Women pajamas in winter

Compared to the constraints of women’s intimates, naked sleep is more attractive to many women, but long-term naked sleep is not good for women’s health, so it is very important for women to learn to choose pajamas. A good pajama can help a woman to promote quality, especially cold winter, not be thicker pajama just is warmer, the expert of manufacturer takes us to learn how to choose pajama correctly.

Pyjamas are not home wear and should not be too thick in winter.

In order to keep warm in winter, the thicker the pajamas are, the better. You can do whatever you want to do.

As a matter of fact, pajamas should not be confused with household clothes, or they will easily be contaminated with soot, dust and bacteria. It is conceivable that wearing such pajamas will bring much impact on sleep and health.

Pajamas should only be worn during sleep and should not be too thick. Especially in winter, light or slightly thick pajamas are more suitable for sleep. Too thick pajamas have poor breathability, which will prevent the normal breathing of the skin and the evaporation of sweat. On the contrary, they are not warm enough and will make your sleep quality decline.

Pajamas color appropriate light material selection of cotton.

Pink, light green and the quietly elegant color such as cream-colored, more beneficial morpheus; The color such as bright red, deep blue, go against the mood to loosen, affect nightly rest, so pajama had better choose plain and light color.

Pajamas fabrics are cotton, silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, imitation of silk, color, chiffon, hemp and other materials, with the best cotton. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft and breathable, not easy to irritate the skin, comfortable and safe to wear. Chemical fiber material pajamas in winter easy static electricity, not suitable for choice; Hemp pajamas can interfere with sleep and should also be ruled out.

Split pajamas are more convenient and the size is looser.

There are three styles of pajamas: halter style, split style and one-piece style. Winter is more suitable for the choice of split pajamas, not only comfortable to wear, but also more convenient to move.

In terms of size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight or just right, relatively loose is better, there will be no sense of bondage when wearing it to sleep.

Change and wash your pajamas frequently and dry them in the shade.

Many lazy girls, do not like to wash clothes, especially pajamas only in bed to wear, feel not dirty, often put on a few weeks before washing.

Want to know, human body is in after entering morpheus, metabolism still continues, sweat fluid, grease from the skin discharge, deposit on pajamas, can cause bacterium and mite bug, if a few weeks just change wash, these dirty thing can irritate the skin, bring about itchy, agitate, suffer from hair bursitis seriously even. So, change your pajamas frequently, and those with oily skin should change them at least once a week.

Pajamas and women lingerie are same, unfavorable insolate in sunshine, because insolation can shorten clothing life, had better be in shade cool place air.

The difference between home clothes and pajamas

Since the 16th century, when Europeans put on their nightgowns, pajamas have changed their image with time. In the last century, the social atmosphere became loose and active, and women’s intimates also developed towards new styles and changed fundamentally.

To this day, many people still don’t understand the difference between home clothes and pajamas. House clothes are transformed from pajama but the concept of pure pajama was cast off already by now and the range that covers is wider.

From what respect choosing domestic service to be beautiful? Home clothes can eliminate the intense condition of system of abdominal and viscera nerve, stimulate blood circulates, accelerate metabolism, adjust advantageous nervous system, increase suit and immune ability, reduce the chronic constipation that causes because of tension, chronic diarrhea and skin inflammation. And choosing the pajamas of color fabrics superior still can relieve mental pressure, alleviate the phenomenon of insomnia and headache.

And it can improve the cold hands and feet, sleep and other conditions. Home service has women lingerie and a lot of fashionable men underwear. Home clothes vogue atmosphere shows outstanding and uncommon temperament and grade, and elegant design and high-grade simple sense win romance, warmth, vogue and self-confidence in industry.

How to choose pajamas correctly in winter

  1. 1.Pajamas are not suitable at home in winter.

In order to keep warm in winter, of course, the thicker women sleepwear will be, the better it is. Anything can be done by a person in the warm clothes.

In fact, the pajamas and home clothes cannot be confused, otherwise it can be easy to be infected with soot, dust and bacteria, so you can imagine that wearing such pajamas will bring how much impact on sleep and health.

