The Child’s Little Feet Grow Quickly

From birth to the age of six, the child’s little feet are growing constantly. In order to enable the child to grow better, parents must pay attention to the protection for the child’s feet. Therefore, parents must choose a pair of suitable newborn baby shoes for their children. When the baby can wear shoes? What should be paid attention to when wearing baby shoes? Let’s take a look.Candy Colour Martin Boots

Baby from 0 to 6 months: When a child is born, the development of the feet is mostly the growth of cartilage. Gradually, as the child’s bones grow, the child will notice his feet and would like to move them sometimes.

Baby of one-year old: When a child reaches the age of one, the child learns to stand and may take a few steps. Because the child wants to keep a balance by adjusting the distance between his feet, and this is why he looks stumbling when he walks. By the time he is one year and a half, most bones have already formed.

Baby of 3 years old: When the child is three years old, the muscles and ligaments in the feet will grow better, and the way the child walks will also change with the development of the arch in the feet. Solid Color Flower Decorated Boots

As the child learns to walk, the child needs some socks or soft shoes, which are designed to keep feet warm and allow the child’s bones to grow better. However, when the child can make some more difficult movements, such as running, jumping, and pedaling, they must be put on shoes.

Some clues for picking shoe:

  1. Lightweight

Children shoes had better be light.

  1. Low heels

Flat heels are preferred for picking children shoes.

  1. Excellent flexibility

Children shoes cannot tie down their feet to grow.

  1. Flat arch

At the very beginning of learning to walk, the child’s feet are flat, so baby shoes cannot have extra arch support.

  1. Good air permeability

Choose shoes that are air permeable.

Baby feet grow very quickly in the course of their growth, so parents need to change their children’s shoes every few months. What is more, don’t keep socks too short or too tight. The shoes that a child wears are critical to the healthy development of his feet. If parents choose the wrong shoes, there are maybe some problems with children’s feet. Lace-Trimmed Zipper Warm Martin Boots

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