Toddler Outfits Sets Make Your Daughter More Charming

It is always said that daughter is the little jacket of parents and the little lover of father in prenatal. So many young couples feel excited about raising a daughter in future. Every time when group of mothers are talking about their daughters, the feeling of happiness shows on their face.

When her friend invited her to attend a birthday party, she was too shy to tell me. And when it was nearly dinner time, she began to find toddler outfit sets in her closet. I asked what were she doing, and she answered quietly,” It is Tom’s birthday today, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I am wondering what shall I wear when meeting his parents for the first time. ” I cannot help laughing and said, “Wear this beautiful toddler dress from Popreal, you will be the focus among your classmates.”

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When my daughter began to change her teeth, one of her teeth is on the verge of shedding, but she refused to extract it. Therefore I used thin line which I used as child. I told her the tooth will extract itself with a line on it. She believed that and we finally remove the tooth successfully. Then she looked at the line surprisingly, “How amazing the line is!” If we use it to sew cute baby clothes, it will be very nice.

On one weekend I went to the Beauty Salon with my friend, who has a five-year-old son. When we were in beauty salon, little boy took my daughter out nearby. The little boy was obsessed with magic and said, “Magic magic magic…”. The two little guys forgot which beauty salon they were in. The daughter took the little brother’s hand and said ”Where did you change our mother? Change them back. Let my mother come back”.Flamingo Print Tutu Swimsuit

There was a homeless man in the neighborhood of. His long hair was very messy. Every time he passed by, my daughter would ask, why his hair so long? Dad always answers, because he has no money for a haircut. At the weekend, when her cousin went to the house to play, and my daughter slipped him a dollar and whispered, “little uncle, I know you don’t have any money for a haircut and buy toddler clothing sets . This is my pocket money.”

The first time I take my daughter to take train, she was very excited, running here and there. Finally she was tired and began to fold stars with colored paper, sitting on the bed. I was writing by the window and happened to meet my colleges who haven’t seen for many years. While we are chatting, my daughter pules me secretly, saying that,” don’t talk to strangers!“ What a cute daughter I have!

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