The baby needs the clothes

The weather is getting colder and the baby needs to put on more newborn clothes. If the baby’s hands feel cold, that is to remind the treasure mother: I am cold, and it is time to add some cute baby clothes!

Proper exercise of baby’s ability to keep out the cold, and for the baby it is also beneficial and can make the baby successfully through the cold winter as well as improve the baby’s physical quality and immunity to disease.

  1. Children’s clothes don’t need to be too thick, just the same as adults.

Children are often busy, such as playing games, sports, etc., which are easy to sweat. And children’s blood circulation is faster, the same situation than adults also a lot of sweat. Therefore, children’s clothes do not wear too much and the same as adults can be.

  • Don’t take off heavy coat immediately after playing a game or coming home.

Children play games after a sweat, at this time if immediately take off the coat, it is easy to cause a cold. After returning home from the outside, some children also immediately take off their clothes. In this case, a break of 20 minutes is recommended. If your child is still feeling hot, cut back on clothes.

3. Parenting tips to check whether your baby’s clothes are appropriate.

Gently rub the center of your baby’s palm for a while. If it’s warm and not sweaty, your baby is wearing the right clothes. If the palm is cold, you need to add clothes.

Children usually wear clothes, no fixed method can be referred to, and each baby constitution is not the same. Specific to see the child’s physique and the weather conditions at the time, each time to add newborn baby clothes to the baby, in accordance with not sweating, do not wear too much. Children prone to cold parts such as stomach, chest, and feet should always pay attention to warm.

The temperature has dropped a lot recently. It’s getting colder every day. How do you dress your children? How to judge whether the child is cold or not?

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