The right bra is important for pregnant women to milk

When beingpregnant, the breast is from below half outward dilate, which bring about thebra before thereby cannot wear. So when being pregnant, it had better not wearthe common women’s intimatesthat have a bigger size and to buy the bra that design for moms technically andcan change at any time according to the breast. Only in this way can breasts bebetter protected.

Expectation-to-be mother from being pregnant to giving birth, the breast can increase two cups probably. So it should choose relatively loose bra according to breast to avoid being oppressed, preventing the hyperplasia. If the bra is too tight, it will rub against the skin and cause the fabric to enter the tube, which may not produce any milk after giving birth.

Expectant motherhad better wear a few comfortable soft bras, preventing oppress mammary gland,tit and avoiding mammary inflammation. In later period of pregnancy, the nippleis very sensitive and may also appear milk secretion. It is best to use somemilk pads to protect it. In puerperal period, lactation pad also can helpabsorb the superfluous milk that secretes, letting breasts more relaxed.

Lactation bra is easily used, which can be used in lactation period and also can be used when being pregnant. It has movable flap straps that allow you to breastfeed without removing the bra completely. You can also buy buttons that are designed to open with one hand so that you can feed your baby while holding him.

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