The benefits of baby panties

Many expectant mothers, especially new mothers without rich experience in the first birth, do not know how old their children need to start wearing underwear. In fact, generally speaking, if the baby starts to use diapers, they should start to wear small newborn clothes. Generally, when the baby on a small class is close to the appearance of 3 years old will wear small cute baby clothes, baby’s private care is also a problem that cannot be ignored.

Children are young, the resistance to germs is much lower than adults. If wearing small underwear can be isolated from some of the virus infection, many children also like to sit on the ground, and wearing small underwear on private parts is a kind of protection.

Some mothers may worry that if the male baby wears underwear too early, it will affect the development of the reproductive organs. However, according to the current information, including some experts’ advice, wearing underwear will not affect the reproductive organs of young boys, and it will prevent the baby from touching his genitals and isolated from bacteria. Still have be, if wear outside pants directly, attrition is very big, and is very bad to the skin, so when choosing underwear to little boy, should notice size is appropriate, too big too small it is bad.

In addition to protecting the baby from bacterial infections and protecting the lower body, there are many benefits to wearing newborn baby clothes. For example, wearing underwear can prevent the abdominal cold, some children often have diarrhea, but the mother cannot find the reason. In fact, it is very likely that the baby did not wear underwear, abdomen is actually a particularly vulnerable place if you do not pay attention to protect it is easy to catch cold.

Generally, a mother can take her baby to the mall to choose his favorite underwear, and train the baby to learn to go to the toilet and tell the baby cannot make urine or other things dirty their underwear, so that the baby will slowly learn to go to the toilet on their own.

Now a lot of children like to sit on the ground to play, and if they are not enough to wear, dirty things are easy to enter the urethral orifice is very easy to get hurt, and the general pants are relatively hard, baby skin is tender and easy to get hurt. Although children are young, they should wear underwear just like adults.

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