The difference between home clothes and pajamas

Since the 16th century, when Europeans put on their nightgowns, pajamas have changed their image with time. In the last century, the social atmosphere became loose and active, and women’s intimates also developed towards new styles and changed fundamentally.

To this day, many people still don’t understand the difference between home clothes and pajamas. House clothes are transformed from pajama but the concept of pure pajama was cast off already by now and the range that covers is wider.

From what respect choosing domestic service to be beautiful? Home clothes can eliminate the intense condition of system of abdominal and viscera nerve, stimulate blood circulates, accelerate metabolism, adjust advantageous nervous system, increase suit and immune ability, reduce the chronic constipation that causes because of tension, chronic diarrhea and skin inflammation. And choosing the pajamas of color fabrics superior still can relieve mental pressure, alleviate the phenomenon of insomnia and headache.

And it can improve the cold hands and feet, sleep and other conditions. Home service has women lingerie and a lot of fashionable men underwear. Home clothes vogue atmosphere shows outstanding and uncommon temperament and grade, and elegant design and high-grade simple sense win romance, warmth, vogue and self-confidence in industry.

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