Three keys to cleaning your baby’s underwear

The baby’s underwear clings to the body and must be handled properly.

Wash: some people think newborn bottoms are new production, and use plastic bags packed tightly, without washing directly for the baby to wear, which is often easy to cause allergies or other diseases. Because clothes will be contaminated with a lot of dust and bacteria in the production process, in textiles and clothing materials, in order to play the role of corrosion and convergence, also added a trace of formaldehyde, because the content is very small, generally will not cause any harm to the human body, but a few allergic constitution of people prone to allergic dermatitis.

Pay attention to the baby underwear bought back to wash in the water first, and then to wear baby. After catharsis, the residual quantity of a few chemical substance can reduce somewhat, at the same time, also can cotton batt, fine fiber and underwear are in the process such as making, carry, sell the partial bacterium that brings because of the hand that passes a lot of people and dirt remove, protect the skin health of darling.

Use special scour: underwear contacts darling delicate skin directly, and washing powder, soap to wait, alkalescence is bigger to darling, do not suit the underwear that USES catharsis darling, should choose the laundry fluid that designs for darling only to clean. These washing liquid on the baby’s body often appear milk, sweat, juice stains have special effects, strong stain removal, easy rinsing, and no irritation to the skin, no side effects; And generally no phosphorus, no aluminum, no fluorescein environmental protection products.

Scientific maintenance: although the baby grows very fast, newborn baby bottoms just bought soon cannot wear, but the mother also want to pay attention to maintain good baby underwear, regardless of whether there is still use later, at least now can let the baby wear more comfortable. The premise that maintains is catharsis way wants correct, want to go up according to the product mark wash hot method, and this ability is right darling the most intimate caress.

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