The way to prevent your baby from catching a cold

The weather turned cold and how to prevent your baby from catching a cold? This is also a study. Baby should wear newborn baby clothes in winter when going out, but as long as his hands are not cold, which won’t cause a cold.

One, mom must put the fitting pants on the baby.

Soft cotton underwear not only can absorb sweat, but also can let the air retain around the skin, blocking the loss of body heat, which is not easy to make the baby get sick.

Two, mom should give the baby a thin and light cotton-padded clothes.

Cotton-padded clothing is both wind-proof and warmer than a few thick clothes and flexible and convenient. Thick outerwear doesn’t have much room to absorb warm air, so it’s ok to keep out the wind, but it’s not as warm as a small cotton suit.

Three, baby should dress properly and don’t wear too much.

If baby wears too much, the baby will not stop sweating once doing the activity and clothes are sweat soaked. Babies that are younger than 6 months should still dress well when they go out on cold days. When judge how much baby wear is appropriate, you can often touch his small hands and feet as long as it is not cold that their bodies are warm.

Four, don’t wear flannel pants under baby’s skin.

Suede sweater and trousers are usually made of fleece knitted fabric, which is soft, fluffy and has good warmth retention. If baby wears on the opposite side, the fleece will soon become bonded and stiff due to sweat and sebum. If mom rubbed hard during washing, this situation will be aggravated and the warming effect will be weakened.

Five, mom should choose children’s special wool.

Quality of a material is the factor that should consider above all. Mother also need to pay attention to not choosing mohair wool, because it is easy to depilate and will be inhaled by the baby windpipe and lungs.

Six, keep your baby’s socks dry.

Wet socks will make the baby’s feet cool, reflex to cause respiratory tract resistance and susceptible to a cold. The baby wears socks once they are born and in the winter mom should choose pure wool or cotton texture, and on the foot skin maintenance role of socks.

Seven, shoe fabric should be warm and appropriate size.

The shoes are slightly loose and made of cotton. The meeting in the shoe stores more static air and have good warmth retention.

Eight, don’t always let baby wear a mask or scarf over your baby’s mouth.

Wearing a mask will reduce the baby’s upper respiratory tract adaptability to cold air, lack of resistance to colds, bronchitis and other diseases. And, by the size of the scarf is wool or other fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, it can make the scarf clearance of bug dust into the baby’s upper respiratory track and make the wool fibers such as breathing, can trigger asthma allergic constitution’s baby.

Nine, put a hat on your baby.

The thickness of the hat should be increased as the temperature decreases, but do not choose a hat with rough edges for your baby, because it will irritate your baby’s skin. In addition, the baby with eczema do not wear plush hats, so as not to cause dermatitis, they should wear soft cloth made of hats.

In cold days plus newborn clothes and in hot days minus cute baby clothes, but mom must pay attention which can play a role in preventing a cold.

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