The child is with mother or grandmother can be told at a glance!

First, let’s have a look at the netizens’ ridicule:

Hong Hong’s mother: once I was ill in hospital, the baby was given full power to the husband to take that week. The child from video was wearing the cute baby clothes with milk stains for a long time, and the pants were reversed. I remember that I should have been in hospital for 7 days, 5 days out of stitches home! 

Mom of Hua Hua: my son was 16 months old in the summer last year. I was doing hair in the hair salon downstairs. I asked my husband to take the child down and let him wear thinner clothes for the child.

Cai Cai’s mother: the day before yesterday my husband takes a daughter to drink wedding wine and comes back. My daughter always say her pants is uncomfortable, and her father lift pants for somebody else, lift outside and small underpants still at knee…

Mom of Xuan Xuan: Stop talking. My husband took the kids back to grandma’s house. Before I left, I put on all sets of clothes with different styles. As a result, he was so miserable that he could match me.

Since the Chinese society has long held that “men are responsible for earning money to support the family, while women are responsible for supporting the husband and children”. So basically a lot of fathers do not know how to take the children, especially after giving birth to a daughter, also do not know how to dress them, so if you want a girl in his hands when a delicate girl, it is basically impossible.

Mama also expressed her thoughts that almost all dad cannot do it, though father and mother are all very love the child, my father in child care, he is indeed more careless, but not as long as he can cause substantial damage to love his children, and both parents should be more with the child.

There is also a situation that the child is with grandparents. In fact, their own children and the mother-in-law’s contact is not too much, also reduce the contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will certainly conflict. Finally, I feel very deep that you take the child, you can accompany the child to grow up together and witness the change of her body, the change of her mind, and you will not miss every detail of the child’s growth. The first time to learn to climb, the first time to learn to turn over, the first time will go, the first time to call mom and dad, too much for the first time you will not miss. Parents should promote and baby’s feelings, also let the baby realize that they are deeply loved by mom and dad, protect the child. As parents, you should also buy newborn clothes to your children.

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