Pajamas should only be worn during sleep and should not be too thick. Especially in winter, frivolous pajama or the pajama of some ply just suits sleep more, and too thick pajama has poor breathability, which can obstruct skin to breathe normally and sweat evaporate with the result of not quite warmth preservation, but also can let your sleep quality drop.

  1. The color of pajamas should be light and the preferred material is cotton.

The quietly elegant color such as pink, weak green and cream-colored is more wholesome Morpheus. Bright red, deep blue go against mood to loosen and affect nightly rest, so pajama had better to be the color with weak element.

Pajama fabrics have cotton, real silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, artificial silk, color ding, chiffon, hemp, etc., with cotton as the best. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft and breathable, not easy to irritate the skin, more comfortable and safe to wear next to the skin. Chemical fiber material pajamas in winter easy electrostatic are not suitable for choice. Hemp qualitative pajama can affect Morpheus but also should eliminate.

  1. 3.Split pajamas are more convenient.

Pajama styles can be divided into three types: drawstring, split and one-piece dressing gowns. Winter is more suitable for the choice of split style pajamas, not only comfortable to wear, but also more convenient to move.

In size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight or just good, and relatively loose is better, so wearing sleep will not have a sense of bondage.

  1. Pajamas should be changed and washed frequently and dried in a cool place,

Many lazy girls do not like to wash their clothes, especially when they only wear pajamas to sleep. They feel not dirty at all.

Human body is in after entering Morpheus and metabolism still is continued, and sweat, grease is from the skin which can breed bacterium and mite bug, if a few weeks just change, these dirty things can stimulate the skin and serious even suffer from hair bursa inflammation. Therefore, pajamas should be changed and washed frequently. Oily skin should be changed at least once a week.

High-grade pajama and underwear are same, unfavorable insolate below sunshine, because insolation can shorten clothing life, so it had better be dry in shady and cool place.

All above is the winter how to choose women’s intimates. In the cold winter, choosing pajamas must pay special attention to not choosing too thick women lingerie to sleep, so not only cannot keep warm, but also reduce the quality of sleep. So when choosing women sleepwear, one must choose cotton qualitative pajama, such ability is helpful for quality.

What are the best pajamas for fall at home?

After entering the work, it seems that the only time for rest is weekends and holidays. Do not know how many moms will choose to stay at home on weekends or holidays? Like a person to stay at home, watching TV, reading, by the way in sleep. So what’s the best thing to wear at home? Maybe women sleepwear or something else .Want to know? Let’s go…

Light pink, a good color for girls. Loose edition model, let you be in the home more unrestrained, loosen oneself body and heart adequately. Although at home, also need to be lovely. With the rabbit and letters of the printing and dyeing, can make the pajamas are not very dull oh.

This one is also very suitable for home wear, lovely rabbits, and the size of the small stars, seems to be the night sky, moved indoors in general.

Stay at home, people don’t dress so constrained. This kind of women lingerie with long sleeves and long pants is very suitable for staying at home this autumn.


Summer pajama

In all sorts of clothes deserve to act the role of in woman chest, women sleepwear is very illicit close, its illicit close comes to reflect the individual character that gives host more, because do not have the aesthetic interference of outsider, women sleepwear also appear with the gender a lot of. To be comfortable, to like, these are the two principles of high-end sleepwear for women.

Summer pajama wants to follow one’s heart more.

1. Cotton pajamas are soft and skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, which is an indispensable choice for private space. Red two-piece summer pajamas combine beauty and comfort. The combination of cute cartoon rabbit head and classic horizontal stripes is full of girlish taste, which is very eye-pleasing and can instantly capture your mind.

2. Probably every girl has been infatuated with a few cartoon images, especially those lovely, beautiful image always can let the girl’s heart become more soft. Spongebob, Mickey, Doraemon. Among them, HelloKitty is especially popular among fans. If you like wearing HelloKitty, you can still feel her company in your sleep.

3 Recently, a “cute” word fire all over the country, “cute” became the girls chase favorite, once again proved that the cute wind has a huge market. The stripe pajama that the baby gets is very young change originally, adding a careless big head baby again, really lovely you do not have to discuss.

4. In a lot of adorable to burst the image must choose a “adorable Lord” out, it is the panda, as a national treasure, panda baby has been lovely and lovely to be known, the iconic black and white with, “never sleep enough” black eye, is it immediately touched your heart.

