Three points for children to wear underwear

Appropriate for the baby to wear newborn baby bottoms is not only conducive to the protection of private parts, but also to avoid bacteria and so on. When is the best time to start wearing newborn bottoms? How do you want it?

One, preschool baby put on small underwear.

Many mothers wonder when it is appropriate to wear baby underwear. Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is about 2-3 years old, mothers should pay attention to wearing baby underwear, even when the baby does not need to wear diapers. Because the ability that the baby resists bacterium virus still is weaker, putting on small inside can help the opportunity of infection, block the impurity in a few environments outside and protect the illicit close place of the baby.

Tip: although every baby’s physical and mental development order is mostly the same, but everyone has their own speed of development, not rigid stereotyped treatment, according to the baby’s specific situation to determine when to wear small underwear oh.

Two, treasure mother experience sharing: wear small underwear much better.

At the beginning, I only wore pants with open crotch for the baby, so it was more convenient for the baby to defecate. Later, when I grew up, my friend reminded me that it was time to wear small underwear for the baby, and also said a lot of disadvantages of not wearing small underwear. And then I put it on the baby, and he’s comfortable with it now, as natural as putting it on.

The reason why I think mommy will start to wear small underwear when the baby is 2-3 years old, because it can let the baby to develop the habit of wearing small underwear as soon as possible, to develop this habit, the benefits of many!

Protect your abdomen from the cold. Wearing small underwear to the baby, can prevent the baby abdomen often catch cold. Abdominal temperature sensitivity is very high, slightly not pay attention to the abdominal cold, and baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. When the weather is cold, the heat preservation effect of small underwear is particularly outstanding.

Facilitate potty training. More important is to benefit the baby to accept toilet training, from a young age to form regular toilet this process, the growth and development of the baby is very important.

Protect privacy and prevent infection. The baby grew up, especially love to crawl on the ground, when wearing less, dirty things easily through the pants tube into the urethral opening and cause acute cystitis, even the development of pyelonephritis, also easy because of knock and injury. Additional, pants is harder, put on small pants to be able to reduce the attrition that pants follows illicit close place, protect the skin of darling.

Three, choose and buy small underwear.

Rookie mother: I want to wear small underwear for the baby, but now the variety of small underwear on the market more, more style, see me dazzling, do not know which is the best. Asked a friend, they say to choose cotton qualitative, the small inside design of cotton qualitative nevertheless is less, do not know how to should choose.

  1. Try to choose pure cotton.In fact, not only baby’s small underwear, even if it is adult underwear, it is best to choose pure cotton.Because pure cotton is soft, breathable good, absorb sweat, wear more comfortable, in the summer, also need not be afraid of stuffy.
  2. The size should be moderate.Some people are in the habit of buying clothes a size too big to wear well.However, the baby’s small underwear or to size is good, too small baby wear uncomfortable, too big start way is not convenient, so the baby does not like to wear small underwear.
  3. Choose a light color.The choice of the color of the underpants is particularly important for female babies, because by wearing light colored underpants for female babies, mothers can easily observe whether their babies have precocious puberty or suffer from gynecological diseases.If there are yellow scabs or dry patches on the baby’s underwear, it indicates that the baby is infected or has the possibility of premature development. Wearing newborn bottoms can help the mother find the health problems of the baby timely by observing the secretions on the underwear.

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