Choosing and buying baby underwear

Underwear is the thing that newborn baby bottoms contact directly, every day from being born to grow up, and the consideration that the baby feels from it. Therefore, it is necessary to master the following key points of choosing newborn bottoms.


Cotton Cartoon Pattern Elastic Waist Pants

1. To be fine texture: to choose a good sweat absorption and ventilation, comfortable feeling of cotton underwear can choose the four kinds of quality cotton cloth: knitting rib cloth, knitting cotton wool cloth, cotton gauze, terry cloth;

2. To work fine: baby collar nest cannot be too deep, no sleeve seam, sleeve and shoulder level three-dimensional tailoring. Baby’s belly is more delicate, the overlapping design of the abdomen can ensure that the baby will not catch cold. Additional, avoid the happening of accident such as the baby eats by accident by accident thereby;

3. To refine the function: although the baby underwear is small, but a lot of species, long, short, robe-like, frog-shaped, daily wear, sleep wear, there are seven or eight kinds of total, the choice should take into account the different effects of each.

4. To choose white: underwear should bring a variety of colored dyes to the baby’s injury to the lowest details, white is also conducive to the discovery of some unusual conditions, such as abnormal color of feces or the baby’s own skin to scratch the blood left behind.

5. You also want to notice the seam side of underwear: coarse seam side is easy to stimulate baby skin, especially the place such as underarm, wrist, the underwear of a few brands will all underwear seam side to turn over, which can yet be regarded as safe move more;

6. To use tied underwear: both safe and can be “closely with” the baby’s body shape.


1. Newborn bone delicate, not suitable for wearing pullovers. Best to let the baby wear cardigan, in order to facilitate wear off;

2. The length of the belted underwear belt should not be too long or too short, just right, and should be firmly sewn on the body, or not careful around the baby’s neck, fingers, toes and other places will cause damage to him;

3. Do not have button clothes, hard buttons will hurt the baby’s skin, there is a possibility that the baby sucked into the mouth caused suffocation;

4. The size of the underwear is not too big or too small, to the right, generally out of an inch and a half to two inches, too wide underwear discount will hurt the baby’s skin, too thin will affect blood circulation;

5. Underwear sewing joints do not more, the less the better for the criterion;

6. Bottoms for newborn do not directly to the baby, hot water after washing in the sun exposure after sterilization to wear.