5. Skirt outfit has the convenience of skirt outfit, pants outfit has what trouser outfit is agile, you love to sleep skirt cool and refreshing and happy idea, I love knickers convenient freely, this is radish vegetable each has his love originally, pure cotton two type pajama suit summer very much, although put big word casually on the bed, also need not worry about embarrassed.

6. Speak of pajama, little not sexy wind. In the illicit close space of the bedroom, it is the excellent opportunity that shows female glamour one times, the mature woman that knows oneself glamour always knows how to choose a sexy pajama for oneself, the wonderful combination of bud silk and gauze, add cent for passion appropriately.

7. Silky, cool, this is the characteristic of mulberry silkworm silk, these characteristic also suit summer especially, in burning hot steamer, the silk with cool ice slides skin, of course be the best reward to busy one day. The nightgown made of mulberry silk can also accompany you to have a good night’s sleep in the middle of summer.

The benefits of cotton pajamas

Many women lingerie are made of pure natural high-grade cotton fabric, because cotton has incomparable advantages over other textile fibers in terms of human comfort, hygiene and health:

Hygroscopicity: cotton fiber has better hygroscopicity, in normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so it contact with the human skin, and people feel soft and not stiff. If the moisture content of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is high, the water content contained in the fiber will all evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric can keep the water balance and make people feel comfortable.

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Warmth retention property and antistatic ability: due to the cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, heat conduction coefficient is extremely low, and because of the cotton fiber porous, the advantages of good elasticity, can accumulate a large number of air between the fibers, the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton fiber textiles have good warmth retention property and antistatic ability, use pure cotton fabrics make people feel warm and comfortable.

Heat resistance of cotton fabric heat resistant performance is good, the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius below 110 ℃, will only cause fabric on evaporation, water will not damage fiber, so at room temperature, wear, use, such as washing and dyeing of fabrics are no effect, thus improve the performance of cotton fabric wash durability to heat. Alkali resistance: cotton fiber has a strong resistance to alkali. In alkali solution, cotton fiber does not break down. This property is conducive to washing, disinfection and impurity removal after use.

Hygiene: cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, but also a small amount of waxy substances, nitrogen and pectin. After many tests and practices, pure cotton fabric has no stimulation and negative effect on skin. It is beneficial and harmless to human body after wearing for a long time and has good hygienic performance.

When shopping for women intimates, it is often unreliable to judge whether “pure cotton” only by the cotton content marked on the “tag”. Consumers should also master and be good at using some simple identification methods. Generally, pure cotton pajamas feel soft and comfortable, elastic and no sense of slippage. In addition is to extract a little clothing fiber, try to burn with a lighter, pure cotton pajamas should have no black smoke, no odor, all into gray and white ash, and if it is blended will appear black smoke, oil or odor, not flammable and other problems.

Styles of women’s intimates

Global style classification.

Briefs. Boxers.

Latest fashion.

G-string, c-string, bikini.

T-shaped usually is depending on the occasion, such as when you wearing more close-fitting tight pants, and it can avoid women’s intimates line destroyed the performance of hip shape, but easy to cause hip droop.

C briefs and V briefs can unite sexy model briefs, and this kind of briefs design is numerous, although do not protect the function of coxal model, the occasion that wearing also knows to should need to be done!

The design of bikini model is to avoid commonly have manacle feeling, but bring about coxal prolapse easily.

Functional underwear: pregnant type, sporty, fun type buttock bundle pants.

Women lingerie during pregnancy is according to different months belly type and convenient for expectant mothers according to the change of 6 ready to underwear, and has function of regulating and leisurewear design. The design of tall waist can wrap the entire abdomen and can strengthen the retainer of the fetus and the warm degrees, and the role of the small of the back to protect the pregnant woman.

Sports pants style triangle, with small briefs the basic modelling, and open position is not stuck in their thighs, but slightly to the crotch area increase. This design makes the person won’t thigh injury in sports, but it is between the waist and open mouth and kept a distance a little, and this will increase the tensile strength of the transverse and keep the pants “fixed” and won’t happen too big displacement, more suitable for sports. Sporty triangle pants mouth has different wide narrow rate to be able to offer a choice, the lady with thicker ham can choose pants mouth distance waist mouth is closer design.

