear, and tell him to take good care of his underwear. In order not to dirty their underwear, the baby will study harder to go to the toilet. At the same time, wearing small newborn bottoms means that the baby to get rid of the diaper, and if the baby has grown up, they should be like adults to their own toilet, but also can promote the baby’s toilet training.

Baby underwear shopping and washing tips

Three, after the purchase: what are eight principles of cleaning newborn bottoms?

1. Degerming and bleaching agents are not available: some detergents also say degerming and bleaching. The answer is no.

2. Drying: baby clothes can be placed in the sun drying, although the sun may shorten the life of clothes, but can play a disinfection effect, and children also grow too fast, it doesn’t matter.

3. Rinsing is an important procedure: no matter what detergent wash, rinsing is a careless procedure, and moms must be repeatedly washed with water two or three times, until the water is clear.

4. Stains as soon as possible to wash: children’s clothes will always be stained with a lot of juice, chocolate stains, milk stains, tomato stains, etc., and these stains are not easy to remove, but as long as it is just spilled, mom should immediately wash, and usually easier to wash out. If it takes a day or two to wash, the dirt may go deep into the fiber and won’t come out, so don’t be a lazy mom.

5. Underwear and coat separate wash: usually the coat is dirtier than underwear. Dark and light colors should also be washed separately, so as not to cause dyeing.

6. Do not wash with adult clothes: do not wash baby clothes with adult clothes, because adult clothes stained with more bacteria, at the same time to wash the bacteria will adhere to the baby clothes. It is recommended to wash the baby’s clothes separately and in a special basin.

7. Choose special detergent cleaning: there are many baby clothes on the market special detergent, although the price is more expensive, but the baby’s body is good. It won’t harm the skin, and cause allergy. If you don’t have a special detergent, use soap instead. Pay attention to washing instructions on the product label, such as dilution ratio, soaking time, etc.

8. Hand washing: because the washing machine washes newborn baby bottoms of the whole family, there are many bacteria hidden in the machine. Washing clothes for babies and toddlers in a washing machine can get a lot of bacteria, which is fine for adults but can be a nuisance for infants and toddlers. Because their skin resistance is poor, it is easy to cause allergies or other skin problems.


It’s important to pay attention when your baby is wearing open-seat pants

We often see a lot of babies wearing open-seat pants because it’s hot. Their grandparents or parents think it’s really a good idea because the baby is comfortable and it ca also avoid getting wet. But in fact, open-seat pants are very harmful for the baby and parents must know it. Newborn baby bottoms need more attention.

  1. What are some of the risks when a baby wears open-seat pants?Cartoon Bear Pattern Elastic Waist Pants
  • If wearing open-seat pants in the outdoor, the baby is easy to get hurt.

It’s well known that open trousers allow the baby’s private part and little butt to contact directly with the outside world. But when 1-year-old baby likes to move around, crawl or play with his peers, there is a high probability of touching or rubbing his private part. The baby is more likely to get hurt if he wears open-seat pants when playing outside.

There’s a lot of hidden danger out there, even if you’re walking around the neighborhood. When it is hot, many adults and their babies go to the shade to cool off. But please don’t forget that while you’re feeling cool here, there’s a lot of potential of mosquito bites.

The mosquito shrewdly bites the exposed skin of the baby, and the naked private part in open-seat pants becomes the subject of them. After getting bite, there is a certain possibility of insect biting dermatitis. If the baby scratches them with his hands, the nail will not only scratch the skin, but also cause allergy.

  • It is unhygienic.

In public, babies are exposed to a lot of filth and bacteria as they crawl around. At the same time, the baby’s urethral orifice and anus will also be infected by the bacteria virus, causing urethritis, cystitis, severe nephritis and sepsis. Cartoon Pattern Elastic Waist Trousers

So it’s best not to wear open-seat pants when your baby is out. But in the most time, parents are eager to make it easy for their baby to put on open-seat pants and relieve themselves. At this time, they should pay more attention to m the baby’s physical response in case there is a problem in time to deal with.

  • Open-seat pants can easily arouse the baby’s interest in their private parts.

Open-seat pants can easily arouse the baby’s interest in their private parts, because it is easy to reach and the baby will be interested in it, and then “explore”. Once the long-term habit is formed, it will affect the baby’s mental and physical development. Therefore, we should guide and stop the baby’s “exploration”.

  1. It’s better not to wear open-seat pants.

When male babies grow up, he will have a great interest in his private part. For parents, they had better distract them instead restrain them all the time.

For example, let the child play with some toys. Do not criticize him as soon as he does such thing or he will be more impressed by the behavior. At this time, parents should let the child put on pants but not open-seat pants so that the baby can forget it.

  • How to take care of a baby who needs to wear open-seat pants?

Usually, the baby who is under 1 year old needs diapers. When the baby turns one year old, it’s time to wear full-crotch pants. If you want to give your baby open-seat pants, please pay attention to hygiene. If you need to go outside, it’s best to put diapers on the baby’s butt first, and then open-seat pants.

Newborn bottoms like the buttoned-up crotch is also very convenient and provides protection for the baby.

Please clean the baby’s butt every day, especially after defecating. Otherwise, the urine left in the urethral orifice and the feces of the anus may be re-introduced into the body, and may cause diseases of respiratory tract and digestive tract.

