Things Need Being Noted When Baby Asleep

In winter, when it is becoming colder and colder, many parents will have no idea for wearing baby at night. Here are some tips on baby night dressing. Hope it can help you.Flower Embroidered Solid Color Tulle Dress

Pajama made in pure cotton is the best choice for little baby when sleeping. Thin cotton pajamas are soft and comfortable and can absorb sweat well. toddler one piece outfits made in cotton is a good choice. Cute little patterns can add to the fun of life. If you are worried that the baby’s stomach will feel cold, you can attach a towel or a belly pocket to your baby’s stomach.

Choose a light and warm quilt

Your baby’s body temperature is essentially higher than that of an adult. If you worry about your baby catching the cold and put too many quilts on your baby, it will make your baby’s body temperature too high. Therefore, the baby’s warmth should be proper, neither let the baby catch cold, and can not keep warm. Mother should choose a light and warm, breathable cotton quilt for the baby.Floral Tulle Solid Color Dress

Pay attention to the indoor temperature

The baby is more unstable in the winter, which may be caused by the too high heating temperature. Parents should pay attention to adjust the indoor temperature, generally about 20 degrees is suitable for baby sleep. What’s more, you can put toddler rompers when baby sleeping.

Opening the window at night helps sleep

Nowadays, parents think that sleeping in the closed doors can prevent the baby from catching a cold. In fact, this is a very bad habit. Because the air in the closed room is very turbid, the oxygen content is very low, and the carbon dioxide is very high, such an environment is extremely harmful to the baby’s physical development. When the baby is sleeping, it is necessary to open the window of the bedroom, and let the fresh air continuously enter the room, maintain the relative stability of the room temperature, and promote the healthy sleep of the baby. Do remember to put on children’s one piece bodysuit when sleepingButterfly Flower Print Bowknot Princess Dress


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