Sexy underwear is general pattern exquisite, whose design is bold, and the character such as material of close, translucent, bud silk roll, condole sock elastic belt can improve sexual love fun between husband and wife greatly, which make marital relationship more and be together. Popular market “appeal underwear”, and make with real silk fabrics, design graceful appearance, whose color is flowery and rich, and charge for the making of STH.

Lacy underwear: material is given priority to with translucent, and it is romantic “immanent beauty” typical delegate, pubic hair is like if showing, it will have greatly to the vision tease and touch directly with the hand also be happy.

Open-crotch pants: this kind of underwear happens to be bare between two strands, and if you go out in a miniskirt, it’s scary enough. It’s a jaw-dropping, fiery design.

Crotch stockings: they have large openings between the legs that allow unimpeded touching of the underpants.

Garter elastic: imagine a woman with one leg on a chair.

Fluctuation covers model: with gules real silk fabrics is made and have spark very much, and skin is more delicate. The top is simple, with a small bow and a wide lace at the waist. The lower body is made into mini skirt style, light and agile.

Tuxedo type: generous style is its main characteristics. Contain short sleeve, the lacy on sleeve cuff becomes horn model, and skirt places have radian, and bosom is like to show not to show, as if be about to say also rests.

Condole belt model: shoulder ministry has fine belt, it is blue black, green black alternate with more, whose feeling is relaxed and loose. Black edge is longer, and can flash below indoor lamplight, and the bosom is opened, fasten gently with a fine belt, giving a person the state of charming shame.

Ruffle model: match with ivory real silk and pure white lace more, close waist, and lace decorates skirt edge with ruffle form, decorous and easy, dress the girl up like an angel.

Medium waist underwear: the height is below navel 8cm, commonly known as the middle waist, is generally the most common specification and style. 

High waist underwear: high in the navel or above, known as high waist. The design of tall waist is more comfortable and has warmth to keep warm concurrently more fruit and better also to the maintenance of buttock model.

Advantages and disadvantages analysis of pajama

Above all, the high-grade women lingerie that understands next winter first is pure cotton basically, and women lingerie of summer has pure cotton commonly, bud silk, gauze, real silk.

Winter cotton women pajamas.

Pros: cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft muscle, so you can bring the perfect comfortable experience. Moreover, pure cotton pajamas are made of cotton, which is natural, pollution-free, does not stimulate the skin and is safer to wear.

Disadvantages: cotton pajamas easy to wrinkle and not easy to smooth, also easy to shrink, easy to deformation, if the quality of poor cotton pajamas, a few times will become more ugly.

Summer lace pajamas.

Pros: lace pajamas have been favored by many women for their romantic, sexy appeal. Lace fabric is light, breathable and cool in summer. And wear on the body is very light, without the slightest sense of heaviness. Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle, not easy to shrink, wear free and easy.

Drawback: because bud silk belongs to chemical fiber fabrics, have certain stimulation to the body, develop ability as technology nevertheless enhance, this kind of excitant will drop nadir.

Summer net pajamas.

Pros: the fabric composition of mesh pajamas is generally nylon and spandex. The biggest advantage of nylon is high strength, good wear resistance; And spandex has excellent elasticity, set both advantages in one of the network gauze pajamas, good quality, durable; Good elasticity, let you stretch freely. Additional, the breathability of gauze pajama is better also, the burnish of the surface faintly gives a kind of high-grade fashionable feeling fully.

Summer silk pajamas.

Advantage: pure silk, in the impression of people, high elegance, and expensive price lets a lot of people flinch. The pearl like burnish with peculiar real silk pajama, its luxuriant with high-grade to the top of one’s heart show. 

Drawback: real silk pajama is more delicate and expensive, should notice especially in catharsis process.

In fact, there are many kinds of materials, such as cotton, silk, coral, cotton, modal, etc. Choosing pajamas doesn’t mean choosing the best fabric, it means choosing different fabrics for different seasons.

1. It is recommended to choose knitted cotton pajamas in spring and autumn. The fabric can be worsted cotton fabric or natural fiber fabric with fine and soft texture, good hand feeling and strong air permeability.