Parents should pay more attention to the baby’s private part after the baby is in open-seat pants, and treat the baby immediately if something goes wrong. Cotton Cartoon Pattern Elastic Waist Pants

Newborns should not wear open-seat pants too soon

The dressing of the baby is very exquisite all the time, and especially when it comes to newborn baby bottoms like open-seat pants. Moms should not offer open-seat pants for her baby just for convenience, which will leave baby neonatal scleredema. When temperature is unsteady, open-seat pants are not the option.Cartoon Kitty Face Button Suspender Pants

The baby after just three months has been wearing open-seat pants.

Some time ago, the weather was pretty good. Mr. Wang, who lives in Kun Ming, dressed up his baby with open-seat pants. He thought it saved many troubles about relieving the baby himself.

However, what he did not think is that after a few days, the weather in Kun Ming changed a lot. It was also cold and rainy. Next day, when he changed diapers for the baby, there is a patch of skin which is red and swollen. So he went to hospital and thought it was a mass.

After examination, it was not a mass, but sort of neonatal scleredema. After checking out comprehensively, it turns out that the baby was premature and was born just after 27 weeks. But usually it should take about 40 weeks. So he has poor health, and is easy to suffer coldness. The father regretted about that and he said it was not appropriate to put open-seat pants on the child. And he did not think it will cause so many troubles for his baby.Boys Girls Lovely Little Fox Polka Dot Bottom

The proper temperature for newborn babies is generally between 22 to 26 degrees.

Experts suggest that neonatal scleroma is also known as neonatal cold injure syndrome, which is caused by hard subcutaneous fat due to coldness. At first, the child will be hypothermic but not cry. In severe cases, it is like an eraser and lead to renal damage, shock and so on.

The expert also suggests temperature center of bottoms for newborn rawly and very easily get neonatal sclerotome. Normally, room temperature had better keep in 22 to 26 degrees and parents should check out the baby all the time. What does not understand can search it on the Internet, or go to the relevant hospital to learn more.Cute Animal Printed Pants

Put diapers or open-seat pants on the baby?

Newborn baby bottoms are tricky for parents. Chinese parents worry about training their children to use the toilet. In China, images of parents holding babies and letting them excrete in trash bins and in tree pits are ubiquitous. But as Chinese middle class expanded and foreign luxury brands flooding in, Chinese people began to feel “uncivilized” to put their children on pants, and they began to use diapers. For many people, being rich and able to give their children diapers symbolizes their identity. One consultancy believes that it shows that Chinese parents living in cities can afford a more convenient and modern lifestyle.Cute Bunny Suspender Pants

A young Chinese mother said that she often sees children urinating on the side of the road. Even if she is a mother, she still hates this kind of behavior. She says she and her husband use a way which is a mix of diapers and teaching their children to use a toilet.

Consultants say diaper companies are “aggressive” in indoctrinating consumers that quality diapers keep baby skin dry and healthy and help babies and their parents sleep better. And diaper companies go further and report that children who use the diapers can fall into sleep 30 percent faster than those who don’t use. Chinese parents were also told that comfortable sleep can improve their children’s cognitive abilities.Cartoon Character Decorated Polka Dots Suspender Pants

As a result, Chinese middle class has begun to splurge on diapers. Data shows that the sales of diapers reached 18.49 billion yuan ($3 billion) in 2010 in China. Chinese Heng’an paper industry said its sales of diapers reached 351 million yuan in 2011, and go up 11.3 percent from 2010. Pampers had $10 billion in global sales in 2011, and China is the second-largest market after the U.S.

Ironically, while Chinese parents are obsessed with diapers, foreign parents living in China are happy to teach their children “Chinese way of using toilet” — sending a signal to their children to relieve themselves in the toilet and keep newborn bottoms clean.

Swift, a Canadian who married to a Chinese, taught her nine-month-old baby “Chinese way of using toilet” .She says that by not using diapers, children will not get diaper rash and will be more environmental-friendly.Velvet Elastic Waist Flare Pants

Should the baby wear open-seat pants in winter?

Newborn baby bottoms are very important. Open-seat pants are extremely convenient for both the baby and the mother. In summer, it’s common to see babies playing in their open-seat pants with their little butts exposed. But do babies still wear open-seat pants in winter? Does it have any effect on the baby? Parenting experts think it’s best for babies not to wear open-seat pants in winter. Cartoon Bear Letters Pattern Color Block Pants

  1. It is easy to catch a cold.

Generally, the baby’s open-seat pants start from the front belly and down to the back waist. The whole exposed area is very big and ventilated. It is easy for the baby to have a cold. In winter, parents can dress up their babies with open-seat pants inside and ordinary pants outside. It helps protect the baby from the cold wind.

  1. It is unsanitary.

When babies in open-seat pants crawl, sit and play on the ground, their butts contact directly with the ground and are susceptible to various diseases caused by bacteria. And the more time it takes, it still can make the butt cold. Parents are advised not to offer open-seat pants to babies when they can stand by themselves, especially for female babies.Cartoon Animal Pattern Polka Dots Suspender Pants

  1. It is unsafe.

Due to the large area of skin exposed outside of open-seat pants, the baby is susceptible to bacterial infections, urinary tract infections and cystitis. Besides, the baby is easily injured by sharp instruments while moving. In addition, many male babies are also prone to playing with their private parts. Parents should pay attention to the baby in open-seat pants to see if there are any abnormalities. If any adverse reactions are found, they should go to the doctor immediately.

Although open-seat pants are convenient for parents, it still has many defects. Many babies who wear open-seat pants have developed a bad habit of defecating and urinating in public. Bottoms for newborn are essential for children. So no matter it is in any season, after the baby can walk, please do not provide babies with open-seat pants. For their health and safety, parents need to be a little bit laborious to let the baby get into a good habit.Cute Bunny Pattern Thickened Suspender Trousers