Three Steps to Help Baby Sleep Well

The quality of sleep is very important for the baby’s growth and development. If the quality of sleep is not good enough, it will not only affect the baby’s height but also affect the development of the brain. What should parents do to keep the baby asleep and grow taller? Try the following tricks from Popreal~

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  1. Don’t wait for your child to sleep when she gets tired

Some parents think that their children will sleep more when they feel tired. In fact, it is very unfavorable for the child’s growth and development. The child is too crazy and the spirit is always in a state of excitement, so it is easy to miss the best sleep time, and generally the quality of sleep is not too high.

Therefore, parents should let the baby develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. In the evening, shower your baby first, then tell a story or sing, or prepare a soothing toy for your baby. When the baby is drowsy, turn off the light and create a good quality sleep, so that the baby will sleep better.Cartoon Ice Cream Car Letters Pattern T-Shirt

  1. Improve children’s sleep environment

Good sleep quality requires a good environment. Before the baby sleeps, parents should keep the room quiet, turn off the TV, turn off the lights, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and make the a sleep environment as good as possible.

  1. Pay attention to sleep time

In addition to genetic parents, the baby’s height depends on the acquired development, and sleep plays a key role in baby’s height growth. After the baby is asleep, a large amount of growth hormone is released in the body, which can promote height growth.

From 9:00 in the evening to 1 in the morning and from 5 in the morning to 7 in the morning, it is time for the growth of the baby’s growth hormone. Therefore, do not let the baby stay up late with you. Parents should let the baby go to bed before 9:00.

In addition to sleep, parents also need to ensure that their baby is well-balanced and eats properly. In addition, when the weather is good, they can take their children to go outdoors and enjoy the sun. This can promote the conversion of vitamin D, synthesize calcium, and adhere to outdoor sports. Exercise can stimulate skeletal development.Star Prints Tank

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