2. Pajamas should be loose and warm in winter. You can choose the coral fabric which is very popular in recent years. Coral wool is a new kind of fabric, whose has fine texture, soft feel, not ball, not fade, with excellent water absorption performance, three times of cotton products. No skin irritation, no allergy. Beautiful appearance, rich color.

7 kinds of underwear fabric should be chosen

Fabrics: pure cotton is not necessarily the best choice.

Pure cotton is not necessarily the best choice.

In fact, an important function of women’s intimates is to protect male testis, and reduce the friction of ham and outer pants, which still can prevent peculiar smell outside leakage. Cotton clothing is good, but it may not be suitable for all men, for the sweat constitution of men and men who have been driving for a long time should not often wear. Choose fabrics that feel smooth, sweat absorbent and are easy to dry.

Modal fabric:

The fabric of modal is made of natural fiber, which is very comfortable and similar to the texture of cotton. It absorbs and releases water 50% faster than ordinary pure cotton.


Dupont is an exclusive invention of the production of a man-made elastic fiber, which can be freely elongated 4 to 7 times, and in the release of external force, the rapid recovery of the original length. It cannot be used alone and can be mixed with any other man-made or natural fibers.

Tactel (nylon 66) :

Tactel is a high quality nylon fiber produced by dupont USA. Nylon makes the fabric soft and comfortable, and its good hygroscopicity can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body, thus reducing the pressure on the body, with the adjustment effect and extremely light and easy to maintain. Machine washable, drying time is three times faster than cotton, only micro hot or non-hot, is not easy to deformation, with significant wrinkle resistance.

Coolmax (breathing fiber) :

Dupont high-tech fiber COOLMAX is through the four pipe fiber quickly sweat and moisture away from the skin surface and to all directions scattered, let sweat volatilize faster and always keep the skin dry and comfortable. Then human body sweat, skin surface and dress do not leave sweat. Lasting comfortable and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, feeling relaxed. Other features: easy washing, no deformation after washing, easy drying, light and soft fabric, no ironing, etc. It is the preferred fabric of some world famous sports underwear.


It is magic and comfortable fabric, with natural color changing effect, extremely soft touch, snug and comfortable elasticity, good moisture absorption, natural elastic fabric, good natural elasticity, soft feeling.


Cool and moisture absorbent fabric can effectively absorb moisture and cool the fabric, and the unique structure of the yarn makes the fabric close-fitting, natural and soft.

Apart from the fabric, the choice of style is also important. Men’s underpants are divided into boxers and briefs. Compared with briefs, boxers reduce the bondage and friction on the thigh root, and have good air permeability. But when mom chooses boxer shorts, try to fit them as well as possible, not too tight or too loose. Too tight underwear will have an impact on the reproductive organs, but too loose underwear set in pants will appear bloated.

There are a lot of so-called “humanized” underpants on the market right now, such as three-dimensional tailoring in key parts or underpants designed specifically for jeans with thicker fabrics. These women’s intimates breathable performance is better, more helpful for protecting genital organ.

Which underwear is pretty?

Some people are not as sensitive to the change of seasons of women lingerie as the coat, and feeling underwear is about the same, and there is no season. But even so, as a natural love shopping women, one can give oneself to find a “prodigal” reason and new underwear to wear, why not? Next, let’s take a look at some of the more beautiful and wearable styles of underwear in the fall and winter.

Chinese people like to greet such festival with gules, and this year is indispensable, which might as well also choose gules underwear to answer a circumstance so. The cup of 5/8 gathers together the effect is extremely good and can show your bosom line incisively and vividly, and delicate inwrought craft more promoted the quality feeling of underwear and costly feeling, adding form a complete set to carry buttock underwear, and the perfect temperament that lets you by inside and outside get best show.

If this usually prefer light pink series, spring and summer and good collocation in the fall and winter you can be free to choose and don’t have to worry about women’s intimates color exposed embarrassed, although is the color of the younger. But because of 3/4 cup design and lace stitching, ornament, with mature female sexy charm, all show amorous feelings. The widened side ratio is extremely wraparound, allowing your curves to work best in thick winter coats.