The radiation-proof clothes of expectant mothers must not be washed at will

With the rapid development of Electronics and home appliances, radiation is everywhere. Although human beings can get out certain radiation, there is no clear research data show that the use of electronic products for the body’s tissues and organs such as frequency and distance. However, radiation for genetic abnormalities such as abnormal variation is associated. In order to give the baby a better growth environment, many pregnant mothers will put the anti-radiation maternity clothes during pregnancy.

Wearing radiation clothes for a long time will be dirty as ordinary clothes, but it can be washed like other clothes? In fact, radiation protective clothing can be washed with water, but there are still a few things to pay attention to in the process of cleaning.

Firstly, focus on material types.

Different materials of radiation protective clothing have different treatment methods. If your radiation protective clothing is made of stainless steel wire fiber and silver fiber combination, this material can contact water. But it cannot be cleaned for many times. That will affect the effectiveness of radiation protective clothing and requires more attention of pregnant mothers.

Secondly, the catharsis explanation of radiation proof garment.

Washing instructions are detailed through store or formal channels of radiation protection. It also belongs to the special applications. Businessmen are considering the use of it and points for attention. In general, anti-radiation garments can be washed with water directly, but it is not recommended to machine wash. Radiation protection clothing had better not wring because it will affect the anti-radiation garments contained material easily. Also, do not use bleaching products when cleaning.

Thirdly, cleaning time of the radiation protection clothing should not be too long.

Because radiation proof garment is made with special material and cut off the action of radiation. In order to be able to have better effect, the time of daily cleanness should not be too long.

Summary: although the radiation protective clothing can be washed, the frequency of cleaning is not too much or easy to affect the performance of cheap mom-to-be clothes itself. As long as it is not very dirty, it is best to clean once every three months. If it is intimate radiation protective vest, it is best to buy two sets to wear.

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